Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Brow Threading // Lunch At Antipodean

Felt really grumpy when I woke up today. Somehow in the morning, everything seemed legit to frump about. The time, weather, traffic and especially the number of slow cars on the road, didn't seem to help. I guess I was just being a grumpy frump because I wasn't where I felt I belonged - my snuggly bed.

Past that, amidst the pile of work and never ending quizzes, I finally got to wind down and have a nice meal with my friends! Ok I crossed out 'nice' because I thought twice of it and felt more like cringing at the thought of the food in playback time.


I'm just being a drama queen LOL. Gosh sometimes I wonder why don't I ever contribute my drama skills to my presentations and stuffs in college. Coming to think of it, I never really got to use it properly.
*falls down to the ground weeping in melancholy*

Alright back to the food. We went to Bangsar planning to eat at Nirwana's. Unfortunately, even at 11.30am there was already a long queue of people standing patiently outside the shop wating to be seated. GAHH. That was the cheapest option crossed out.

So we decided to play safe and dine at somewhere familiar which was Antipodean. Initially their food was not bad but upon returning to their restaurant last two weeks ago, I beg to differ.

The standard of their food pretty much dropped.

I hate it when this happens. Ok tell me it isn't just me:

 Shop starts out with delicious food. 
Shop gets popular.
Shop gets even more popular.
 Shop becomes too busy.
Shop's food quality drops.

Hence, I didn't bother to take much pictures of the food.

The Breakfast set was still fine :)

 The egg was rather dull.
Somehow I remembered it being tastier last time.

Lemon Meringue Pie.
Sorry I took such a miserable picture of it. 
We only remembered to snap one when we were almost done with it.
This was hereby the worse.
The meringue tasted stale, like they've been keeping it in the shop for awhile.
It lacked the fluffiness you'd usually get from eating fresh or well-made meringue.
And it doesn't melt in your mouth.
The lemon filling was tangy and addictive but the crust was just blah.
Ok I'm not sorry for making it look so miserable anymore.

Naaa. Just to make you laugh la.
My retarded face while trying to enlongate my midgety arms so that everyone could fit in the picture.

Overexposed picts.
The guy accidentally upped the brightness of the camera without realising :(


To be honest the reason I wanted to go Bangsar so desperately was mainly due to my overgrown brows. It was getting out of hand again and I wanted to get it done, but I just didn't know where was a good place to get it shaped.

There are plenty of Indian beauty parlours offering brow threading services, but not all of them have the same quality. Not to mention some are even more painful. Y-OUCH!

I went to this small beauty parlour called First Impression Beauty Parlour. It's a really small shop, so it's easy to miss, right next to KK mart. And in less than 8 minutes, I was done!

The pain was bearable, but I still  teared lol. I was really happy with the results though!

This is me without any brow liner whatsoever on.

Or makeup in that case haha.
I tend to have a small empty gap at the end of my brows haha (not their fault) but other than that, it looks pretty neat.

With makeup but without brow liner.
Not bad right?? 
It can last for about 2-3 weeks before you have to go do it again.

Ok that's it.
I'm gonna go start studying now. 
Social Psychology here I come!

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