Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Why are you sexualizing teddy bears??

Recently, there have been alot of ongoing chatter about Miley Cyrus for what she did in the VMAs. People have been talking about it non stop on everywhere. Only a matter of time till it appears on our local newspapers as well.
Or wait. It may be too explicit to be featured in the news.
The saddest part I felt about her entire performance was, people started comparing her butt to that of a chicken's.

If you're a huge fan of Miley Cyrus, then move your cursor to the top right, onto the little button indicating 'x'. Just don't read this because I don't want to be responsible for exterminating your Hannah Montana idol.

If you don't know already know what happened to the VMAs this year and what has Miley got to do with it, let me enlighten you with the GIFs below.

I'm pretty sure most have seen it by now given that it was all over social media.
But here it is, just in case :)

Anyway, I was never a big fan of Miley Cyrus. Not before, not now, not ever. But she was definitely someone I looked forward to hear on the radio once. That was when her songs like Nobody's Perfect, 7 Things and The Climb was released. Also the theme song from the movie, The Last Song, which I cannot now remember the name of it. 
Erm that's all. 

I cant think of any other nice songs from her.

Hey I remember one more now! Best of Both Worlds!

The end. That just summed up all her good songs. The rest are just... what I'd like to call meaningless, aimed-to-suck-money-out-of-people-till-they're-dry songs. Honestly, even Lady Gaga's songs have more meaning to Miley's now if you think about it.

Yea it's cool that you finally have something original of your own- Twerking. But it's not cool when you abuse it and do it EVERYWHERE. Especially not on LIVE television, where plenty of kids probably made the mistake of deciding to sit innocently in front of the telly with their family to tune in for it.

Seriously, I'm fine of what you wanna portray in your music video.
The many things I put up with from your MV: rubbing yourself on the bed like you're grinding on a ghost, getting stepped on by others like it's a fun thing to do (ouch), shaking your booty and hitting someone else's as if you've nothing else better to do and you sticking your tongue out like it's such a turn on.

Well I'm well aware of the fact that you're so confident in yourself that you even dedicated a line in your new song to your haters saying 'Remember only God can judge ya, forget the haters cause somebody loves ya'.

No shit, Sherlock.

Truly it's wonderful that you trust God so much. But you don't have to go all the way till you test God's patience with your actions. In the first place, you're using this in the wrong context. Cmon it's like telling rapists all over the world :"Heyy guys keep raping, cuz God totally digs you and your needs. And remember, screw the police cuz there's someone out there who feels your pain"

I don't know whether you get what I'm trying to say but I'm pretty sure it made more sense than Miley's lyrics. 
Sorry I couldn't help it, just had to add this in lol.
But anyone in their right mind would know this is just a joke.

To be frank, I don't like judging people. I never did, because I don't want people judging me from their first glance too.  Instead, I estimate and conclude how a person is through observation on how a person acts over time. Well I'm certainly not judging Miley, but I'm concluding that she wants attention and she wants people to know that she is now... all grown up I guess?

The thing is, till this very day I never got those people who signed up and auditioned for Disney channel shows, but end up two or three years later wanting to break free from it and show everyone they are all grown up now. Ungrateful people. If you did not want to go into this direction then don't friggin audition for kid's shows in the first place. Nobody placed a gun to your head to make you sign a contract with Disney. 

It is understandable that all girls, well most, wants to look appealing to mankind. In other words, to look sexually attractive. But it doesn't take a genius to know that less is always more, and you shakin yo ass like a skank just doesn't cut it. 

There's a fine line between hell-I'm-taking-this-babe-home-tonight, and shit-I-think-I-just-scarred-my-eyes. Guess which category you're in, Miley.

It's funny how Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian don't seem so scandalous now. In fact, they actually sound like pretty decent gals now that there's a whole new level for whore-dom: Level Miley.

I know that people will definitely be against this and say that if I knew her, I would think that she's actually really sweet and etc. 

But I don't. And the world doesn't. Not to mention the kids who used to look up to her. You only get treated the way you show people how you want to be treated. Twerking on teddies and making teddy bears part of your twerk-show just showed the world how lightly they should take you. 

