Monday, 27 May 2013

When Animals Are Allowed To Drive

Alright I have to admit that I don't like insulting or criticizing the way other people drive because I know I'm not an expert in driving and I have my reckless moments too. However yesterday I met a loser who took reckless driving to a whole new level.

I was at Kelana Jaya and I was driving to campus to help my friend for his assignment. Then there was this mini roundabout and I checked that there wasn't any cars so I just went in it while thinking about the assignment and some other things.

Suddenly, I heard a loud honk coming from my left. When I looked at my left side window I was like 'whoa why is this car so shit close to me'. Obviously I was not aware of anything I had done wrong, but then I was thinking to myself, was I supposed to stop in the middle of the roundabout and allow this car from no where to enter it first before I continued driving? o.o

So I was thinking like oh shit it's my fault, and I felt terribly and utterly sorry. For a split second.

Because right after we came out of that mini roundabout, the car sped up and wanted to chase me, so I sped up too. I was like

Unfortunately there was a junction right ahead and I was required to stop and wait till the road was clear enough for me to turn into it. The moment I turned, the car who was tailing me immediately turned as well.

And it seriously was chasing me, till he managed to maintain driving just next to my car. I pretended like I did not know that the car was right next to me and tried to keep myself calm.

I mean God knows what will happen if I really turned to look right. The guy would probably show me his ugly finger or worse, ask me to pull over and get down of my car. Which indeed would make me panic even more given that this is officially the first time I have ever encountered such a jerk on the road. Plus I am only a girl with a P license still stuck on her car for the world to see and driving alone. Such a vulnerable state to be in.
Finally he was ahead of me and I felt abit relieved. Only a wee bit relieved I felt because I know he'd be glaring at me from his mirror.
I thought it was over and he would just drive away.

I then signalled to the right lane because that was the only lane ahead to make a U turn. And he changed to the right lane as well. Just my luck.

He then started to slow down in front of me. I thought probably he just wanted to register my face in his head longer or continue glaring at me while he drives (since 80% of guys cannot multitask). I was immensely understanding towards the situation he was in, I would say.

All of a sudden, he braked. Like braked real hard till I could see the whole car jerk from inertia.

Okaaay. So I braked as well.

Then he continued driving slowly and I managed to catch a glimpse at the road ahead of him. There was no friggin car AT ALL in front of him  and he was driving at 30-40km/h at a main road. A friggin main road.

And he braked again.

Then I understood what he wanted to do (Yes, I always assume the best of others, that's why it took me so long to see what he was doing.) He wanted to cause an accident with me bumping into his bumper so that he can take me to the police station and get my license revoked, or just ask for 500 bucks from me and watch me cry like a loser. All for the pleasure of watching me suffer/ cry/ beg him for forgiveness.
Saddistic bastard.

So I smiled. Laughed to be exact, at the sight of his pathetic ways.

And of course, he braked again and again till finally we made the U turn.
Now you would think it was finally over, right?


He then tried to catch my attention again by maintaining his car next to mine. .
Such an attention seeker.
This happened almost the whole way till I turned into my campus. Praise the Lord.

Seriously, what is wrong with people these days?? And then when I reached campus and parked my car, I thought back about the whole situation. I was not in the wrong!

When there are any drivers are in the roundabout, all priority goes to them. This means that they do not have to stop for anyone who wants to turn into the roundabout as well. The people who wants to turn in should and have to use their eyes to check whether the roundabout is clear for them to enter or not.

Bloody anus.

And he tailed me for nuts as if he was right -- I wonder how much of his parent's fortune was lost, investing in 'purchasing' his license. Probably their whole fortune, considering how stupid this person is.
I hope I don't have to meet this level of stupid again on the road.

Next time, I will be prepared and I will give a thumbs up and a smile to all of these jokers who magically appear to tail me or spam the brakes of their poor car in front of me.

Ruined my day geez.

Anyways camwhored a bit to make me feel better lol. I'm pathetic I know.


That's all for now.

Psst. Just when you thought my title was a joke, I realised in New Zealand they are actually teaching dogs how to drive. Yes right at this moment.
Here's the article I read. Click here :) Apparently they are doing this to encourage people to adopt dogs as more and more people are abandoning their pets :(

Now that's all. For real :)

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