Thursday, 30 October 2014

Skeleton x Denim

Hey guys so Halloween is coming and I've been so excited! By excited I mean, I've been sitting on my chair browsing through youtube watching makeup tutorials on different characters after characters , non-stop. I suddenly feel so motivated to to be everyone else on the planet. Until I realise I do not have any of their costumes :(

It's like the possibilities seem endless when u watch makeup tutorials. But when you do a reality check, you realise you do not have the materials they have like wigs, costumes, accessories and for some of us the proper canvas.
What I mean by proper canvas, is the structure of our faces. Yes. Our faces need so much contouring I don't even know where to begin. Only few Asians are blessed with faces that are as versatile as Michelle Phan or Promise Phan. 

Fun fact: Promise is Michelle's sister in law.

Their faces are what I would like to call, super convertibles. They can transform into anything and everything in such a short amount of time, just with the help of some pigments and probably some mad skills.

Anyway I got myself these skeleton leggings awhile ago and I'm so in love with them! Always loved these patterned leggings but could never find it here in our country.

So here are some of the pictures I snapped! The one on Instagram didn't show up nicely sigh. Maybe I'll post another one soon haha.

I got the leggings from Taobao after seeing the price! like it was around less than RM 15 I think with shipping fee included.
The quality was super good and stretchy, even though I was actually mentally prepared for it to not look as good as the pictures shown.

 The lighting was pretty bad cuz it was a rainy and the sky was practically all dark.
Maybe I should wear this out again just to take pictures lol.

I know I said there will be food posts, and yes there will be!
I think I'll do it on Saturday *keeping my fingers crossed*
Because tomorrow I'll be busy with putting together my costume and stuff HEHE
So what am I dressing up as? 
You'll find out soon!

But obviously not something fancy like Annabelle or Maleficent la haha.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

La Casa @ Publika

The very first time I went to Publika, my dad dropped me off.

Remembering how impossibly far it was from my place, it never came across my mind to ever go there again. Let alone drive there by myself.

But I finally did drive there alone with my friend, who didn't know the way as well. LOL. We were both just cluelessly following my GPS and turned out my GPS led us the really long way, so I was driving for almost 2 hours. 

It was like a surprise adventure to the far far beyond. 

We finally wound up at Publika and decided to dine in this cozy little place.

The decorations were very wooden and like most popular cafes these days, had a vintage theme to it.

I ordered this - beef sausage, with eggs en cocotte (which literally means eggs in pots) and gnocchi, served with fresh rocket leaves and cherry tomato salad. (RM 26++)
Gnocchi are the little potato-looking dumplings on the plate. They are little round doughs that can be made from flour, potatoes, eggs which is the basic recipe.
Apparently, many of their items are handmade, and this includes their sausages and breads. 
Hence you can taste the authenticity, plus experience the freshness of their foods.
These beef sausages were certainly beautifully made, and so were the gnocchi which were fluffy and fragrant.
The eggs en cocotte were basically in layman terms baked eggs and vegetables covered with melted cheese.

Kris ordered this - baked beans and chicken shreds topped with two sunny side up eggs, served with fresh bread on the side. (RM 20++)
The chicken and baked beans did not taste like the typical chinese baked beans mums would cook at home.
It had a little extra something to it, probably the smell of the spices they used, which made this little pot quite a treat to eat.

Kris wasn't in to it though. So if you are yearning to try something special or different definitely try their other sets. 
If you still do not know what to choose, sometimes the prices speak for itself.


Pretty average for a restaurant located in Publika. However for the quality and considering La Casa serves a fusion of Italian cuisine, it is not bad. Prices for their sweet delicacies are however quite pricey, as the cakes and tarts are small.


Service was efficient and the waiter was really nice and considerate.


My taste buds were tingled with excitement. Great experience, as alot of things like the gnocchi and eggs en cocotte were pretty new to me. 
Loved how healthy my brunch set felt, with fresh salads and even more vegetables inside the baked eggs.
If you do not like greens, here's a heads up so you can know what to expect.


You can certainly find a parking here. But beware. You need to remember which elevator you came up from. And you need to specifically use that same elevator to get back down. Or you'll end up like me, lost in the middle of a parking lot.