After all, I'm pretty sure your whole act was done light-mindedly right?;)


To sum up everything in the VMAs from the teddy porn to the shameless chicken-look-alike-butt flash...

And pretend your childhood still exists.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Just Another Day

Lately I have been feeling that I live such a boring life. A life so mundane that it isn't worthy for me to talk about it here. But luckily for me I got to go out on Saturday to take part in this grocery shopping competition at Giant. Sometimes just being out of the house for a few minutes is enough to make you feel like your life is actually.. happening.

The goal was to mainly be able to grab as many Palm Oil products off the shelves as possible and shove it in our trolleys within 3 minutes. But the tricky part is where you have to get as many different categories of products as possible and within the budget of RM100.

That is if you're aiming to get into the top 5.

People getting ready with their trolleys before the starting line.

Why do I look so yellow like an overriped banana here.
Taken by Chris's iphone.

Best part is we get a box of free doughnuts each and we get to keep whatever we stuffed into our trolleys for... wait for it.....

The top 5 will then have to cook their way up to be in the top 3.
I can't cook for nuts, so I guess it's a blessing in disguise that I didn't get into the top 5 haha.
It was utterly impossible to win anyway, with all the experienced housewives there propping lists after lists on what to get and memorising every inch and corner of Giant from months ago.

Look at what these two jakuns are doing.

I've been staying at home alot ever since I came back from Penang, apart from going to the saloon once and meeting up with my friends to watch The Conjuring.
Yes finally I've located some balls to watch The Conjuring. Well, I've got to say that the director is really smart with the way he plays his angles. Everytime when it is intended to show ghost's appearance, the scene will immediately be zoomed into a close-up shot.
Of the ghost's face.

So one moment its like this.

And the next, this..

Get the picture?:D

Hence everytime when the face of the ghost is revealed, it leaves you no warning to cringe or curl up into a ball.
You just have to suck it in and keep your hands as close to your face as possible at all times, so that you can cover your eyes ASAP when the 'close-ups' come on screen.
 At least that was what Jia Yi, Chris and I did.

Well I liked the ending of the movie as.. *spoiler alert*  it had a happy ending, unlike other cliff hanging horror movies which leave you like wtf when the credits start to crawl on the screen.

But what made this movie scarier was these 5 words: Based on a true story.

I'm quite embarrassed to say that I did not dare go downstairs to get water at night, after this movie. I ended up swallowing my saliva dry and visualized that it was water I was swallowing.
How pathetic can I get.
And when I switched my lights off in my room, I quickly ran to my bed, jumped onto it and pulled up the sheets to neck, making sure my legs were covered.

 Just in case some invisible force would tug my leg if I left my legs uncovered.

Now, time to move on from yet-another-one-of-my-hapless-experience with horror movies.
I have new hair!!! Well new hair attached onto my original hair that is. Hehe.

It looked really nice on the first day but after I washed it.. meh. 
The colours weren't that obvious any more :(
And my hair looked like it was untouched, once again.
My parents were freaked out though. As Expected.

So much for trying to save money and not going to a professional salon.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

How I Ended Up In Penang with BRATs

"Everyone has a different story to tell"  
I can still hear the words of this phrase echo in my head like it was just yesterday. 

Honestly, I've never thought much of BRATs or anything from the Star at all. BRATs is basically a workshop for aspiring journalists if you have never heard of it before. So like any ignorant teenager, I was not interested in having anything to do with it, till lately when I started to study Mass Comm for real. I was already in my first year studying Mass Comm, and like what others would say, shit got serious. I started to realise I was going to be stuck in this field for a very long time whether I liked it or not. 

That was unless, of course, I manage to marry a Tan Sri/ Dato/ Datuk  thrice my age and spend the rest of my measly days frolicking around his mansion. 

I'd be in deeper shit by then.

Due to all of these small thoughts running through my mind endlessly, I got curiouser and curiouser. Few of my friends have been saying that this BRATs workshop was really awesome, and not only through their word of mouth did it show, but also through all the assignments I've seen them handle.

So I wrote an essay on why I'd like to join this workshop, submitted it up and decided to just let fate do its job while I move on with the rest of my life. I was surprised I got chosen few months later.
At that point of time, I was in a dilemma because this workshop was gonna be one day right after I got back from Manila. 

