Thursday, 28 August 2014


I've been getting into so much trouble recently and I've been pretty down because of everything, and that's pretty much why I haven't been in any mood to edit the pictures I took and post them up.

Yesterday was Eva's birthday and we all planned to celebrate her 21st birthday at an Italian restaurant in KL. Will update on that soon :) Anyone would think that I could just go for it without any havoc occurring right?

Wrong. So wrong.

I told my mum about her birthday months ago and how we were going to celebrate it, just to prep her so that she has an idea of what will be happening and wouldn't be grumbling at me later on. That was how excited we were for Eva's 21st haha.

I was on my way out for her birthday dinner when my mum looked at me and asked where I was going. I reminded her about the dinner, and just in a matter of milliseconds after hearing my reply she  started flipping out.

Said the road was jam at this hour, it was too damn far, why the hell KL, why so late (I left at 6pm) and even pleaded me to not go -.-

I was pretty upset already because of the previous incident about not allowing me to go on trips, and now she is encouraging me to miss one of my close friend's birthday?

A little absurd don't you think.

Oh and the night before, both my parents did not let me go for her midnight surprise.

I clenched my jaw tight taking in everything she said, already given up on providing more explanations, grabbed my keys and just left.

The moment I reached the place, I got a text from my dad asking me where am I and why did I turn my phone off, complete with plenty of exclamation marks. 

First of all, my phone was NEVER off so it may have been typical Maxis problems. Second of all, why the hell didn't my mum pass the damn message.

He called me and started yelling at me in front of two of my friends. I did not yell back, or raised my voice. I just replied whatever he asked me mechanically and I think that infuriated him more. He finally demanded that I come home before 12. 
Wow, how many Sherlocks does it take to know that that's almost impossible.

I mean how rude would I be if I just left half way when everyone was eating, not even waiting for the bill to arrive. For the record, our dinner only started at 10pm plus, and the kitchen took pretty long to prepare our food.

Thanks alot guys for being the most understanding parents in the world. You guys deserve a nomination. No, wait. An award.

P.S. The only reason I've not ran away is because I respect both of you too damn much to cause you that much of a disgrace.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Strangers At Forty7

Hey everyone! I know it's been super long since my last post :'( The whole week I had to study for my re-sit paper. And after that I was so relieved it was over that I went out almost everyday to celebrate hahaha. Oh and college starts tomorrow. BOOOOO :(

I decided to try dining at some places while I was gone, so I have quite a number of pending food posts coming up. 

Last Sunday after church, we decided to head over to Strangers At Forty7 for breakfast. We totally had no idea what to expect because I didn't do much research on the place, except the part where I knew many people were recommending here lol. 

We were the first to reach, and also the largest group there. We were given the menu, and to our surprise the menu only comprise of crepes!

It was a shock at first, because although we had no expectations, we thought this would be like another Antipodean or coffee place, serving Western breakfasts sets.

 The setting with dim yellow lights succeeded in making customers feel cosy.

 Fresh juices by Smooshie 
RM 7

 Iced chocolate
RM 11

Latte & Mocha
RM 9 & RM 10

Not Your Local Beef
RM 24
Chargrilled Australian striploin steak, breaded onion rings and sour cream mayo slaw decorated with tomato relish.

Lethal Mushrooms
RM 19.50
Lightly herbed crepe, with a combination of three types of mushrooms - portobello, shimeji, and baby king oyster mushrooms, served with spinach, caramelised onions, tomato relish and topped with a poached egg and some balsamic sauce.

RM 23
Their version of the big breakfast.
And even this has crepes in it.
Wholemeal crepe, served with chicken churizo, ham, hashbrowns, butter sauteed portobello, caramelised onions and a side of baked beans, complete with a sunny side up.

A Hen's Crush
RM 17
Pan seared chicken, hash browns, capsicums, with a mix of a citrus-cucumber-onion-salad, decorated with their homemade spicy sauce.

 Adam's sin 
RM 11
Cinammon apple, wholemeal crumble, blueberries and salted caramel, topped with vanilla ice-cream.

Dark Side
RM 10
Chocolate crepe, dark chocolate spread, white chocolate flakes, topped with vanilla ice cream, and drizzled with dark chocolate sauce and orange caramel.

 Spongebob's Crib
RM 8
Sweet crepe, pineapple custard, sprinkled with crushed walnuts and decorated with a dollop of meringue complimented with some caramel.

