Saturday, 28 September 2013

Lunch at a Grocery Store & OOTD

After assignments and more assignments piling up recently this week, even the happiest kid on earth would be close to tears and on bended knees, just being in my shoes for a day.

Alright the situation is not that bad. Yet. But I foresee a very busy semester ahead though I only have 4 subjects currently.

So just to brighten my day, I went to Empire today with le bestie! It's pretty near and this place is becoming like a 'mini Bangsar', with many delicious food all under the same roof :) It's the best place in Subang for a selection of good food with a pleasant ambience honestly.

But instead of going to a restaurant, guess where we had our lunch. Jaya Grocer!
Alot of people have probably come to know about this place already throughout the few years Empire Shopping Mall have been opened. It's getting more and more crowded everytime I go there now.

Well what is there exactly to eat in a grocery store you may ask.
Plenty I'd say.

You can choose between Jap, Italian and Western food here. You can choose anything from the menu or even pick your own meats from the poultry section they have at the corner, and ask the chefs there to cook it for you.

Sounds amazing enough? 
I mean how often can you know the state of your meat before it is served to you, cooked and drenched in gravy? Not often enough.

Furthermore, eating out these days can be quite a health hazard especially when customers are served 'overnight food' without their knowledge. Or perhaps even frozen food that has been in the kitchen's freezer for over half a year. Ok I'm exaggerating a little but it is possible that certain places can serve you these kinda food. 

Therefore, it's really something when you can see your food not only during the after process, but even before as well. 

What we chose.
No edits :) 
 Cooking charges are just an additional RM4, and not to mention, you get to choose from three sides to complement your meat: pasta, garden salad or grilled vegetables.
So do the math ;D

 My lamb leg steak served with grilled vegetables.
A scrumptious combination served tastefully.

 Le bestie's Rib Eye steak with a side of garden salad.
The juiciness and tenderness of the meat was retained, leaving us to want more even after the last bite.

Pardon the pictures, we took it in a such a rush because all we could think of at that moment was eating.
Nom nom nom.
This huge portion only costed us about RM15.
 The gravy was slightly lacking in flavour but the chicken was well marinated and tasty.
Certainly recommended for those who wish to have a hearty and filling meal :)

Hazelnut Roche at Serai.
This was just amazing.
And it came with a price. 
RM17 with tax and service charge included.
It was even more expensive than the roasted chicken we had.



 Playsuit and Zara inspired Pointed Toe Heels.
It's my one and only college bag so yea, I don't have a choice :P

I just had to LOL.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Piece of Empty Paper

I know I shouldn't be blogging because of the pile of undone work left on my table. But I'm feeling really tensed now and just letting it out here makes me feel a little better. Just the thought of the work I'm supposed to be finishing now (yep right at this moment), makes me feel tired already.

Why do I get stressed out so easily --

I guess I'm just naturally a worrier :( And the funniest part about being a worrier is that when I worry too much, I tend to just leave everything I was worrying about - homework and assignments, undone and go to sleep... Which leaves things in a more, let's just say, severe state. I like avoiding stuff heh.

Who knows, maybe I've a secret talent in dodgeball, just waiting to be discovered by the world.

Anyways just a few OOTDs. Haven't gotten the chance to go anywhere interesting since Saturday.. So it's been college college and more college. And for me it's been quite a dread to attend classes or even dress up for it since out of 6 days of classes, I have to come for 4 of those days all the way from Shah Alam just for one friggin class, and then drive back all the way home.

The thing that bothers me the most is that petrol is even more expensive now and the University can do this to their students. Even if we appeal, not everyone can get the change of classes they'd want. 

Money doesn't come easy ya know. 
*chey wise words from me* 

 I know I posted this on Insta such a long time ago, but better late than never here eh? ;D

 I love my boots. 
I got it from Agape Boutique, an online shop, btw :) 
And my top and bottom was from my trip to Philippines :))

Been loving muscle tees alot.
They just look so cool.
Most of mine are cut from old tshirts, including this one.
That's why it looks super old. (lol not sure that's a good or bad thing)

 Hurhurhur say hi to my ugly face.

Ok gotta start doing my long-procrastinated-work now :D

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hangout Session @ Nutmeg, Bangsar

So after all the drama and nerves in PA class, my friend had the most brilliant idea to go to Bangsar for lunchie :D So off we went! This time we decided to try this place in Bangsar Village called Nutmeg.

The place was well decorated and looked lovely to be dining in. It's litted up with yellow lights making the entire atmosphere feel warm for the people here.

Their service was rather efficient as we were attended to immediately when we got there. 

Just a sneak peak of how their menu is like.

And our food finally arrived!

 Wee ordered the Gravlax Sampler Platter which featured their Salmon in different "styles". RM23
Their house-cured selection were Original, Smoked Paprika and Lemon Grass & Beetroot.
So he got to try all three types of Salmon.