Plus, I am one of the few people who will never be able to sell this point about myself: Being able to function with little to no sleep at all. Cuz I just can't.

However after wrestling with both sides of my brain vigorously, I finally decided to go. And Thank God I did go.

My most memorable experience.
Putting my finger in Kevin's hole!

We had fun, played lots and lots of games, and had a few assignments to do. But the most meaningful of all, was the opportunity it gave all of us city, not to mention sometimes ungrateful, kids to explore our country Malaysia and get to know it local treasures. We even got to talk to people, whom we'd usually just walk past without a second thought, and realise that their life stories are actually priceless!

It was truly humbling to go out there and speak to people whose life has been a struggle and that everything they did was for the sole reason to support their family. Most of them even gave up their bigger ambitions and dreams just for the sake of being able to grant their siblings, sons and daughters a better life.

Sure it probably sounds cliche and cheesy here, but when you've truly experienced the real thing, you'd actually come to realization that these are in fact nothing more than the truth.

Aside from that, the 38 of us who went for this workshop became a family in the short span of 4 days and 3 nights. And I still miss my team, which we very smartly named it 'Char Kuey Teow'.
There were many reasons to name it that okay, it just felt so right at that moment. As if it was... The One. Lol.

Although we did not manage to take a team picture together with a plate of Char Kuey Teow, I'm pretty sure we'll be able to meet again soon and fulfil this tiny dream of ours.

Boy, it was a workshop none of us would ever forget ;)

 My roomies.

I didn't get to take much pictures with all of them but this was good enough!
You must be thinking I'm crazy since there are so many selfies here.

Friday's Star 2.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Philippines- Manila

I'm finally back from my hectic getaway, and I really had no time to blog in Manila. At all.
Yes all 6 days and 5 nights of it were just crazy. Honestly, I didn't expect to have so much fun there, given the fact that it was gonna be super hot there and the living condition there is really bad.

 Furthermore, nobody ever said anything much about shopping or doing anything there, though it is apparently one of the famous fashion cities in the world. Most of the time people talk about places like Bangkok or Hong Kong when they wanna go on a shopping spree. 

So undeniably, I was already feeling tragic when my parents told my sisters and I that we were going there for 6 days. 
I mean 6 FRIGGIN DAYS is alot to comprehend when you have a life back here. 

My life:

Wake up
 Walk dogs
 Feed dogs
Walk dogs
Feed dogs 

You can say I have quite a tight schedule to keep.
Enough of my crap and I shall let my pictures do the talking!
 My sissie so gorge, I'm gonna fade into dust soon.

From KLIA, we flew to Singapore's Changi Airport to get ourselves transferred to another flight there.
It was our first time in Changi and I tell you solemnly the entire airport is friggin cool!

 These are all recycling bins! So cute right?
Maybe that's how they encourage people to recycle more with such interesting bins.
I was so excited I almost wanted to finish up my full bottle of water to throw it in the bottle bin.

All the foodies in the airport will get you hungry.

 This is a booth where you can snap photos and email it to your beloved friends/family/neighbours/dogs on the spot.

Because of this booth, we wasted like half an hour there, trying to get our best shot.
The part where I had to tip-toe the whole time since the camera cannot be angled lower, wasn't helping.
FML for being a shawtie. WOOOT.

Ugly pimple -.-

 I found this shampoo brand really interesting because of Blades Of Glory. 
For those of you who watched that movie, ya know why ;D

You know how there's online shopping and all? 
Well here we have traffic jam shopping.
Whenever the cars stop where there's heavy traffic, people from no where will start walking around the road to sell their stuff.
It's quite sad to see though :/ 
Cuz it's really dangerous to walk on the road like this and they don't get to sell much too
We even saw kids walking around at night on the roads selling flowers.

 This is called a Jeepney.
I thought it was such a cute name I had to share it!
People can just get on or off it during traffic lights or any stops.

After that we went for the buffet here, where they had an array of Filipino, Western, and Japanese cusine to choose from.

Sucks to be you if you have an empty tummy while seeing this hehe.

 My personal photobomber.

