Thursday, 20 February 2014

A Day At Malacca

I'm aware this is a really really long overdue post. But I finally had the mood to do it because I don't feel so depressed about my phone anymore. I'm starting to accept that everything is gone, and well at least I have a clean slate to start with for this year.
Though I would've kinda sorta maybe might've really preferred my slate being stained with wonderful memories of the past year.


But it's ok. Let's not dwell in this little puddle of misery any further.

SO MALACCA! My first time in a long time there, and whoa many things have changed since.
Not to mention the prices have all raised tremendously compared to the times when I was there as a kid.

My friends knew about a few yummy places to visit while we were there, so all I had to do was sit back and enjoy all the food that'd be coming my way.

We even came across a shop by Mamee.
But I wonder who would trust their brand for a meal...
I mean, Mamee sells junkfood LOL.
And that has been imprinted in my mind since I was a tiny baby.

Fat self blocking everything.

 This was the place where we went for lunch and their laksa was amazing!

 Plus they sell cendol.

Btw, I apologize if you haven't eaten.

 Coconut milkshake.
First time trying it, and surprisingly it was not bad.

 The retarded things we ended up doing.
Showing our double chin.

I'm supposed to be the father of this baby HAHA.
HAH --"

For dinner we ended up in this place where they're supposedly famous for their satay celup.
However, I was pretty disappointed because their prices have increased however the portion of food on the stick has decreased (they charge per stick).
Not only that, but there was nothing special about it anymore compared to the last time I was here.

And I felt pretty disgusted about the way they used the sauce there.
It's not that I never knew they recycled the sauce but it's just that it so happen to strike me with realisation that they DO recycle the sauce, regardless how many people have sat on the same table.

Didn't mean to ruin anyone's impression on it.
Alright I did LOL.
It really wasn't worth it for the price you pay and for what you get.

Forget what I just said.
Ending this on a happier note. 

Oh and I'm so excited I'm going for another camp tomorrow!
I can leave my house for 3 days!

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