Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wishes & Dreams

FINALLY! I have been living without the Internet for one whole damn week at home and finally I have Internet access. Oh and note. I'm using McD's Internet like a cheapo.

I still do not have Internet at home. Living without it can be so frustrating at times I tell you. It's not that I'm dependent on it and that I can't live without it, but there are certain times where urgent messages are posted on Facebook and out of your entire class, you'll be the last one to view it.

TM said they will be setting up unifi at our place today. But I'm not counting on it cuz they said the exact same thing three months ago and it never came.

Anyway I have so manyyyy pictures to post but I just don't have time or connectivity to post it.
For now, I'll just update on all the ootd picts I've been posting on Instagram :D

 Tokio Hotel band T-shirt, Cross necklace, distressed denim shorts, black stockings and creepers.

 Yes I love Tokio Hotel.
Or should I say I used to.
That is till they kept breaking their promises and did not make a comeback after all last year.
But I like this shirt cuz this was one of the first few shirts which I managed to cut the sleeves off properly by myself.

 Denim jacket, Houndstooth shorts and red sneakers.
The Houndstooth pattern was originally meant for a classy look.
It has a long history dating back to the 1800s.

So classy.
But people will think you've gone mad if you wore this in Malaysia.

I prefer the edgy casual look as compared to the sweet look, so I paired my houndstooth shorts with a denim jacket and a black top.

It gives a different vibe to your entire outfit for some reason, and easily spices your outfit up! Mixing and matching your clothes is the key to give yourself an entirely new look if you don't want to splurge on new clothes every season.

I love this feather bracelet which I got from the Closet 101.
Do check them out as they have really pretty accessories like this.
And apparently they were the ones who came up with the infinity bracelet idea first in Malaysia!

So dreamyyy
Ok la I purposely lighten it because I looked pretty ugly here la.
So people will be distracted with the dreamy effect and not focus on my face LOL.
Tell me it worked haha.

That's it for now!
You wouldn't wanna hear me rant because it will be about exams again -.-
You'll get sick of it.
I feel like a primary school kid complaining about exams sometimes because it's as though I'm the only one who hasn't given up being against it.
It's as though I'm the only one who hasn't grown up too. 
I'm becoming a woman-child.

P.S. Pray for me that I'll get wifi at my area soon so that I can update this space more often aites :'(
Keeping my fingers crossed :x

Friday, 20 June 2014

The Wrap-Me Skirt

If you've read my post before this, you'd know that I have been looking high and low for these much-raved-about skirts in Malaysia. And guess what... I found an online store in Malaysia which sells the similar kind as the ones from US and has better quality than the previous one I got from Ebay!

Ok I shall spam pictures now.

Crop top from H&M
Skirt from The Fickle One
Bracelets from H&M

They only have 3 colours for this skirt - black, white and gray. I wanted something that looked classy so I opted for the white one as I already had a similar black one (anyway).

When I wore it, I realised that choosing your underwear can be rather tricky for this skirt lol. Although the material was pretty good in quality, it somewhat is still abit transparent for some reason. But skin colour undies would work well with it :D

So you might wanna try black if you're afraid of undie-issues. Oh and if your undies are tight on top, the skirt would show that bulge of fat pretty obviously.

They call this the muffin tops.
I mean no one would wanna be in an embarrassing situation as such right.
So a tip to be able to pull off this skirt effortlessly (actually you have to put a lot of effort behind), would be to wear a highwaisted beige coloured underwear.

This is just an example.
But it's good to keep something like this handy as some body-hugging dresses might require it as well! :)

Of all the talk about undies, I guess my main concern would be only this aspect. 
Besides that, the skirt is quite a wow factor.

The shop didn't sponsor me to write this or anything so everything here is from my honest opinion.
So there! :) 
Shop away ladiesss.

P.S. My french paper just ended! Woohoo! Gonna burn all my french notes now.
So if you do happen to smell haze, you'll know why.

Just kidding.

Really thankful it's over, now I just hope that I can pass. I don't think the lecturer likes me :( She gave me super low marks for my presentation and oral test although I thought I did ok. I even got 17/20 marks for my mid term, but she said that I still did not pass yet.
I mean imagine that! I almost scored full marks for my mid terms but she confronted me with this crappy news?


And that is pretty much why I dislike her as well. Haha.

Sigh I might have to abandon this little space for awhile now :( So much to study and work on for the next two weeks.

