Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My Sister's First Holy Communion // Rakuzen

Last Saturday was my baby sister's first time being able to receive the Eucharist during mass! Mind you, it's quite a big catholic thing. So if you're clueless now on what I'm talking about, the Eucharist is actually the 'bread of life' we, Catholics, receive during mass, which is a reenactment of the Last Supper when Jesus offered bread and wine to his disciples.

 If you still don't get it then... Google is your answer my friend! :D

This is an example of how the Eucharist looks like.
Haha over-enthusiastic Christian here.

My baby sister is 10 years younger than me (yesh I'm gonna be an old hag soon). And whenever there's a big event or celebration where she is finally old enough to be part of it, it becomes like a wake up call to me. I start to see again how time is flying by and how it waits for nothing to just pass you by. 

When I was younger, I never really liked my baby sister. I felt that she was annoying, and I couldn't forget what she did to me when I was around 13, the time where I was going through a hard time accepting the fact my body was changing.

She made the experience much worse and maybe I'm just a sensitive person. But it was also so hard because I was the eldest and I felt I was in this alone. No one knew how much I hated being the eldest. Every shit that happened had to come my way first before it went any further. I felt like a guinea pig most of the time.

But this year, we ultimately kinda got along. And I felt a huge surge of relief. I always thought she was gonna hate me and kill me one day in the future o_o  
Ok fine. This syndrome where you think everybody is gonna find a reason to kill you is called ToomuchofCriminalMinds.

On a serious note, I felt a relief that we eventually both learned to treat each other better and also accept the flaws we have. In this 19 years of my life, I have finally come to appreciate her existence and am even thankful for her :')

 The blur part is my aunt's finger LOL.
Anyways I like how I look so big here xD

 Because in reality I'm actually only this small compared to the rest of my family.

After mass, we went to Rakuzen for a hearty dinner, as per my baby sis's request. 
Yea, so young but so demanding haha. 

This is the best I tell you.
Your trip to Rakuzen will never be complete unless you try this waffle ice cream sandwich.

The food here are all superb.
Rakuzen is definitely my current fav Japanese restaurant.
The portion size is not bad, and even able to fill someone with such a big appetite, like me, up!
The price on the other hand is not that costly as well for such a big meal.
My set was about RM30 plus, which is quite reasonable as a simple meal in Bangsar can even go up to that price without filling your tummy. 
On top of that, their lunchtime set menu is cheaper than the dinnertime set!
But of course, I would recommend only Oasis Square's Rakuzen as my parents tried the branch in Empire before and it was pretty disappointing.
Different branches = Different chefs

Outfit for the night.
Off shoulder top from Fblock.
Bodycon skirt from Times Square or anywhere at all, really.
Vintage Sachs Leather Bag - my mum's. 

The long flowy back of my top was actually the main reason I bought it.
I thought I looked like a fairy lol.

Ending with a picture of my baby sis :)

Till next time! :D

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Starbucks, Move Over.

A tiny low-profile coffee house which you might walk past without even knowing!
It is operated by the deaf & the mute, and they joined forces to open up this place.

 They serve unique cakes as well!
Perfect if you're just looking for a place to nestle down with a cup of coffee.

 The small interior of the restaurant.

 It's only operated by 2 people and they get a full house every Sunday.

 The food here is pretty reasonable as well, everything below RM 10!
I know, I couldn't believe it as well, given that nowadays the price of everything is increasing.


 Mine :) The Big Breakfast
They actually steam the hotdog so it's pretty healthy.
And the best part is, it isn't the cheap quality kind where the entire sausage tastes of flour.
They are especially known for their luncheon meat!
Their luncheon meat isn't from those in cans and tins like SPAM or those China brands we Chinese always eat.
It's the authentic one, cut out from a meat loaf.

Like this.
Hence the taste is abit different from the usual ones we eat, but so much better.