Wee scolding me for taking pictures? LOL (sorry totally unrelated)

 Evangelina ordered their Eggs Benedict. RM 26
The meat beneath the egg was nice and so was the salad at the side.
Instead of using typical salad dressings on it which are usually creamy or oily, they used something else really special.
It tasted faintly of jam, which had a little bit of tanginess to it making it really appetizing after a heavy meal. 
However, the eggs were just... idk none of us liked it.
And I can't give any comment on it either since I have never really tried a genuinely good Egg Benedict before.

 Ajer decided to try their Southern Fried Breakfast. RM 26
Kudos to the potatoes at the side and also the unique salad (again).
The chicken was abit too oily as you can see.
It looks oilier than KFC plus it also looked rather burnt.
The taste was surprisingly simply delicious though, so no hard feelings on it :D

 I decided to give their Big Breakfast a try. RM 28
Partially cuz I was starving at that time.
I chose beef, mac & cheese and scrambled eggs for my set.
And I was very surprised when I found out how my eggs and Mac & Cheese looked like.
The eggs looked like mashed potato. 
It's the yellow-looking cream which is on top of the sausage in my picture.

 This was their Mac & Cheese.
I know right. Nothing like the good ol' Mac & cheese.
I got the shock of my life.
Apparently they stuffed the macaroni inside this little fried batter.
It's really creative of them ... but to be honest, it tasted like eating plain fried dough with no hint of cheese at all :/

 Papaya cake. RM 12
Nope you did not read it wrongly.
This had quite an exotic taste to it, with a blend of carrot, cinnamon, maybe a little bit of orange or lemon rind, and grated coconut sprinkled on top.
Two of my friends liked it's taste but my other friend thought it was weird.
I felt the cake itself tasted more like a carrot cake. 
What made it unique was the cream on top and in between the cake.
The texture of the cake is pretty good though, not too dense or dry :)

 This is definitely more for the adventurous.

In a nutshell the food was ok.. Except anything that had to do with eggs or macaroni. So I highly recommend people to not order their sets with anything to do with eggs. Unless if you're curious of course. All our egg dishes turned out super watery.

Would I return again?
Maybe not. 
The price is quite costly as you can see. 
Plus the portion is small and most of the food is above RM 20.
However their desserts and cakes are definitely worth a try if the price isn't a problem for you :)

How to locate this restaurant?

It's on the Upper Ground Floor in Bangsar Village 2.

The exact address:
UGF-28A, Bangsar Village 2,
No. 2, Jalan Telawi 1,
Bangsar Baru.
5911 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 03-2201 3883
Fax : 03-2202 3662


IT'S FINALLY SATURDAY!  :DD Yep it is. And there's no one in the world happier than I am after the long anticipation for a Saturday. I still had to go for class today... But unexpectedly, Saturday classes have been the only classes I have been actually looking forward to lately.
Today all of us had to perform a song that will be graded by our lecturer though. Super nerve-wrecking.
Especially when my partner and I realised that we were gonna be the last team performing. 

And you know what they say... Save the best for the last. 

That's why it got even more intense for us. We somehow felt we had to live up to this "expectation" or "stereotype" placed on our shoulders the moment we knew we were the final team to perform. The worst part was that my third team member couldn't make it to class today, which left us the responsibility to pull on her weight as well. Due to that, we couldn't harmonise this song anymore like how we did last week :(

I wasn't too excited about the fact that since I have one person less in the group, my voice cannot be hidden behind the shadows of that extra voice anymore. If there's one thing I learned the hard way, it would definitely this: That I can't sing. My voice is really nasal. I sound like a duck whenever I sung in the past. I only realised that when a kind soul decided to tell me one day. And that changed my view on singing.

 From that day onwards I tried my best to stay away from singing. Unless it's a karaoke session where everyone can pretend like we are all Screamo band members. That was.. till now when I finally had to sing again.

I didn't care about my voice during the entire performance. Instead, I tried to feel the song as the lyrics tumbled out my tongue. I guess I only got the courage to do this when I realised that my entire class was going through the same thing as me. Especially when I saw the way they expressed their songs while singing it. It really was like a hard push on my back, telling me to step up and not be afraid.

But seriously, praise the LORD for carrying us through! I felt a surge of relief when I remembered all the lyrics to the song... which was practically near impossible as we even had bummers and tripped on some parts of the lyrics at the last practice before this performance. Phew. 

Ootd haha. 
"Dress like a pop star" my darling lecturer said.
And well... I tried.

My awesome classmates :))

Le pretty Evangelina and me.
I feel so intimidated by her beauty! 
So fair and slim. Definition of perfection.
Haha :)

Thursday, 19 September 2013

BBQ Parties

No filter.
The power of good lighting haha.

Whoosh. Have been super busy the last week with back to back BBQ sessions and then late classes and practices for a song we were working on for Performing Arts.
Right so last Saturday started off pretty fun and then ended up in a disaster.
Yea didn't have the mood to talk about it for a while, until I finally opened up to my best friend.

