Thursday, 4 April 2013

Finally A Day Out!

Woke up at 5.30 am  and left home at 6.30 am sharp just to beat the massive jam right outside my house. Of course things have got a lot different ever since moving to Shah Alam. Damn I miss my old house in Subang :( In Subang, I would never have to wake up soooooo early even if I wanted to beat a jam. Gaaah.. but oh wells what can I do about it.

My ootd, finally wore my assymetrical dress :)

Anyways, today wasn't just another regular day to college, it was finally my 'break day'! Hehehehe and the best part was, it was on a Wednesday! Yup, that means no big crowds in the shopping mall, and many many available seats in the cinema :D So we decided to watch Warm Bodies at Sunway Pyramid. Uhuh that zombie show which everybody (most girls at least) was raging over.

And as you can guess, it's basically a movie set in the time of a zombie apocalypse, where people were getting infected with this zombie disease which apparently cannot be cured, making humans become a minority in the world. Then came along this special girl who's boyfriend's (now ex) brain got devoured by this zombie called R, whom happened to be the main character too. I know right, the starting was rather disgusting and I was like weeeeert. But the girl still fell in love with the zombie who ate her boyfriend anyways. How unpredictably predictable. 

Ok I'm not hating on the show, because well it sure does have a good moral lesson to it. That love conquers all... and even zombies can have a fairytale ending! :D 

Alright just kidding, I think this zombie swallowed something wrong and became so sentimental, collecting old records and vintage stuff. I mean even I don't do that o.o and my heart is still beating lol. Tell me which zombie in the history of Zombies and Monsters does that la? Overall it was funny, cheesily romantic and kinda sweet (in a creepy way). Oh and R was super hot so yaaay thumbs up if you wanna see a hot zombie running around and driving a red BMW.

I managed to get a new student ID too ^^

After that we headed for lunch at............. sushi king. 

I was so hungry I could eat a cow, so I ordered the beef set. It was edible I guess, but the standards of Sushi King have apparently dropped a lot, so nope I wouldn't recommend anybody to go there to eat. If you're really dying for cheap and economical sushi, Jusco is the place to be, my friend. It's not only cheaper but you get totally filled up, and with the similar quality of sushi from Sushi King (maybe better too).

Dom ordered a salmon temaki.

And it tasted better than my beef set :(

I always had bad luck with food whenever I go out and eat without my parents. Yup, that's how dependent I was on them for food when I was younger. But they certainly have good taste and apparently ALWAYS know where the great food are!

Maybe it's some kinda super power or talent I have not fully developed yet. Mmm, maybe so ahhahhaha.

Yes I realised I was still hungry, and so this was the second part of my lunch, Conepizza! It's the most delicious thing ever because they actually put much more cheese and toppings for one, compared to a slice of pizza from Pizza parlours here. Best decision ever made today heh!

Then I dragged my friend all around Sunway Pyramid with me to look at ear tunnels (earrings). I don't know why but lately I have been addicted to these big ass earrings. It's just too cool to be ignored! I guess I get a sense of consolation wearing something so cool, cuz it makes me feel awesome like a possum xD 

I bought a purple and golden one from Diva :)
hehe can you spot it? 

And that's all for now! I'm yawning like crazaaaay. So off to bed shall I go, till then! :)

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