Overall, their crepes were not bad. The beef in Not Your Local Beef was medium-well, tender and juicy, complimenting the dry ingredients in the crepe, which included the hash browns and onion rings, with it's essence.

Lethal Mushrooms is not something for everyone. As the name suggests, its only for the mushroom lovers. I took a bite and it wasn't bad.

All their crepes were made quite well in the sense where none of it was too dry or too wet. The only problem we had, was trying to look pretty while we ate.

My favourites were Not Your Local Beef and Dark Sin.
Dark sin made my tastebuds jump in excitement at the moist feeling of rich bittersweet chocolate sauce and orange caramel.

First attempt to capture all of us in a frame.
Spot me haha.
I was like 'omigosh so embarrassing!' *doublefacepalm*.

We finally gave up and asked one of the waiter to take a proper picture of us.


Abit costly considering the portions. The only one which I felt was worth the ingredients used was Not Your Beef (which is why it's one of my favourites), because of the high-quality beef they used. BBC, the big breakfast with crepes, was a little small-portioned considering the price and ingredients used. 
The Smooshi juice was a regret, because it tasted exactly like what my dad blends for me everyday, and for such a tiny bottle it costed RM 7. It looks big in my picture but trust me, it's just a wee bigger than the size of my palm. 

The only upside to this entire trip was that they did not charge for their service nor tax.
 So if you compare this to other restaurants which seem cheap but charges a bomb for tax and their service, this place is price-worthy.


Service was efficient, they even asked for our feedback on the crepes :)


Not bad, pleasant experience. 
Loved the combination of ingredients used for every crepe, and everything was well prepared.


Just double park and leave your number.
It will make your life easier.

Would I return?

For their crepes, maybe. 
Just without ordering any Smooshis.

Where to find them?

47, Jalan 17/45, 46400, Petaling Jaya. (Section 17)

Weekdays: 3pm - 10pm 
Sat & Sun : 11am - 10pm 
(Kitchen closes from 3pm-6pm. Bar and desserts remains open.)
Closed on Tuesdays. 

Hope this review was helpful to those of you who would love to give this place a shot! Do let me know on what you guys think if you have visited here before :)

 Will try to update on more stuff sooner! Hehe

Friday, 15 August 2014

Results Are Out!

I just got my results a few days back and I'm so relieved! I was not confident with almost all the subjects because of how bad I am with the text book terms. I just can't remember those crazy terms so a common scenario of me during my exam would be me looking at the paper and be like "oh I know this." 

Just as I am about to pen down my answers on the white sheet of paper laying before me, I glance at the blank paper and realise my mind is just as blank as it.

Everything I studied, memorised and learned are POOF. Gone.

At first all the technical terms in my head seem to be within my reach, but somehow when I try recalling a particular word, the term just swims further into the back of my mind, slowly disappearing. 

This pretty much sums up what I go through during every test paper. So my confidence is undoubtedly low when expecting my results, especially since I was even sick (food poisoning and dizziness) for two of the papers. 

But thank God everything went alright! And even the lecturer which I disliked very much gave me an acceptable result. 

I can say I was pretty lucky for this semester. I was not consistent with the amount of effort and time put in studying and my assignments, but I still managed to increase my CGPA. HOHOHOHOHO *laughter of menace*

I'm so thankful I'm unlucky in every other aspect except this.

Sigh. But right now I needa study because of the paper I missed when I was sick. The re-sit paper is next week and I'm kinda freaking out because I just don't have that exam mood to remember anything.

What's worse is that college is reopening in 10 days -.- Hate this.

 Remember the floral crop top from a few posts back?
I decided to pair it differently for a whole different vibe.
Instead of the edgy look I did the last time, I wanted to tone it down so that the outfit would look chic yet casual.

 Paired this top with high-waisted jeans and studded creepers, together with a matching studded bag haha.

For some reason, the wind only started to blow really strongly when I started taking pictures.
I guess the wind wanted to be part of the photo too hahaha.

Cookie monster getting cookie wasted.

 Dom and his soya moustache.

We went to Simple Life in Paradigm for a quick lunch because we couldn't decide on what was healthy yet at a reasonable price.

I've stumbled upon this shop many times before but I never thought twice of it because.... I felt I was just not a vegetarian. However this time it caught my eye because they had a tea-time offer which was only RM 5.90++.

