Thursday, 30 October 2014

Skeleton x Denim

Hey guys so Halloween is coming and I've been so excited! By excited I mean, I've been sitting on my chair browsing through youtube watching makeup tutorials on different characters after characters , non-stop. I suddenly feel so motivated to to be everyone else on the planet. Until I realise I do not have any of their costumes :(

It's like the possibilities seem endless when u watch makeup tutorials. But when you do a reality check, you realise you do not have the materials they have like wigs, costumes, accessories and for some of us the proper canvas.
What I mean by proper canvas, is the structure of our faces. Yes. Our faces need so much contouring I don't even know where to begin. Only few Asians are blessed with faces that are as versatile as Michelle Phan or Promise Phan. 

Fun fact: Promise is Michelle's sister in law.

Their faces are what I would like to call, super convertibles. They can transform into anything and everything in such a short amount of time, just with the help of some pigments and probably some mad skills.

Anyway I got myself these skeleton leggings awhile ago and I'm so in love with them! Always loved these patterned leggings but could never find it here in our country.

So here are some of the pictures I snapped! The one on Instagram didn't show up nicely sigh. Maybe I'll post another one soon haha.

I got the leggings from Taobao after seeing the price! like it was around less than RM 15 I think with shipping fee included.
The quality was super good and stretchy, even though I was actually mentally prepared for it to not look as good as the pictures shown.

 The lighting was pretty bad cuz it was a rainy and the sky was practically all dark.
Maybe I should wear this out again just to take pictures lol.

I know I said there will be food posts, and yes there will be!
I think I'll do it on Saturday *keeping my fingers crossed*
Because tomorrow I'll be busy with putting together my costume and stuff HEHE
So what am I dressing up as? 
You'll find out soon!

But obviously not something fancy like Annabelle or Maleficent la haha.

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