Sunday, 1 December 2013

Close Your Eyes

Been realising that I needed to do more fun stuff and start learning the roads to places beyond the in-built-GPS in my head. Honestly, I'm such a boring person to hang out with. Whenever there are long hours break in between classes, people would usually drive out to eat at new places. Not me.

I just choose to stay in college most of the time and eat Subway. No kidding.

I guess it's also cuz now is the time of the semester where everything gets intense. So even I feel too intense to even think of the luxury of hanging out with friends because that would just mean wasting two or three hours straight doing nothing but chatting away.

Lol even the way I talk I sound like a grandma.

I mean which young person in this generation would think hanging out with friends is a waste of time.

But no matter how busy you are,  I guess there's always a few people you wouldn't mind chipping some time in for them. So amidst everything that was going on, my bestie finally managed to get me out of the house.

Pardon his face.
He was too hungry to smile properly.

Lol my tired face.

I brought him to Antipodean because he has NEVER been there before. And since he just finished his A levels, I reasoned with myself he deserved some sort of celebratory meal. 

HAHA. Yes I even had to reason with myself.
*slaps forehead*

Oh plus he has never tried steamed bacon before. 

Candid shot of me LOL
When I was trying to make up mind between going for the Eggs Benedict and the Breakfast set.

 Dom ordered the Big Breakfast.
But instead of choosing the bacon, he took the sausage.
Guess what was his conclusion.
Sausages are bigger than bacon, therefore more worth the money. 
I guess this is why we're friends though, cuz we are both cheapskates haha.

 My Eggs Benedict.
Never really knew how Eggs Benedict should taste like but this was just fine by me.
Plus they gave me lots and lots of BACON!

 Right after that we headed to Dip N Dip, which was just on the next lane.
Yet another mainstream place which Dom was tempted to try thanks to all the Instagram photos.
Don't get me wrong, I love chocolate... and anything that has to do with food.
But I'm not fond of places that become too popular because the quality of food usually drops and the prices in the menu usually increase to an absurd amount.

 A really cute introduction in their menu.
They were afraid we would eat it!

Oh and they've got you covered if you just can't make up your mind (like me).
Just close your eyes and simply place your finger on any of the two pages.
I thought it was really sweet of them, however Dom said that it was just a business gimmick and all the expensive items are around the middle because people would usually choose the middle instead of the side.
That literally stripped me off Cloud 9.
Sigh. Dom and his conclusions haha.

We ordered the brownie crepe.

 I realised people seldom took pictures of the inside so here's how it actually looks like.
It's basically a layer of crepe wrapped around small pieces of brownies, topped with a choice of melted dark or milk chocolate.

Introducing Dip N Dip's latest ambassador!
HIS FACE ahahhhahhaha.
 I just couldn't resist doing this.
Sorry bruh.

Oh it's nothing.
Just me and yet another lorong.

 Don't look at my scarred leg :(
Got it from HuiiCloset.
My own pair of Litas after such a long journey of being tricked and disappointed in search for the perfect pair :')

 After that we did more stupid stuff like this.
We were looking for colourful frogs but instead, we found a toad.
The toad was surprisingly photogenic though haha.
Didn't even budge when the flash turned on.
Diva toad.

Yea it was a great day of fun and now, I'm boring me again.
Need. To. Study. For. Finals.

Probably gonna vanish for awhile again as my time management really sucks :/
Goodbye :'((

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