Friday, 27 December 2013

The Spirit of Christmas

It's Chirstmas, and I've been thinking about this for awhile now.

How exactly do one obtain that "Christmas Spirit" everyone - from people to books and movies, have been talking about?

Well the funny thing about it is, if you have it, you'll know it. And if you don't, you'll know it too. 

What got me thinking about it was when one of my friends told me how Christmas felt like just another ordinary day. I was dumbfounded when I heard that. Christmas has never struck me as 'just another ordinary day'. 

Instead, it was always the day I looked forward to, whether it was just sitting at home watching Christmas movies after Christmas movies or going out to parties and stuff.

And then I asked myself, why.
It was because of this immense joy I had in me everytime I knew Christmas was coming. Just the thought of it and the reason for this beautiful season - Jesus, was enough to make me shout for joy. Other than that, I have to admit the whole process, pre-Christmas and post-Christmas, plays a pretty big role in instilling this joy in people.

Whether its prepping up the tree and hanging the ornaments on it, going Christmas shopping, wrapping up the presents for people, going house hopping  for some Christmas Carolling, or finally giving out the presents! But the best part for me, and have always been for the 19 years of my measly life, would be the FOOD.

Everything about this festive season is just YUMZ. I can already visualize turkeys, lambs, fruitcake and gingerbread man floating in front of me right now.

So I guess that's just it. That's just what the Christmas Spirit is - Joy. It's the joy of sharing, the joy of giving and the joy of receiving. :)

Merry Christmas everyone.

 My outfit for Christmas Eve night.

My front camera sucks but oh well.

 Oh and we had to pitch up a tent because our electricity got cut all of a sudden :(
At first we couldn't switch on the air conditioning because it will trigger it and the whole house would black out.
But then it got worse till the point even plugging in a vacuum cleaner could trigger it.
So we had to sleep with the fan on and my sis were so afraid of the heat they wanted to sleep out LOL.

 MnM cookies :D
This time I baked it with my mum haha.

Oh and I forgot to mention.
I got braces yesterday!
HOMAIGAWSH. Now I totally understand why people just resent trips to the dentist.
Everything I eat hurts now :'(
But it will be worth it! >:)

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Mishaps & It's Repeats

Few days ago, I woke up to the piercing sound of glass shattering on the ground. I thought an earthquake was happening for the first time in Malaysia or that a robber had broke in to my house. I got up immediately, only to find that I was tangled in my blanket and bedspread, while my pillow was on the floor, lying next to what was responsible of the loud sound - my table lamp.

I was devastated. It was hard enough to find a decent table lamp, let alone one which has the exact colour that matched my room. And I actually broke it. In my sleep.


I stopped to think for a moment. How much of a hazard I could actually be to myself.

My luck could probably even be responsible of my death one day. That's how great it is.

Just yesterday, I was driving out with my sister to do some last-minute Christmas shopping, for those people we forgotten about. Oops.

I reached the traffic light and was slowing down to stop on the left lane. Nothing struck me as strange or unusual, because this was the same traffic light I go through everyday. Out of a sudden, this mad car from the right lane, who has already stopped the last time I checked, hit me straight at my driver's side.


The driver did not even brake.
If anyone was braking, it was me. --"

And the worse part was, that loser was driving a Perdana. A friggin old and lousy Perdana.
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against old cars and people who drive them.

It's just that, if your car is lousy, it doesn't give you less of a reason to check your side mirrors when you're changing lanes. And it is NOT an excuse to drive less safely, just because you don't mind getting your car all scratched up.

DAHEQ. I was so angry because I did nothing wrong and this car had to ram me. It wasn't even like a soft bump. It was so hard that now the door at my driver's seat is dented really badly, and has a funny sound whenever I shut the door.

Worse part was, when I looked to the side only to find this middle-aged lady, wrapped in a headscarf looking scared and terrified as if she was the victim.

Lady drivers.
I don't even know where to begin.

I know. Look who's calling the kettle black.
I'm aware I'm one of them but I still think that most of the time, lady drivers are the problem.

Of course this doesn't apply to ALL ladies out there.
I would say most, though.

Really wished I could say something better about my gender but the truth is the truth.

And obviously there are obnoxious men drivers as well. Just that they are so skillful with their obnoxiousness, they rarely leave any evidence for you to complain about.

Cuz they die together in the crash? 
Lol kidding.
Not sure whether this is true though haha.

Back to what happened, I decided that she probably had no money to pay up and would probably make me look like a terrible person in front of everybody on the road, so I just suppressed all the feelings which were boiling up in me and drove away.

Besides, it was only a two lane road and if I really stopped my car to deal with it, it would have caused a massive jam behind me. Sigh.

When I told my parents about it, their thoughts were far from thinking that I did the right thing. And my mum finally said, "See, now your dad has to pay for it. You could've avoided it by not going out today."

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. And double sigh.

Sometimes I wonder why does it feel like it's wrong when you did the right thing. When you made the unselfish decision, the thoughtful one, the one which will benefit everyone else but yourself. I guess no one appreciates this kind of decisions anymore.

I guess this was what I've been up to lately. Breaking things and getting hit by other cars. Yep that's pretty much it. I haven't been online lately because the holiday mood was kicking in and I didn't even feel like turning on my computer whenever I was free.

And whenever I was free, I was busy checking for Christmas movies on my telly. Heh heh heh.
Which is kinda why this post has been so delayed, besides the fact that I have literally no wifi in my housing area. :(


Their Wanton mee was probably the best damn thing there.
Everything else was, mediocre. Otherwise, lacking in taste.
The noodles were amazingly light and crunchy to chew on, plus the sauce had the right kinda taste which is absent in most wanton noodles you find in the coffeeshops these days.

Couldn't help it HAHAHAHA.

Introducing Hedge and Hog!
The latest addition to our family.
And guess what?
They're door stoppers.

 Yumz! Gingerbread cookies which my mum and sis made together, while erm, I was asleep.

Buh bye.
So excited about tonight's party! 
Lastly... Happy Christmas Eve everyone!