Friday, 28 March 2014

Still A Foodie - Best Beef Noodle Place

Although I haven't been doing anything much, but I've definitely been around eating with the family. My dad wanted to try this place (yes, it's always my dad because he has a love for food like no other) when he saw it on the newspaper. He doesn't usually trust people's opinions on food beccause, well, let's just put it this way -  one man's meat is another man's poison.

Ok la I don't mean to be so kuah zhiong. But you get the drift, very often some friend tells you "EH this place SIII BEI nice! You should def go try!!" and then when you really do try that SIII BEI nice place, you regret instantaneously wondering why you have such people in your life with such an absurd monstrosity of a taste bud.

Yes we all do have that ONE annoying friend who can't tell the difference between fresh and rotten food.

What do you mean by you don't??? Well if you don't, chances are that friend is.... you. Lol *jokes* don't take it to your deathbed.

Anyway, back to the topic of this best beef noodle place. We didn't regret coming here at all.

 And it's HALAL! :D
A meal for everyone.

 This is their menu.
At first you might think everything is rather pricey.
But wait till you see the portion of it.

They had interesting paintings of different types of cows hanging all over their walls.

And finally the food came!

 Ngiu Chap Soup Noodle.
Will you just stare at the generous heap of beef in there.
"Ngiu Chap" basically means beef and all it's innards in case you were wondering.

 Beef Ball Noodle.
But don't worry if innards are not for you because they have noodles which contains only beef, like this one.

Ngiu Chap Soup.
This is without noodles at the bottom so you can imagine how much meat and beef innards this bowl of soup contains.
Perfect for the meat lover.

Ngiu Chap Kolo Noodle.
This is not the end of it.
It comes with a big bowl of soup with beef and innards as well.

We only ordered these three from the menu because the portion was so big, two people could actually share one bowl of noodles.
So if you fancy a bowl of beef noodle but do not have that big of an appetite, be prepared to bring a friend or two along to help you out haha.

It was a pleasant discovery and I underestimated it.
I never thought that they would have such nice beef noodles outside KL, because usually people would flock over to KL whenever they crave for this.
However, I find this place much better compared to those small shops in the city because of the shop's clean and spacious environment, complete with air-conditioning and the extra generous portion they serve.

This shop is located at Puchong, which is really more convenient compared to travelling to KL.
Unless you live there of course.

Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap, 
 No 11 & 13 GF,
 Jalan Puteri 4/8, Bandar Puteri, 
47100 Puchong, Selangor. 
Tel: 019-317-9663

They are open from 9am-9pm everyday.
Be sure to check this place out if you're nearby! :D

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Everyone Is Superficial

Ugh sorry for the hiatus. Didn't mean to abandon you, my dear blog :( But lately my broadband has been up to some mischief and it keeps disconnecting... Which explains why I'm so dead on social media.

Not that I used to be the life of social media before LOL but at least I could update my instagram and tweets once in a while.

Even before posting this I had problems with my phone wire which prevented me from accessing my phone entirely and utterly on my laptop. 
It feels as though everything in my life is really against me lately.


I can't wait for May. Then I'll finally have stable Wifi... and probably even Unifi! :DDD Just the thought of people having wifi in the comfort of their own home sounds already like a luxury to me. 

During the time I've been away, I have done nothing much but spend time waiting for my computer to load pages. Lmao. 

Sad life is sad. Kk I should stop drowning in my self-pity and get back up again!

I've been surfing alot on how to enhance your eyes and etc with makeup and stuff. Cuz as you know I don't exactly have the largest pair of eyes on planet Earth --"
I feel like a dummy seriously when I see people being able to makeup so prettily who are younger than me. For the love of God I'm almost not a teenager anymore, but yet I know nothing about this wonderful world of eye shadows, blushes and contouring. 

All I know is how to apply eyeliner and mascara.
The end.

However, I think I will improve! *strikes determine look and pose*
And my first step was learning to finally use tape on eyes. Before this I have been using glue but it hasn't been that effective to bring out the double eyelid crease on top of my eye. And I never used tape before this because tapes were scary to me since I was so used to glue. Besides glue was much stickier.

But that was last time. Nowadays they even have eyelid tape which is double-sidedly sticky (Idk what it's actual name is) which is really effective in creating a deep crease. I tried that and I love it :D Made my crease bigger and deeper. But... it looked abit weird. So I only wore it when I was at home and during the night. 

And I must admit that applying makeup on eyes which has a higher and deeper crease looked so much nicer.
I don't mean to conform to society and support the unfair notion that people with a crease in their eyes look better than those without.. But I guess all our perception towards beauty have been contorted throughout the years we've been living to think this:

Big eyes - Beautiful
Small eyes - Ugly
High and sharp nose - Beautiful
Flat and round nose - Ugly
Tall - Beautiful
Short - Not ugly, but not that beautiful either

I hate that I'm becoming like everyone else thinking that this is true... I hate that I'm becoming as superficial as the people around me. I hate that I'm conforming and not putting an end to this. And I hate that we Asians have to meet the requirements of Westerners' features to be able to be labelled as beautiful. What I mean is, majority of Westerners naturally have a tall frame, high cheekbones, big eyes and a sharp nose. 