Would I return?

Yes! Would love to try more of their food as their menu is pretty extensive. And also the desserts next time perhaps.

Where to find them?

La Casa
A4-G2-7, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur
Tues-Fri, 11am-10pm; Sat-Sun, 10am-10pm. Tel: 03-6211-8875
Closed on Mondays

Stay tuned! 
I have more food posts coming haha because I've been finally going out! 
Coupled with trying to take people less seriously, and trying to care less :)

Monday, 20 October 2014

I'm Not You're Plan B

"Do you ever feel like breaking down? 
Do you ever feel out of place? 
Like somehow you just don't belong and no one understands you."

I can't take it anymore. This feeling I've been having. You know like how you can just go to this one friend who will hear you out patiently whenever you've problems?

Well I used to have a friend who always had my back. I used to be able to go to that one person when I'm down, or when I had problems or when I just needed talk. However, that person is no longer here. That person is now far far away, with 7 hours time difference, and with his own life and problems to be bothered with. I shall call that person N.

After many life changing experiences, I started to live by this motto 'Never put all your eggs into one basket'. Which basically means never pin your hopes and expectations onto one person, because if the person fails (if the basket breaks) you will be left with nothing (you will be left with no eggs).

And so I lived cautiously, I never shared much with other friends my problems or what I'm going through. Because in my experience no one can be trusted completely, and you would know that too.

So I became 'just friends' with everyone. And I felt happy because they did not know anything about me. I felt happy because I never had any expectations on anyone, and they couldn't let me down. I smiled most of the time around people and I guessed it worked.

Guess my whole show was a success.

The thing was unknowingly, unconsciously, I actually placed everything I had in N. All my hopes, all my desires, all my worries, I shared it with N. Because N was capable of giving me advice no conventional person would have thought of. To a point where I felt as if he was my guardian angel.

Despite being so careful, I realised now I was treading on thin ice. Since he barely has time for himself now or for small chats, I decided I didn't want to burden N anymore with my petty qualms. So instead, I tried telling some of my friends here about it, not everything but just a little to see their reaction. But their reactions were disheartening. There was no reply.

Ever felt like that before? Like you were there for this person every single damn time, but when its your turn there's not a shadow to be seen?

When they have problems they pour everything out to you and you listen, and tell them everything will be alright. You don't judge them even if their problems seemed like an atom compared to what you're going through. But when you try telling them something, they act like you don't exist. They do the exact opposite of what you did for them.

I feel like I'm nothing more than a backup plan.
But have you ever thought that backup plans don't always succeed and need backups too?

So right now, I just feel so small and alone. I have no one to go to and no one to talk to. I don't have the mood to do anything except sleep. I don't feel like waking up, I don't feel like getting out. I've just been staring at my computer blankly. Sharing it here was my only avenue I could let off some steam.

 This feels like when I was 15 all over again.

Guess I just don't belong no matter how hard I try.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Eva's Birthday

This is so long overdue because I keep forgetting! My short term memory is striking again. These days I'm basically just losing sleep over the thoughts on whether anyone would like to hire me for an internship.

It's like day and night my thoughts are constantly worrying about my internship. I wake up and my first thought is on my internship. What do I do if I got an interview. What do I do if I did NOT get an interview.

Putting that aside, here are the long awaited pictures!

The place we went was this fancy Italian restaurant called Strato located at Troika Sky Dining.

I was abit nervous because I've never been here before and everything looked so sophisticated. Everyone keeps saying that I go to fancy restaurants but truth is, I don't. And I sure as hell do not know how to act, except being extremely polite, in a restaurant as 'atas' as this.

'Atas' means high-class just in case u were wondering.

This is one of the best pizzas I've ever tasted in Malaysia! 
It's their seafood pizza. And I never thought me, of all people would like seafood on my pizza.
This platter here proved me wrong.
Everything on it was super fresh and did not have that over-fishy smell to it.
Look at all the lala and stuff on it. Absolutely tongue tied.

With Venice, the birthday girl and her lovely sister.

Buffy looks big here.