The Bacon Set.
The portion is not that big, but it's good enough for breakfast.
Just imagine your McD breakfast but only at RM 5.

 The Ham Set.
It's the most simple set I would say.
Perfect for light-eaters and those who doesn't like stuffing themselves for breakfast.
I mean where else can you get an RM 5 breakfast that is filling and does not just consist of plain carbs?
Plus did I mention that with every meal, their house brewed coffee is free flow?

All coffee lovers should definitely check this place out. Their coffee is the quality kind (It's house brewed c'mon! :D) but with such an affordable price you'd probably never want to drink Nescafe anymore.

How to get here?

    No.9, Jalan SS25/23, Taman Plaza
      47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

      It's at Kelana Jaya, the row of shops right across the road from SIC (Saint Ignatius Church).  The row of shops include Da Ma Cai LOL. So if you see these two landmarks, you'll know you'regoing the right direction.

      Check out their official FB page here for more information.

      She's Indecisive She Can't Decide

      It's Saturday and finally A DAY OFF. Well 1/3 of a day off actually. I'm so glad that today turned out okay so far. I sound like such a loser I know, the day is just beginning.
      Note to self: I gotta stop caring what others think about me. Sometimes I feel I need assurance but then I feel bad when my friends give it to me. It's like I tend to over-think on it and wonder whether they really mean what they said or just simply saying it because they are nice.

      I guess this is one of the problems in being a girl. The thing is, we never know what we want. We think we do, but once we get it, we realised we wanted something similar but not entirely the same of what we intended to want. I don't know whether I'm making sense here to you, but I hope you get it.

      It's just... unexplainable. No matter how often I try to reflect and evaluate on what I truly want (eg. confidence, respect, fearlessness, people giving honest opinions), I always end up realising what I wanted wasn't exactly what I wanted. 

      Ok guys, it's like how your girlfriends complain about how they hate every single body part they have. When you keep assuring them they look fine, they tell you to stop lying. When you decide to just not say anything, they tell you you're not listening to them. Get it? 

      It's like girls are never satisfied. We want assurance but then we don't want to feel the person is lying. We want a good listener but then we don't want the listener to be too quiet.

      Its like we know we have enough of black shoes but we keep buying MORE black shoes telling ourselves each time that it's different. Wait, or is that just me.

      Point is we're so indecisive :( I'm so indecisive. We are always afraid of making decisions and then regretting it later on. 
      Argh. Wished there was a remedy to indecisiveness. 

      Meanwhile, I have lotsa overdue picts sitting in my phone so I'm just gonna post everything here.

       Thank you wind and thank you hair for doing that to my face.

      The crew.
      Filming a wedding scene for our assignment.
      Pardon all our naked faces *except Venice*

      Bernard helping Aryan in putting on the priest's garments.

      Venice HAHAHAHA
      Ok la she can never look ugly but she looks so cute here

      Jakun-ing in Paradigm after we were done.

      Caught in action!
      Funny people hehe


      Chocolate chip pancakes with corn :D

      Sephora came to Taylor's the other day.

       And I got a goodie bag!!
      If there's one thing I learned in the process of getting this goodie bag, it's to be as darn thick-skinned as you can.
      We had to be the first to raise up our hands and answer a question correctly in order to get it.
      Well, all of us decided to raise our hands first and only think about whether we know the answer to the question after that. Lol
      Thank God I answered it correctly or it would've been so embarrassing ngeh.

      Inside there was this hair mask.
      Looks cool but I haven't used it yet. 
      Plus I never knew Sephora was known for their hair products.

      The most useless thing among the two items in it was this.
      I don't friggin have an Iphone 5.
      What mockery is this.
      Now I'm clueless on what to do with it.
      Probably give it to my friend or something.

       Eye shadow. 
      Haven't got the chance to use it either but soon I will! :D

       To smile or not to smile, that was prolly what I was thinking at the time this picture was taken.
      Therefore my face turned out like that.