And if you realise, we Asians are all working our perception of beauty towards that ^

The thing is, it's not about being 'beautiful' enough to be loved by others anymore. It's about being 'beautiful' enough to be loved by yourself.

If you think about it, there are plenty of people who probably like you and love you as you are, and they include your parents and friends. However, you find that is not enough - Because you don't find yourself likeable or good looking enough to be loved, and you try to be better looking. And for what?

For you yourself to accept YOU. For you to look in the mirror and approve your beauty. 

I don't know about everyone else... But that's certainly how I've been feeling.

 It's that struggle of self-acceptance.


Finally, the third part of this post- PICTUREEESSS haha. Hope this looooooong post makes up for my absence here.

 Went to this restaurant called Thai Syok at Setia City because my parents said it was not bad.
As the name suggests, it serves Thai food.

 The menu.

 I've got to say that this was one of the most exotic sauce I have ever tasted!
It's spicy with a bit of sourness to it and the rest of it is just pretty damn unique which includes the fragrant taste of it.

 Tom Yam 

 Spot my mum's ultra fast hand haha.
She was too pro for the camera.
Anyway the tom yum was very tasty and it was slightly sweeter than what you'd expect.

 Prawns which I cant remember the name of this dish.

Great flavour blend and you can taste that it's actually made from real fish instead of those full-of-flour ones you find in the supermarket.

 Green curry pork.
Very tasty as well and also a little sweeter than you'd imagine it.
Nevertheless, it was still enjoyable and perhaps all that sweetness made it even more addictive.

 Pandan chicken!
Sorry bout the blur quality.
My phone is pretty weird after it's update so sometimes it can get a little bit tricky as it doesn't focus that well anymore :(

 Pumpkin custard for dessert.
Overall the food was not bad. Pricing abit pricey. Great place to dine with your family. Cuz then you can share the bill or let your dad pay LOL.

 I saw this interesting book at MPH.
So I decided to flip around the pages to check it out.

 This page got me and my friend cracking.
You can guess why hahahahaha

 Headed to Bangsar Village's Marmalade for a little tea.
This is the Salted Caramel.
Didn't really taste anything like salted caramel.
Except for the few chunks of salt decorated on top which I was caught by a nasty surprise.
It tasted more of Honeycomb cake + chocolate cake.

 Red Velvet with cream cheese topping.
The topping was great! Loved the cream cheese.
However, the cake was just typically red and sweet.
It doesn't have that slight cocoa-ish fragrant Red Velvet cakes are supposed to have.

Maybe I'm just picky.
Or I've really good taste.

Uni life has started again, and I decided to go full-on NERD mode this semester. So I decided to wear this annoying big specs to serve as a motivation and reminder for me to work harder and study more for this sem. Was very amused with all my friends comments on it. One said I looked like Goofy, another one was like OMG YOU LOOK LIKE A KOREAN, SO ADORABLE. I also duno whether that's a compliment la or a not so good compliment hahaha.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

My Fav Korean Dramas & What Not

Since I'm pretty bored and I'm stuck at home with nothing to do, I've gotten really hooked on Korean dramas. Yes. I like those cheesy, corny romantic Korean dramas and sometimes I giggle at the television screen. And due to the reason I have nothing better to do I shall share with you few of my favvv Korean dramas. Alright actually it's just Korean dramas I've seen before and it's not that many :(

Basically a good Korean drama would require:

  • A good storyline
  • Believable acting skills, esp the main leads
  • Sometimes being a good looking actor/actress also helps lol.

1. My Girl

This is by far still my favourite Korean drama of all time. This drama came out a long time ago though, around 2005. And during the recent years after that, I remembered buying the disc for it and watching it over and over again to my heart's content. It's a rom-com and the acting made me absolutely speechless (especially the female lead). The things she does on screen will leave you with your jaw dropping. She was probably the first female who erased all stereotypes of how a Korean female character has to be. If you're a huge fan of Korean dramas, you definitely won't wanna miss this series.

2. Rooftop Prince

Most people have probably watched this already and the storyline for this drama is really good. Everything was pretty unpredictable. However the humorous parts happen usually only among the side characters. The female lead is really pretty and that's about it. She cries alot. And made me really depressed. LOL. I didn't really like her character but it didn't stop me from liking the show. Even if you don't like the actors or characters at first, watch it for its amazingg storyline as it will definitely throw you offshore.

3. 49 Days

This show has a great storyline. But some in some occasions, the acting was unbelievable because of poor location choices. If you don't get what I mean, it's like a girl walks by and then a guy chases after her, only to find she was already gone, but then the camera then shows the girl was actually hiding behind the tree. A tree with such a small trunk that even someone who was colour blind could've detected she was there. But besides that, the plot is good and in some ways it keeps you guessing on what will happen.