Till then! :3

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Cheap Eyeshadows - Daiso

Ok I know that many people probably have a principle to not use anything cheap on their face, for the fear of ruining their skin/allergic reactions. Well that's true considering daily face care products, as I would obviously not want to risk my face for a short term benefit of paying a cheap price.

However, when it comes to powdery makeup like eye shadows and brow pens which I would only use occasionally, I find that it isn't really worth getting something expensive which you wouldn't even know when the next time you'll be using it.

My mum got this eyeshadow palette from Daiso, the one at the Curve, for RM5. It even has the 6 popular colours which are commonly used among ladies.

The glass is abit blurry due to finger prints hehe.
It's like a compact, cheaper version of the Naked Palette.
For those of you who may not have heard of it before, this is how the Naked(2) palette looks like.

This is a clearer view of the colours.
Don't you think it's like the summarized version of the Naked(2) palette? 
Here, I've labelled the colours so that you can tell the difference between each colour.

Pardon my hairy hand hehe.
Not bad huh?
Another reason I know which stops people from buying cheap eye shadows when they come across one is because of the worry that the colour may not come out.
Or that the colour may fade/fall off after using it for awhile.
But as you can see, the colours are pretty pigmented, which is good enough for people like me who only wear eye shadows occasionally.

*Note* I put white shadow (6) as my base for the inner corner of both lids.
 How the colours turned out on my eyes.
The camera couldn't really capture the exact shade of the colours, but in reality, the colours were quite obvious to me.

Shhh, I know it's time to pluck my eyebrows and my skin has been pretty bad lately :(
Both sides.
Spot the difference haha!
The left side looks more dreamy, with the silver and grey shades, while the right side looks more natural with the brown and black shades.

This was another day with the eye shadow on but less eye liner, and without my contacts.
Looks pretty natural from afar.

As far as I'm concerned, I think they only sell this particular palette at the Curve.
I went to Sunway Pyramid the other day but I realised that branch didn't have it.

Oh yes and I know don't really do these kinda posts.. 
Mainly due to the reason I don't like my skin upclose on camera as I'm pretty tan and my skin condition has been pretty bad.

Ok, that's all!
Feel free to share if you have any good cheap eye shadows you've been raving about :)

Friday, 13 June 2014

Tony Roma's - Raising the Steaks

If there's one thing the world would know about Tony Roma's, it would be their ribs.

But have you wondered 'what about the rest of their food'?

In line with their recent “Raising The Steaks” promotion, I got invited to do a review on some of their steak dishes.

When I got there, I was greeted with wonderful service (as I was late, oops). Everyone was smiling and, you know what, for some reason that just made me feel even more hungry. If there's even any possible correlation between the two. 

I ordered the Mango Romarita. 
RM 14.90
It was basically a mixture of mango, orange and fresh lime juice shaken altogether with some ice.
A plus point would be that it's non-alcoholic, so this would definitely be a hit for kids.

They had other flavours as well such as the Strawberry, Wild Berry and the original Romarita itself. 
But as you can see the main ingredients were the orange and fresh lime juice, which gave it its refreshingly unique, zesty taste.

 *Picture credit to Amelia

New York Strip with Roasted Red Pepper sauce.
RM 63.90
Flame grilled steak served with creamy roasted red pepper sauce and a choice of two sides.
This was a favourite among other bloggers who went, as the sauce complimented the beef strip, which made the meat juicier and tender.

 *Picture credit to Amelia
Ribeye Steak with Roasted Onion Sauce.
RM 63.90
Ribeye steak served with home-made roasted onion sauce with a tinge of lemon pepper, served with a choice of two sides.

 *Picture credit to Amelia

 *Picture credit to Amelia
The Filet Medallions with Mushroom Sauce.
RM 63.90
 Grilled filet medallions covered in mushroom sauce, served with a choice of two sides.
Another dish which was popular was this, as the medallions were the most tender compared to the rest of the steaks.

 New York Strip with Peppered Beef Bacon and Asparagus Relish.
RM 63.90
A flame grilled New York Strip garnished with peppered beef bacon and asparagus relish, glazed with white balsamic glaze, served with mashed potatoes. 
This was the one I ordered :D

As you can see, the steak had a warm pink centre which was a good sign.
 I usually like my steak medium, so I requested to have it that way.
However, the steak turned out a little dry for my liking. 
Whatever moisture it had, was from the little sauce it had and not the meat.
I also didn't like how the taste of the balsamic gaze was rather intense, overpowering the sweetness of the meat itself.
If you dislike vinegar, you probably wouldn't want to go for this dish. 

