Sunday, 28 September 2014

Home Finally!

Phew. I just got home from a 3-day-2-night intense training camp in church.

It was fun yet pretty hardcore in some ways. The first night sleeping there was crazy. I haven't slept on the ground in so long, that even with my yoga mat and sleeping bag I could still feel every single one of my bones in my back.

Oh and I didn't bring a pillow.

Because usually I wouldn't need a pillow when I slept on the ground two years ago.

Obviously I overestimated myself.

And the toughness of my head.

So the second day when I woke up I had a major headache. I was washing my hair and that was when I realised I had a bruise at the back of my head.

I was so amused at how the bruise came about because I definitely did not decide to bang my head on the ground half way sleeping. Consequentially, the bruising led to a whole day of headache for me.

I never knew I could be this excited at seeing my bed ever. Like a virgin. Touched for the very first time. I didn't know how lost I was till I found YOUUUUU~


Good night!

Monday, 22 September 2014

The Fancy Breakfast Club

It was a beautiful morning and we decided to have our breakfast in a special manner for once. As the name suggests, this place was indeed fancy enough for our liking.

 The interior decoration had that rustic beauty. 
Everything was simple yet it had that sophisticated antique look to it.

There was a bread platter which served bread straight from the oven.
Warm, crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside, complete with wholegrain goodness.

Orange juice was free flow.

We were served a cheese platter to begin with.

Mueslis and yoghurts were free flow too.

Potato Potage.
Hearty potato and leak soup with a smoked chicken sandwich.

Beef Brisket.
Crouton served with braised beef brisket, vegetables and petit fried egg.

Salmon Tartine.
Brown toast smothered with mashed peas, poached salmon, capers and a hint of radish and raw red onions.

Pancake "Hedgehog"
Fluffy pancakes served together with chocolate sprinkles and maple syrup on the side, topped with red berries and homemade chocolate spread.

Overall - as you can see, the pictures of the food served speak for itself. The theme of the menu when we were there was 'Starry Night' inspired by Van Gogh. And this was everything on their menu.

How this place works is that every month they have a different menu, all inspired by individual themes. There are usually 4 choices of mains on their menu for a typical weekday breakfast and an additional two choices of desserts for their weekend brunch.

The food was great and the way they presented their food was remarkable, somehow giving us a glimpse of fine dining. I liked their concept, where customers can enjoy their vintage ambience while having their breakfast.

Nonetheless, I wasn't really satisfied.

Reason being that it was pricey, and in my opinion, I felt the menu was just above the average line. In their website, they claimed that we will have a semi buffet platter when all we had that was truly 'buffet-styled' was their bread. And their orange juice.

The mueslis and yoghurts are refillable as well, but you have to request it from the waiter. As you know, most Malaysians have a large appetite especially for the first meal of the day, yet we are sometimes shy creatures when it comes to asking for more. So having to ask the waiter 10 times for their muesli/yoghurt because the portion is just so small is rather embarrassing.

Hence, that just kinda cancelled out the buffet part for their mueslis and yoghurts.

Seriously, we thought there might have at least been a round cake on the buffet platter for dessert (I mean cmon it's breakfast!) or some milk and cornflakes or even a small platter of cubed fruits.

Moreover we had to pay RM 38, which is not a small figure for just a tiny meal. We even felt like eating banana leaf rice right after that, that was how hungry we were left.

Besides that, their location was so damn hard to find that it wasn't even the address they listed on their blog. After searching for them for about an hour, believing that we would somehow miraculously see their signboard, we finally called them and they told us they moved.

For some reason, they didn't mention that this place was actually a house and had no signboard in that phone call.

 The only reason we found the place was because we saw a girl in a fancy outfit coming out of her fancy Benz, walking with a few people into this house.

I read many reviews and NONE clarified the exact location, nor hinted that it had no signboard.


Above average, decent. Better than many restaurants in Bangsar. However, the menu wasn't special or mind-blowing. Portion was small.


Great, very friendly and helpful.


The price is RM 38 (used to be RM 32) for their weekday breakfast and RM 60 for their weekend brunch. 
Worth for a one-time experience. That's all.
Oh and also worth it if you just want to take pictures for Instagram purposes hehe.

Would I return?

For RM 38, I can get a pretty decent meal elsewhere which is filling and great in quality. 
Just with a not-as-fancy ambience.



Anyway, if you want to check this place out, do please RING them to get their exact location.

Weekdays from 8am-11am Tuesdays through Friday.
Weekends from 11am-2pm.
No reservations are needed for the weekday breakfasts but for their brunch, it is encouraged to do so. 
It can get pretty packed during the weekends :)

The Fancy Breakfast Club

+6012-200 4301

That's all!

I am probably one of the few people who are anal about little problems like this, and may come off as over-critical but I'm just concerned with people and their wallets.
If you can afford it, then sure why not! :D

But for other people who are clueless looking for a decent place to dine (like how I was), here is the cold hard truth, not sugar-coated in any way.

