Monday, 28 July 2014

High Tea @ Grand Hyatt's Thirty8 Bistro

I was meaning to update this space yesterday but so many things came up! The first half of the day I was immersed in this book by Judith McNaught and I keep wanting to finish it but I had so many things which were calling to my attention like my messy room for instance. So yesterday was like a spring cleaning for my room, and reluctantly I managed to arrange all my overdued laundry lying on my bed in its proper place in my closet. I even cleaned up my study desk (which didn't need much cleaning) because I shifted all the mess on my desk to the floor beside it, where my bed imminently blocks the depressing view, giving the false impression that I am a tidy person.

But I'm proud to say that's all cleared up too! HEEEH :D

This has nothing to do with the main title but I just felt a need to share the great obstacle I managed to overcome hahaha.

So last week, Venice suggested  we go for a high tea session at Grand Hyatt after our trip to Empire Damansara. The main reason we went there was because we got lost looking for my car and ended up straight on the highway where Waze claimed that it would take like half an hour in order to get back to Empire Damansara. How did we get lost?

Well Eva and I followed Venice to her car because we didn't want to walk in the dingy parking lot alone in separate ways. Therefore, Venice suggested all of us to walk together and get to her car first where she will then drive us to our cars after that.

And poof. We got lost the moment we came out the car park as it lead us straight to the highway. 
Soooo.. Adventure time began and we decided we might as well have some fun amidst getting lost. 

 The new Thirty8 Signature Cake.
Instead of the usual chocolate one, this is white chocolate with a different filling.

This isn't a very good picture to show what it looks like inside but it's better than none.
I was too awe-struck at everything I just forgot to take nice pictures lolol.
The whole time I was just thinking of digging my fork in these scrumptious delights.

 Apparently they had a new menu with a wider array of desserts to choose from, so both of it may look different from what you guys are used to.

We also ordered dessert wine which was divine.
I was totally new to it because I don't usually drink, and I dare say this is so much better than red wine!
It's quite popular among ladies as the taste of it is lighter and much sweeter compared to red wine.


 Just ask for Cloudy Bay and you're in for a treat. 

The splendid view of the twin towers from the bistro.

Alright now I'm off to celebrate Raya with my neighbours! So excited and I'm looking forward to the food YUM.

Selamat Hari Raya everyone!
Have a safe journey home :)

Friday, 25 July 2014

San Nae Deul & the Girls

Actually to be honest we had no intention in coming here. The only reason we drove all the way down to Empire Damansara and risked walking in their shady car park which looked like a scene from a horror movie, was to try this restaurant called Jekyll & Hyde.

Unfortunately they were closed.

Sad. Cry. Boohoo :'(

It was a Monday and it didn't strike our mind that some shops were usually closed on Monday after the busy weekend.

So we looked around for a decent place to eat and we came across San Nae Deul.
Now, I'll be very honest to tell you that I do not really know how to taste Korean food, so this won't be a review HAHA.
That's cuz no. 1 ~ I've never been to Korea before.
Give me one month in Korea and I'll learn straightaway, but as we all know Korean food in Malaysia is usually very 'Malaysian-ized'.

And from what I hear, people who go to Korea usually come back telling us that the food is really healthy and rather bland in taste.

Korean style instant noodles.

 Pork belly and squid set (I forgot the Korean name for this)
The squid was really generous in size as you can see, but the sauce can be abit too sweet for your liking.

 Sunny side up egg, seaweed and salad set (hehe I forgot the name too)

 All the side dishes which came for the BBQ set Venice ordered.

So much for a candid HAHA.
I was in actuality prepared smiling down at my food. 
Oh but you didn't need to know that.

The lovely Kristine.

 The gorgeous Nicole.

After awhile I decided to make the photos look more kawaii LOL. 
Since there's so many of it and it would be boring looking at each and every single one of it anyway.

 Attempt 1.

 Attempt 2.

 Attempt 3.
That sentence pretty much summed up my korean vocabulary.
Oh and I was the most daring at the last attempt, dumping all the cute funky stickers I could find on it.
So. Bad. Ass.

What I wore.

And we were reluctant to leave.
We were so happy because somebody actually paid for Kristine, Nicole and my meal.
He was an unknown stranger and we didn't even notice anyone else around us because we were talking and giggling so much.
This is probably a norm for most girls but it was my very first time experiencing this! 
Totally unexpected and it felt like I was in a movie.
So I couldn't help but feel flattered over this sweet gesture.

This just proved that the way to a girl's heart is apparently through her stomach as well haha!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Day Out In KL // Happy Meal Pastries

Last week was crazy! I spent almost everyday out, and as you can guess, I did alot of window shopping and erm, shopping. On one of the days I went down to KL because Dom had to collect his visa there, so I decided to tag along.

First we went to Pasar Seni and I fell in love with this shop which sells all sorts of tarts there. It's a small shop but many people stopped by to pick up a few pastries, including foreigners.

The shop's name is called Happy Meal.

 Look at the variety of pastries they have here.
Many bakeries sell their cakes and tarts at this price however the size of it is usually really small :/
Here, the price is typical but they are pretty generous with the size of their tarts and their fillings as well.
And everything is fresh considering the number of people pouring in each day, making it necessary for them to keep baking!

We bought the apple cheese crumble tart,walnut tart and the durian tart.

 The walnuts were plentiful! 
The nuts were not bitter or soft, which are the top 2 things I fear when buying walnut tarts.
Basically, it's just really hard to buy a good walnut tart which doesn't have cut-throat-pricing around Malaysia.
But this shop was an exception.

 The apple cheese crumble tart up close.
They have alot of apples inside this tart and I actually tasted flakes of crusty cheese inside.

The filling of the durian tart tasted literally like... durian.
But I like it better than the fresh fruit itself HAHA.
This is cuz the smell is not as overwhelming plus the filling doesn't stink up your breath as much as the real fruit does.
Just a few rinses and the smell would be totally gone.
And what's best, it still tastes like durian haha.

Impromptu picnic at the park.

 I felt like a tourist snapping pictures everywhere haha.

 And then of course I had to take a picture of my outfit.
I got this romper from Cotton On, but let me advice you, DO NOT BUY IT.

Two days after I bought it, I went to Cotton On again to look around only to find the sales person working there wearing the exact same romper as mine -.-

I don't get it. 
I know you want to promote your clothes but have you ever thought that perhaps people will be abit intimidated to buy that particular piece of clothing since everyone working in your shop is ALREADY wearing it?

I just don't see the logic.

After that, on this particular day when I was wearing it walking around Avenue K, I suddenly spotted a glimpse of colour which seemed familiar to me.
A girl was wearing it and walking towards my way, so I immediately asked Dom to hide me. LOL

I don't know if it's just me, but I feel really paranoid if I see anyone walking with the same shirt/outfit as me.
Ugh.. this is why I prefer things which have no labels on.
It's less likely people will wear the exact same thing as you.

 Let's just enjoy this outfit while it lasts.
I'm probably never going to wear this out again hahaha :(

 Look at this Boho wannabe HAHAHA.

He is obviously trying very hard to be like this:

Oh don't mind me.
Just trying to place my awkward muscular legs nicely.

Oh if you're interested to try the yummy pastries I mentioned, Happy Meal is located at:

 143 Jalan Tun H S Lee, 
50000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
03-2072 6080

That's it for today! :)