Oh and I have never seen anywhere which serves green apples on their pizzas before.
This place is so atas I have never heard of half their menu before.
Just kidding.
But there were indeed quite a number of fancy-named-dishes on the menu.
Well I guess French just makes everything sound fancy.

 This girl is so cute she even brought her balloons there haha.
It says ''EB21", if you're trying to figure the alphabets out, which are the initials of her name.

So informal.

So formal.
I was just shy hehe *covers eyes*

Happy Birthday (belated) my baby Eva <3
Hope you enjoyed yourself, though we couldn't get to throw you a grand party like how you would have loved. 
Love you to bits, what would I do if I never met someone as fancy as you.
Not to mention someone as crazy and funny as you!
Cheers to many more years of being cray cray together!

Will update more I guess?
Haven't really been going out so I've no pictures nor anything much to update about besides my thoughts.
My endless thoughts on my internship :(

Hire me la someone please, I'm very good at pouring water.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Sunny Day Out & My Recent Backaches :(

Recently I found out that I have lower backaches :( It's pretty shocking to me because never have I experienced so much of back aches before. You know like how some girls get back aches during that time of the month? Well I was never one of them. Until quite a few weeks back when I experienced having diarrhoea and my time of the month on the very same day -.-

I was so weak the second day I had backache, and I thought it was just going to go away once I get food pumping back in my body again. But no. It lasted right up till now and I have been doing stretches daily just to ease it but it won't go. Sigh. If anyone knows a solution to this problem can you please please help me.

It's like I feel restricted with my every movement. When I stand I feel it, when I sit I feel it, when I bend down to put my shoes on I feel the pain too. I can't go to the gym at ease or practise dances properly because of the stinking pain.

I've got a feeling that the pain is caused by what Chinese people calls 'wind', in my back. Like I have plenty of wind on my back I can't get rid off.

Till then I'll just be stretching and trying to get rid off this torturing sensation.

Gorgeous Kristine & I.
 Always so fun to hang out with this girl.
We both have something in common - we love taking photos hahahah.

Outfit of that sunny day.
I just can't seem to get enough of this floral top. 
It's so versatile you can pair it with a girly look like this or even spice up an edgy look, giving a hint of funkiness to it with its bright colours.

I look like a tourist here haha.
'Harro, I'm flom Chai-nar'

Got this lovely sun hat from Cotton On as a birthday gift from Dom haha.
I was like hmm I don't have enough money for this, then he said "Nevermind la I get this for your birthday". 
How convenient of him.
I was scratching my head, looking high and low trying to crack up some idea on what to get him when it was his birthday.
Anyway, I didn't want the black ones because everyone was wearing it so instead I chose this colour.

Amboi. Look at my Kristine <3

Have a great Friday everyone!
Friday is fun day :D

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Rant On My Lunch At Bait @ Bangsar

Few weeks back I went to Bangsar and I wanted to try something different, so I ended up at this place called Bait with Kristine. Plus we were starving.
It has been opened quite long ago but I never really paid attention to before till that day when their menu caught my eye.

 Not this menu but there was another one which featured oysters and seafood claiming as their best.

 The place was well decorated and everything had that sailor-esque feel to it.

 I ordered the fish which was covered with mango salsa.

While Kristine ordered prawn kebabs served with rice.
Their food presentation could easily get an A, however the taste of their dishes could easily make u take back that A.

First of all, everything was as dry as a dessert. Their fish, their prawns, their rice, even the salsa couldn't save my dehydrated fish.

It's so obvious that these food has probably been kept in their freezer for decades. 

Right now I'm just being melodramatic, but frozen food kept in the freezer for too long ought not to be served to customers.

That's just basic F&B knowledge and it's not like we are NOT paying for the food we eat.

We pay a price and we expect the food's worth to amount to the value we pay.

I'm just so sick of going to places where reviews say that the place is good but when you show up, your experience is completely the opposite of what the review says.

The worse part is, it's not like the food is cheap. NO. The food comes with a crazy price and you're just dumbfounded at how this can cost that much.

The worse part was, the food was almost stale. I felt sick eating their salad.

I would recommend Fish & Co over this any day. That's how bad this place is.

Sorry for being so straightforward recently but this thing about food not living up to its price is really getting to me. 

Where have common restaurant ethics gone?