4.My Love From The Star.

This is probably the current craze everywhere and who can blame them. This series is addictive (as almost all Korean dramas are) because of the very cute Male Lead - Do Min-Joon! It's like the more you look at him, the cuter he gets. Plus the 1st episode of the drama already had a scene of him half naked showing off his nice lean built with a hint of pectoral muscles. Maybe I was too descriptive heheh...
The female lead nailed her role and she never fails to entertain. The storyline is rather interesting with a good sub plot. But, there's alot of monologue in this drama and if you're not a patient person, you might get tired of it.


5. Queen In-Hyun's Man

Ok this show shouldn't even be on the list... That's why I made a divider :D But because I've watched it, oh well. Alot of people said it was a good drama and etc. However it was pretty disappointing to me. If they found better actresses who are less annoying, maybe this drama could've been salvaged. Unfortunately, the female lead's acting was so bad I squirmed in my seat at the first 10 episodes. If you like the way she looks, then you might survive this show. But if you're indifferent towards her (like I was) then good luck. The storyline was alright but a wee bit draggy towards the end.

6. The Master's Sun

This show had alot of interesting advertisements and trailers, it being the rare genre of a horror-romantic comedy. Sounds interesting ei? The ghosts looked pretty realistic I had to cover my eyes sometimes xD However, I watched a few episodes out of curiosity but then I gave up. The storyline is interesting but I just can't stand the acting. Of the female lead. Yes it's always the female lead who messes up *shows grumpy face*. Her acting is so unbelievable she looks more like she's flirting with the male lead 24/7, than being grateful and sweet towards him. Gah. Ok this shouldn't be here but I just wanted to share how bad this was.

College is gonna start again and by then I won't have time to watch any K dramas anymore :(

I haven't taken a selfie in a looong time.
Because it's hard to close my mouth with all that metal going on in there.
That's all for now baibai.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Pray for MH370

I just thought by today I would've awoken to positive news regarding the missing aircraft.

I just thought by today everything would feel normal again.

I just thought by today the 239 people and the staff members would've been found on an island safe and sound.

I just thought by today family members will be seen crying happy tears reunited with their family and embracing the people who were found, unscratched and unharmed, together with the air plane.

It's scary to think this can happen to our country, to our aircraft which has been known to be one of the safest transportation via air, to our airport which seemed like it was thorough and careful, equipped with an immaculate system, to people who actually are just so close in physical distance to us.

Like any other citizen, I'm filled with mixed emotions. Emotions of sadness, fear, anger, anguish and frustration.

Saddened by the sight of family members crying, with the immense fear upon realising that it can happen to just about anyone. Angered by the carelessness of airport staffs for not going through the entire process of checking the legibility of passports properly. Frustrated that one person's negligence can affect 239 innocent people.

But above all, in times like these, hope has to come out as the strongest emotion for us. To right this wrong, to safe these people. And to also believe that they have been saved.

MH 370, I'm rooting for you.
Please appear soon.

God bless every single person on this aircraft and may they find their way home, safe and not a hair out of place.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Chinese New Year Recovered!

Alright I'm still really happy that my phone didn't had to undergo reformatting or any of those painful processes which requires it to wipe off everything in the phone's memory. So I actually got to look back at what I did for this year's CNY after all :D

So glad. 

Can't help smiling from eyebrow to eyebrow now. 

I shall shut up now and let all my pictures do the storytelling.

 This is God-sent.
You can't imagine how much I love these in my cookies.

 My favourite!

 Fried Seaweed...
I can eat this non-stop as well.
It's like a better alternative to junkfood.

 Our not so typical CNY lunch.
The modern way.

 CNY dinner.
The best fried chicken in the world, all fried by my grandma.
Last time she even bought just the chicken skin to fry it for us, so we would eat it as if it were 'crackers'.

This is the dog getting afraid of the fireworks.

Born to be wild.

The youngest of our little cousins.
And also the cutest and naughtiest of them all.

 Homemade Yee Sang.

This is Rosebud.

 Bom Bom and Baggy.


I didn't really buy any new clothes for cny.
So I borrowed my mum's dress.
It was not what I'd usually wear, but it was pretty fun swooshing around in this long dress, pretending I was from the olden days LOL.

 My other cousins.
Oh Baggy and Rosebud are actually brothers and sisters, which is why they kinda look alike.

Baggy has got to be my favourite dog.
He licks anyone and everyone!
Even my own dog doesn't lick me.
The best part is, he never gets angry at anyone according to my uncle and he's always soooo happy-go-lucky.
Rosebud loves playing with him, and by playing I mean biting him.
Sometimes he even yelps in pain but he doesn't really do anything and continues to let her bite him.
Such a nice brother right.

Catching tadpoles was one of the main attraction for all my little cousins.

And the rest of my stay there, I spent watching Rooftop Prince- a korean drama. Not really a good example for a Chinese New Year Reunion.. Heh heh heh.