Hope this review was helpful!
Thank you for reading! :))

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

New Beginnings

Happy Malaysia Day everyone! Everyone would probably think that since today was a public holiday, I would be super free and wasting my life away. But I'm glad to say that wasn't the case. Lol I didn't waste my life today yaay!!!! xD

I went to church to help out today and I'm really happy I did. Couldn't have thought of a better way to spend today besides serving others. It's been a long while and I finally decided to go back to the Youth Ministry to help out and contribute something, if not much, back to other teenagers and kids,  whom I used to be like - lost, broken, hurt, wondering about the reason of my existence and the list goes on.

Not to say all teenagers are like this, but most of them are and I know exactly where they're coming from and I have been through some rough shit myself. So yes, I really would like to help others again and inspire them to see the good in life and to show them their reason for living.

Besides that, I have also been really busy with my family. Went shopping at Times Square two days ago (MORE NEW CLOTHES, MORE NEW OOTDS! yippeeee).

On top of that, I have been having a recent addiction of making loom bands. Now I know why the guy who created this is a millionaire -.- It's unstoppable once you start! My 10 year old sister got this whole kit of loom bands to play with, and she started selling it in school for RM 0.50.

Yes I know. Super cheap!!! But that's for the basic kind and only for her school friends :P To other people she sells it for RM 1.

Still cheap wth hahaha.

So I decided to help her out and now I just can't stop looming and exploring new designs with the bands.

Hehe look at everything I made. So far.
The rainbow coloured bracelet above was so damn difficult to make I failed like 5 times before I completed it -.-"
Reason being the bands kept snapping like nobody's business the moment I try to loom it!
And then if you let go of it or do not know which band snapped, your bracelet will fall apart which leads to you having to start from scratch again.

 Doraemon is my favourite lantern of all!
Sadly it got burned :(
So now it has a huge hole at the back. Poor guy.

Every year we'd buy one or two new lanterns to add to our existing collection.
This dragon was this year's addition :D

I wanted to do some food posts but argh.. It's like time isn't on my side at all.
Right now I need to make a CV and start applying for internships *big sigh*, which I'm half way done but haven't really got that extra time to complete it.

Till my next post! :D

Friday, 12 September 2014


Lately I've been missing in action and I'm really aware of that. I was depressed, sad and a bundle of emotional wreckage. I just couldn't think straight because my best friend, my 'photographer', my punching bag, my gym partner, my everything was leaving to the UK.

And the entire 2 weeks before he left (which was last week and the week before), I decided to dedicate my every waking hour to him. I just felt like I should appreciate his presence and all the time I had left with him, by making the most out of it. Therefore I vanished from social media, including Whatsapp and most means of contacting me.

It's hard to admit this but I created a bubble around the both of us and was reluctant to step out of that bubble. It was as if I shut everyone out... and I guess that wasn't healthy. Thing is, I don't know how many people feel like this: The world is so cruel that when you find a nice person who likes you the way you are and even gives you compliments you think you don't deserve, you start to want more of that person and less of the world.

Like you want to spend your life revolving around this person instead of this messed up place they call the world.

This was exactly how I felt. I felt so unwanted in this world that I started to depend on him for my happiness.

Alot of people say I'm a very negative person. Well that's only because the world IS a negative place to be and I'm just being honest about it. However, I'm still learning to see the silver lining in living in this shitty hole.

Oops, sorry. Negative adjective on world again.

Back to my point, he left on Wednesday which gave me alot of time to reflect and think about everything that I went through. I still wonder how I'm going to cope from this day till the next one year, without the person I've become attached to the most.

Anyway before he left, we decided to have a farewell surprise for him and two other friends. I told him that I had reservations made in a restaurant and he believed me LOL. Then half way through, I told him that I needed to blindfold him because I wanted to surprise him with this unknown restaurant.

When we reached and parked, he asked me whether he could take out the blindfold. I told him no. He was like 'But everyone in the restaurant is going to think that I'm a weirdo!'. Then I replied 'No, no, don't you worry! Everyone who comes to this restaurant usually blindfolds their partner. It adds to the experience I read on a review of this restaurant.'

HAHA of course there was no such restaurant la.

We went to one of our friend's condo which had a hall available for bookings.

Didn't get to take pictures of Dom being blindfolded because they turned off all the lights and it was too dark to see anything!

We had performances dedicated to the three of them.

 In case you were wondering, I was behind the camera lol.

Goodbye for now sucker.
Thank you for everything once again.
Here's to new beginnings!

And less ootds :'((((
Yea. He was the one who had the patience to take all my ootds.
There, now the world knows.
So now without him I guess no one is going to want to do that for me anymore.

Sorry this post is abit long winded, but thank you so much if you managed to scroll down to this point  to read this haha :)