Thursday, 4 December 2014

First Time Contouring

Just a head's up. This post is gonna just be full of my selfies HAHAHA.

Yes. My church's Youth Rally is next week and everything's been more chaotic than ever. There's so much left to do with such a short amount of time left, I'm actually quivering at the thought of it..

Anyway, I have some free time now and I don't feel so tensed anymore, so here's just what I've been doing lately!

Everyone already knows makeup does wonders.

Ya but I never thought it could apply to me. I guess most of us would have the 'it will never happen to me' mentality, and same thing applied to me.
So out of curiosity, I tried to use a random brown colour on my eyeshadow palette to do some contouring on my nose.

Because no duh, Sherlock, my asian nose is pretty flat and non existent to the human eye. And very often we get bombarded with pictures of asian girls who have the most perfect noses.

So I thought to myself, why not give it a shot and see whether I can turn out to look like I actually have a nose in photos too. Without editing of course.

Lol I thought seeing my nose looking so good in photos would be something that was once in a lifetime, so I just snapped away.
And it isn't everyday I get to look like this.
Somehow I couldn't recognize myself when I looked back at all these pictures.
I mean honestly it doesn't look like me o.o 
 I don't look like that in real life unfortunately.

So girls, don't worry. 
Whatever problems you think you have on your face is beyond saving grace, makeup fixes almost everything. Not that I'm encouraging you to use makeup, but I just wanted to remind everyone, again, that what you see in pictures aren't real.

It's all an illusion and a combination of well-play with colours.
Don't feel down because of a stupidly stunning picture. 
I know I've been there, and still go through that at times.
But, the key is to always snap out of it and realize that anything could've been done to these images.


Anyway this was all unedited, without the help Meituxiuxiu and all the beautifying apps.
But then again, this was when my skin was better :( 

Now I'm breaking out to the core with red scars all over my face. 

Alright thats all for now!
 I'm late again T_T

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