 On the third day, we went all around the churches in Manila.
And the churches were all so beautiful!
The architecture and all.. it was all so breathtaking.
Doesn't this look like a church you'd only see in movies??

 I found myself a model to snap pictures of.

After so many years, they finally got to walk down the aisle again <3

 LOL my sisters wanted a couple shot too.

This is the perfect interior for a grand wedding.
Where the girl can wear a wedding dress with a long train trailing behind, as she walks gracefully to the front of the altar.

I'm gonna get a train like this when I get married too. 
If I'm rich enough.

I'm so retarded.

 Yes the singing cooks here literally sing.

 The wonderful entertainers :)

 Nothing much. Just me ridin' on ma chick.

Luckily the chicken did not collapse because after me, my entire family came along and decided to ride on the chickens too.

 The most beautiful cemetery I've ever seen.
This is actually where all the American soldiers,who died during World War II, were buried.
This cemetery was basically to pay tribute to the heroes and defenders of this country.

 We couldn't help it.
 The grass was too perfect to not take pictures with.


 Houses for the dead.
 It stirred up many criticisms when it was all firstly built.
There were so many of it.. that could've actually been used for a better cause.. like housing the homeless on the streets.
But yet, humans being humans, rather shelter the dead than their own kind.

 Behold. The roman empire for the dead.
Our friend who brought us around said that the houses here, and especially this one held parties whenever it was a special occasion regarding the dead.
Oh yeahhh. Partying with dead people cuz we cool like that. 

Philippine's very own brand for fried chicken.
And it is super popular.
There wasn't a night I saw any of the Jolibee restaurants empty.
It was all overflowing with people so we decided to try it.
Let's just say it's abit too tasty for our liking.

 A definite must-go tourist shopping spot.

 Manila is basically fanatic over 1D. 
Wherever I went to shop, the people were like 'Do you like 1D?'
And then they'll show us their complete collection of 1D T-shirts for sale.
So for those of you Directioners, Manila can be considered as your mecca.
 The dolls are creepy, just saying lol.

Meet my new smokin hot and buff boyfie.

Dinner. Cuz there really ain't much choice of food in their food courts.
And plus their usual diet consisted of meat and rice only (unless it's fast food). 
They don't eat veggies.
I was mortified when I heard that, cuz how one earth can they not get constipation at this rate?
Apparently most of the Filipinos I saw looked pretty healthy and fit so I guess their digestive system is strong.
The only time we got to have our daily dose of fibre was during breakfast at the hotel, and even so, they take quite awhile just to refill the veggie platter.
Limited supply I guess.

Yes la yes. I'm very vain.
But I assure you this was purely the result of boredom and taken on the first night cuz we had nothing to do when we reached there.
So you can guess what happened the whole night.

My shopping haul. There's a bit more to it but it's all in the laundry now.

 Oh! And I finally got myself some look-alike Litas! 
This was the last pair they had and I was over the moon when I could fit into it!
That Cinderella moment.

This pair cuz it makes my feet look so lady-like.
I felt like a true gu niang after wearing it haha.

Where to Shop?

The shopping spot I loved the most here at Manila was definitely 168 Mall which was located at Divisoria.
The stuff there are SO SO SO worth it!
Of course Greenhill is a pretty ok place as well, but the people there are totally used to tourists, so the starting prices of their items are quite high, and you'd have to bargain.
There's another place called Market!Market! 
And it is literally spelt that way with the exclamation mark.
I don't know why.
Inside there, on the 2nd floor you'll find an entrance called Fashion Market, or something along those lines.
The stuff here is pretty nice and their items range from cheap to expensive, quality items.

168 Mall and Market!Market! are places where it is really hard to bargain, or in other words, cannot be bargained at all because of its already low price.

Oh and did I mention I felt so flattered shopping in Manila? 
Cuz most of the people there mistaken us for Koreans.
Wait that's a good thing right? lol

Finally I can post this now!
Thanks to my reaally bad broadband service, I couldn't post this the past 2 days.
It was already in the draft but it wouldn't let me post anything or upload any of the photos :(

Anyways, I went to Penang as well for this young journalism workshop called BRATs right after my trip to Manila.
So I'll talk about my awesome experience there the next time.
Till then :D