The barbecue was actually for my Godma's birthday (thumbs up for September babies!), and they prepared so so so much food till all of us were practically filled till our throats, and yet there still food left. Food left enough for another barbecue celebration. And I'm not kidding when I say the food prepared was enough to feed a neighbourhood.

Hence, I brought my DSLR and went there all smiley faced and all ready to snap pictures of the food and the people there. After I snapped a picture of my meal and did what Asians would normally do, this guy came along with a DSLR as well. And I remember our conversation started off because of it.

Then half way through I thought he was gonna leave for good to join the others who were sitting outside chit chatting, but he came back to the table where my sisters and I were sitting.

So what did you do when some random guy comes to your table? Talk. DUH. And that was exactly what I did. I tried to be friendly I guess and  therefore I asked him a few questions, while he asked me a few as well. 

But half way through the conversation he kept making me sound inferior for some reason. I talked about why I did not want to go to Australia because of how the racism there was getting pretty serious. I mean that's like a general fact right. The entire world knows that Malaysians, Singaporeans, Chinese and Hong Kongers love migrating and studying there since it's the nearest to our countries, and they are the closest we can get to the Westerners. Obviously some of you have different viewpoints, but for me that's just it. 

Want to live a lifestyle similar to the Westerners? Stay in Australia or New Zealand. 

Since so many Malaysians, Singaporeans, Chinese and Hong Kongers have started migrating there, seeing us migrants everywhere in Aussie has became a little terrifying to the local Aussies. We start businesses there, we start buying houses there and we eventually start to take on jobs that "should've" been for fellow Australians. 

Of course inevitably, Aussies will get a little angry at us Asians for doing so because they feel threatened. It's like a "Chinese tsunami" happening to them and well I understand where they're coming from.

Anyways back to the guy. He disagreed with me that racism was becoming an issue in Aussie. And in my head I was like: Dude, we all know that you look nothing like us Chinese people although you have a tad bit of Chinese blood in you, but could you be more ignorant???

He was Chindian so he was pretty blessed to have features which looked different than us typical Chinese. And so he continued giving me that sceptical face throughout the entire convo while I just tried my best to plaster a smile on my face, and even tried to give a few REAL life examples I heard from my friends.

Oh well. Didn't manage to convince that bull. At that very moment, I realised that this convo was probably not going anywhere else so I just decided to completely shut up. I mean both of us have, without fail, shown that our viewpoints were clearly distinct and in no way gonna put up with each other's bullshit. Well except for the part where I pretended to look like I agreed with what he said.

That's how nice I am -__-

But after that, it was all a blur and confusion. He talked about Rave parties and how it was awesome, and how he was working in a bar and etcetc la.

I mean whoa. Sorry if I'm such a good girl I haven't been to a Rave Party before, where everybody practically goes berserk, but you don't have to make it sound like its such a norm to go for one of those because IT ISN'T.

The part that really killed any sign of friendship that was starting to appear between us was when I asked what team Neymar was in.

This is Neymar. 
So hot I think I just got skin burned.
*releases happy sigh*

 I prolly should've shut up at that time but I couldn't help it cuz I was genuinely too curious, since they were all watching a football match. So he replied saying it was Barcelona.

As a natural reaction to something I've never heard before in my entire life, I asked incredulously: "There's a team called Barcelona?"
Yea I know. Wrong move. Wrong question.


Again, I'm sorry my dad is such a LOSER who has no interest in watching a bunch of people kicking a poor ball all around a field, which resulted in all us (his kids) having no interest in it too.

Well, it's not my fault Barcelona wasn't 'popular' enough to be within my knowledge.
No offence if you're a Barcelona fan. But the only teams I know which exist would be Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd and Crystal Palace (ever since that day). Talking to me about football is like talking to fashion designers about rocket science.

Sigh. I felt so stupid that night when I went home. All because I have never been to Rave parties and I didn't know there was a football team called Barcelona. Best part was, after he was done making me feel like shit, he started flirting with my sister --"

He gave her the super nice treatment and talked nothing about dumb things which he talked to me about.

I guess when you're pretty you'll always get special treatment.

Ok enough of my moody ranting
I'll let the pictures do the talking now

 This is Ashley.
She is super cute.


The best people you can look for who can cheer you up even on your worse days :')

The lovely carrot cake.

Jelly mooncakes.

All of them blew the candles together lol.

The Soos and the Hons.

The Second BBQ I had

This time only among ourselves

I just can't look good in side profiles :'(

 This was usingVenice's new Casio camera.
So canggih right.
The place was pretty dark but yet the photos came out with such a nice colour.
And this was without flash.
Mind you its around RM3k in stores just for a normal camera.

 Wee said I should learn from him on how to camwhore.
He thinks my 'poses' are boring LOL.

 But I think I'm perfectly fine.

I'll blog soon again :D
 Now I have to get started with this other blog which is supposed to be one of our assignments.
As if running one blog is not enough.