Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lunch @ Johnny Rockets, the Curve

Alright most people would have heard of this American-inspired diner by now. At first, that was exactly what I thought. However, it is indeed an American fast food chain.

Honestly, I was expecting a lot from all my friends and friends' friends who were raving about it. So I was eager to check this place out.

When we stepped in to the diner, we were immediately fascinated by the red and white striped 'sofa seats'. Although there were only two of us, we were determined to place our butts there. LOL.

Unfortunately, the table and sofa weren't really that Asian-friendly. When I sat down, I practically sunk so far down the seat, I had to sit absolutely straight as not to vanish behind the table.

Yes I'm short. But my guy friend who was around 176cm was complaining as well.
Concentrating on the menu.

Besides that, the diner was certainly renovated very nicely, with their waiters and waitresses dressed in those cute uniforms from the 1950s.

We ordered the Houston and the Smokehouse Single. The burgers were only available in sets which was rather a let-down, because once you're done with your set, you'd most likely be too full to try the other interesting sides they have.

 The Houston with sweet potato fries.
This is how big the set is.
Thumbs up to them for being uber generous with their salad.

 The Houston contains of jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, fresh tomaoes and their spicy sauce. It is said to be a spicy burger, but I was not really able to detect any hint of the spices they had in there. Except for the jalapenos. I don't know but maybe it's a Malaysian thing. Our taste buds has gotten numb to spiciness.

 The Smokehouse Single with fries.

The Smokehouse Single was quite a treat to the eyes. It was topped with beef, sharp cheddar cheese, beef bacon, onion rings and their barbecue ranch sauce.
However, biting into their onion rings was an unexpected shock. The onion rings were so hard, I wondered where the onions went.

I'll be really frank about their burgers. The patties are juicy, but pretty plain tasting. My friend complained the buns were pretty dense, and given that the patties were already plain tasting, it continued to further dilute the taste of the burger.

We also ordered one of their signature milkshakes. We decided to be a little adventurous, as to try something new. So we ended up with Peanut Butter.

The milkshake was just WOW. The entire cup was really thick and concentrated, the drink just wouldn't budge up the straw. If you're a peanut butter fan, you definitely need to try this. And I also suggest you order a flavour you like, and not be too adventurous when it comes to this.

I think I would have loved it if I had just ordered plain old chocolate milkshake. Yum.

Sorry if I'm being too straightforward here. But overall, nothing was that impressive about this place except for the decorations and the milkshake. The price was pretty costly to me as they did not provide main courses in ala carte. So if you're a light eater, it would really be a waste to order any of the mains.

All my friends told me the waiters and waitresses danced every half an hour, so I was actually waiting for a Glee performance to kick start out of nowhere. But sadly nothing happened.
Plus we sat there for around an hour.

Service wise...The waiter who served us actually scared the hell out of me. He did not smile.
At all.
On top of that, when we decided to order our drinks later, he was like "No drinks?!?" in a very surprised tone. His face immediately crumpled into the most disappointed look you can possibly imagine.
Clearly, I felt insulted.

Not really a good experience here but no harm done trying I guess :)
Needless to say, you can find Johnny Rockets at the Curve.

Lot G52, The Street, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

A Surprise Center

Just got back from camp recently and I'm still feeling exhausted from all the midnight talks and bonding sessions. It wasn't what I expected but in some ways experience is still experience, and nothing can replace that. So although it wasn't up to what I had in mind, but I was thankful I met so many new people, and actually got the chance to mingle around.

Most people would think mingling around is just like another ordinary day in a week. Meeting new people, bonding and learning more about them. But over the years, I felt like I've been slowly transforming into an introvert.

I used to be a complete extrovert but, well, bad experiences don't exactly have much of a good impact on people's lives. Mine to be exact. Unless you're really lucky of course. I guess once you're scarred, the scar will forever remain. No matter how much it heals up, there's always gonna be a small hint there to remind you of what happened.

From an overly enthusiastic and positive extrovert, I slowly turned into a self-despising, pessimistic introvert. I found it hard to talk to people because I was scared of not being good enough. I became really intimidated with crowds. So this camp was definitely a challenge for me. I haven't been more insecured in this entire two months of college break until the camp.

Thankfully, I got through it.
*wipes beads of sweat away from forehead*

Sometimes I really wonder whether anyone feels like this. And whether anyone has ever been through this.
I've never really shared this with anyone. Because of this reason which plays on in my mind time to time again- Why would anyone care?


A lot of birthdays are coming up and so I decided to do something for one of my closest friends this year.

 Guess what's this...
A cupcake holder!

 In the form of an oven stove of course.
I made it myself *moment of pride*
OK it wasn't that nice because I didn't really had the right materials for it.
But I think it's quite cute la.

 I made chocolate cupcakes.

 Wait for it...

 With a surprise M&M center!

It doesn't look that nice here because I used a knife to cut it :(
I thought it would look neater but apparently biting into it looked way better.
It looked better in reality haha.

Not forgetting my ootd hehe.
It's been long since I did any ootd posts.
It was a simple day and it's the dry season lately so I restrained from layering my outfits.

Casual is the way to go :D
Top from H&M
Shorts from Manila
Fringe bag from Manila 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

A Day At Malacca

I'm aware this is a really really long overdue post. But I finally had the mood to do it because I don't feel so depressed about my phone anymore. I'm starting to accept that everything is gone, and well at least I have a clean slate to start with for this year.
Though I would've kinda sorta maybe might've really preferred my slate being stained with wonderful memories of the past year.


But it's ok. Let's not dwell in this little puddle of misery any further.

SO MALACCA! My first time in a long time there, and whoa many things have changed since.
Not to mention the prices have all raised tremendously compared to the times when I was there as a kid.

My friends knew about a few yummy places to visit while we were there, so all I had to do was sit back and enjoy all the food that'd be coming my way.

We even came across a shop by Mamee.
But I wonder who would trust their brand for a meal...
I mean, Mamee sells junkfood LOL.
And that has been imprinted in my mind since I was a tiny baby.

Fat self blocking everything.

 This was the place where we went for lunch and their laksa was amazing!

 Plus they sell cendol.

Btw, I apologize if you haven't eaten.

 Coconut milkshake.
First time trying it, and surprisingly it was not bad.

 The retarded things we ended up doing.
Showing our double chin.

I'm supposed to be the father of this baby HAHA.
HAH --"

For dinner we ended up in this place where they're supposedly famous for their satay celup.
However, I was pretty disappointed because their prices have increased however the portion of food on the stick has decreased (they charge per stick).
Not only that, but there was nothing special about it anymore compared to the last time I was here.

And I felt pretty disgusted about the way they used the sauce there.
It's not that I never knew they recycled the sauce but it's just that it so happen to strike me with realisation that they DO recycle the sauce, regardless how many people have sat on the same table.

Didn't mean to ruin anyone's impression on it.
Alright I did LOL.
It really wasn't worth it for the price you pay and for what you get.

Forget what I just said.
Ending this on a happier note. 

Oh and I'm so excited I'm going for another camp tomorrow!
I can leave my house for 3 days!