The offer set came with a plate of fried rice, some soup and a cup of soya drink which you can mix with either Multigrain, Matcha (green tea) or a few other flavours.
We chose the green tea one and it tasted really nice.
It was a little sweet for me, but still wonderful.

The fried rice was surprisingly alright too!
I honestly never expected vegetarian food to taste as tasty as non-vegan foods.

I told this to one of my vegetarian friends and she looked back at me in raw horror.
Apparently she said Simple Life was one of the worse tasting vegetarian restaurants ever. 
Maybe cuz it tastes so un-vegan like LOL.
 I don't know.

 That's all for now buds.
See ya next time! :)

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Dueba Dreamy.I Brown Lenses

Hey bunnies! Have you ever looked at people with blue, green or grey eyes and felt a pang of envy towards them?
Well I certainly have. And it's annoying that as an Asian Chinese, our eye colour does not vary. So all our eyes are the same dark brownish colour (which has no hint of brown usually).


Asian eyes. The first curse was that it's genetically small, and now the second is that it's just plain boring.

But people have been going to great lengths just to change the colour of their irises, with now even existing a surgical procedure to change the colour of your iris permanently.

It's really not worth though, considering the pain you'd have to undergo and the many risks that can happen, including being blinded for life o.o

So, as a safer alternative people have been turning to circle lenses!

Lately, I have just been very into coloured circle lenses. My favourite colour is grey and I have always admired people with grey eyes..

So sexy I kenot.

But recently, I decided to try these brown contact lenses because of how amazing it looked on the model.
It looked dreamy just like what it's name claims.

The lens came in little tubes like these.

Dueba Dreamy.I Brown Circle Lenses.
Diameter: 14.5mm.
Power Available: 0.00 to 10.00
Life Span: 1 year
Base Curve: 8.6
Price: Affordable - RM 30 
Bought it from here

I am abit anal about colour lens not being the same shade of colour, so I didn't like the fact that the one on my right looked darker than the left.

 Sorry for the bad quality and my skin's uneven tone..
I've been having many breakouts on my eye brows lately.
But here's a picture so that you'll be able to compare and determine the enlargement these lens give.


For me, the enlargement is good enough because of how short my eyes are.
In fact, I would rather it be just 14.2mm because I think I would look like an alien without makeup. So if you have puny/short eyes like mine, you'd probably need to wear makeup for this lens to look natural on you.


Ok I found that not all circle lenses suit different people. I was wearing one from Freshkon before this and the lens blocked out 1/3 of my vision, which was really annoying. Apparently some people have this problem when I tried Googling for a solution. However, these lenses were great with vision and everything was crystal clear, no blurriness.


I wore this from 5.30 am in the morning till 2.30 pm. So it was a total of 9 hours, and one side was even accidentally flipped and I didn't realise it until 1 hour later when I started to wonder why one side felt so dry. Initially, I thought it was just perhaps the air conditioner blowing on my eyes, so I didn't take the lenses out to flip it around. I continued wearing it till 2.30 pm when I reached home.
Only then, I took it out to examine it and realised that it had been worn inside-out after all! So imagine how comfortable it is, to the point I'm able to wear it inside-out for 9 hours lol (I'm crazy I know, don't try this at home). The second day, I wore it properly and it lasted for up to 11 hours, but with abit of dryness throughout the day.

Colour & Design 

The colour is great, but would have been greater if both sides came in the same shade. I like the design because it was really simple, yet able to make a noticeable impact on my eyes, considering that my eyes are so dark it's almost black. The colour looks natural, and I know many people will love the black rim around the lenses, as it frames your pupils making it seem larger.


These lens are not that natural looking after all compared to the picture they provided. I guess her eyes are super huge, which is why it makes the lens seem not too big but just nice for her. For some reason, these lenses would only look super pretty with fake eyelashes and eye makeup, giving that dolly-eyed effect.  Personally, I just think it doesn't look natural without makeup because it makes you look like an alien instead of a doll.

Without flash.

With flash.
I wanted to upload a video to show the lenses in motion but it was giving me too much trouble and for some reason it wouldn't play properly.
Plus it was only for few seconds lol. 
So I guess GIFs are the way to go!


Oh and I got these circle lenses for only RM 25 because of their Raya Promo, which is still happening now if I'm not mistaken.

Hope you guys liked this review :)
And I'm off and away!