 The Chocolate Avalanche.
Moist chocolate fudge cake pieces served with Vanilla ice cream in a Martini glass.

The other bloggers and people who were present.

 Amelia and I :D

 Me and my attempt of smiling with my thick lips closed. LOL

What I genuinely liked about Tony Roma's was that their portion was pretty generous and you'll have a full tummy at the end of just one set. The steaks were pretty thick in size which made each bite a satisfying mouthful.

The price is of course more on the costly side, but if you're looking for a place which not only serves quality food but offers good service and a pleasing ambience as well, it's worth it.

If you're wondering, I went to the branch at eCurve (formerly known as Cineleisure). 

Promotion Now!

Tony Roma's will be having this 'Raising the Steaks' promotion from now till the 13th of July 2014, so you'll have an entire month to take advantage of it! :) 
So hurry up and head on to your nearest branch to get a taste of their famous steaks before their promo ends!

Once again, thank you Tony Roma's for this delightful evening filled with good food and company! I certainly had a great time savouring all their steaks.

For more information, do check out their official website here.

Thank you for reading! Hope this review gave you guys a helpful insight on Tony Roma's :D

Sunday, 8 June 2014


If you know me, you would know I love fashion. Alot. Not typical fashion that is accustomed to the likes of Vogue and the brands of clothing which they flaunt in fashion shows like Milan. But the personalised street kind.

The kind which you do not have to depend on labels to look good.
I'm not a really huge fan of branded items and labels because most of the time, people are just paying what's on the price tag for the label rather than the outfit itself.

A small piece of chiffon material can cost up to hundreds and I don't think that really makes sense lol.
Not to mention for a cloth which is semi transparent.

Nevertheless there are certain brands which I find affordable like H&M for instance. But it is getting rather annoying that you can't get an outfit there which the rest of Malaysia do not have. Like how you bought this outfit only to realised the next day,oh shit, that girl's got the same outfit as me. Oh wait, why is her friend wearing the exact same thing too.

Kinda gotten abit annoyed with ducking and hiding whenever I see someone wearing the same thing as me. I still shop there, but I have to be wise on what to pick.
 LOL. Macam rocket science je.

Anyway, I wouldn't say I have one particular style, because I wear anything that I like and I get bored sticking to one style for a long time. I really like shopping for new clothes but most of the times, I would prefer mixing and matching what I already have.

I mean look at shopping malls these days. To really keep up with the trends, you'd have to buy new clothes almost every two weeks.

So blah. Screw that. Unless you're rich, you can't really afford to do that.

Just recently, I fell in love with this amazing skirt that I'd like to share with you guys!


It was love as first sight and I thought anyone could pull this off!
Whether you're skinny or curvy this skirt flatters your body shape.
If you're skinny it actually accentuates your body shape, highlighting your curves, while if you're curvy it won't make you look bulky. It hugs your curves instead!


Most of this skirts were produced by an online store in the US named Lushfox.
I honestly contemplated buying it straight from this shop however there wasn't a fixed price stated for shipment and they never got back to me about it.

Unfortunately, I had some difficulties looking for it in Malaysia.
But after much research and googling....

I found something similar.

Bralet  from The Silver Linings.
Wrap around skirt from Ebay.
I wanted it in Nude actually, but I think my order got abit messed up.
I was actually grateful that black came instead as I was aware nude wouldn't appear that well in this quality.

The only flaw which I didn't really like was that this skirt had an "old-school" elastic band.
Because of it, I felt it kinda took the sexiness out of the skirt. 
The elastic band was the kind that can be found on your granny's pants.
That's how unsexy it is.

This was what I paired the skirt with.
A chunky necklace that can be found anywhere these days and a long necklace to make my outfit seem more casual, as it was just lunch and I wasn't going anywhere fancy to eat.

I'm still searching for a better version of this skirt and I found a white one just few weeks back. Haven't got a chance to wear it but when I do, you'll see for yourself! 
The quality is pretty amazing compared to this one as well.

 Will update about it soon so stay tuned! :)
Hope you like this skirt as much as I do hahaha.
Do share if you found anything similar around Malaysia.
Would love to hear from you guys! :D