Wednesday, 4 December 2013

When Your Favourite Relatives Visit

Woke up groggily to the sound of children trampling into my bedroom, jumping on my bed, with squeals of delight urging me to get out of my bed.

Oh no, I thought to myself.

Not again.

It was my little cousins. Everytime we visit, or they visit in this case, my sisters and I will be dragged out of bed reluctantly in the mornings. Seems like this tradition is gonna go on for a looooong time.

I'm happy they visited us, but they can get a little over the top at times... and I for one, do not like kids.

I wasn't always like this. I used to like kids and love them for their childlike ways and innocence. However since last year, I realised the pain of having to take care and nurture one.

And to think people would actually go through crazy extents just to get pregnant with a baby.
Oh the joy.

Yes I'm aware I sound like a bitter old hag.. again. But kids are only nice if they aren't rough, aren't too playful, aren't too buggy and aren't disobedient, which is pretty much what 99% of kids are.

And wow my cousins are pretty rough.
Hello bruises, goodbye even-coloured yellow skin.

So we decided to take them out to 1Utama for shoppinggg.
Wrong choice.
They were super noisy and ran all around like little maniacs.
The only time they were silent is while they were posing for pictures. LOL

 Do not be fooled by their cutesy faces.

 Ooh and there's a new toy shop in town!
The place was super cool and had many sections to it.
Such as toys that move, and toys for bathing etc.

 Dinner at Dave's Deli.

And we came across this place which sells really cool bean bags, with pictures of animals on them.
We wanted to snag one home but unfortunately it was abit pricey due to the reason it's exterior is made of leather.


 And this 3D bean bag was just shoooo adorable.
Just ignore all the blur people getting in the way of my picture.
It's funny because nobody was looking around the bean bags when we came, however after we started fussing around the bean bags, people from nowhere started flooding the entire place --"
They just appear whenever there's a crowd.

I was so proud yesterday because we actually managed to finally bring this home without losing it halfway.
*Cue crowd cheer*

Last Sunday.
Top from Huii Closet
Jeans from Manila
Creepers from Huii Closet

Ok it was quite failed la to be honest.
My balancing sucks haha.

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