Sunday, 16 February 2014

House Hopping

Remember when I said how I missed my friends from high school? Fortunately, this year I got to join them for house hopping! 

Gosh I miss them.

Though they might not miss me. LOL. Oh well. It's times like these where you got to be a bit selfish to make yourself happy.
I learned many games this year including Mah Jong which I always admired all the Hong Kong stars on telly playing. It's not that hard after all! And pretty fun once you get the hang of it. I miss it now. Wished the Chinese New Year celebrations didn't have to end so soon.

I'm missing so many things right now! Haha including the free unifi I had when I went back to my hometown. The internet speed there was cuhhrazey. I managed to watch two entire Korean dramas during my stay of 3 full days there. I never knew I was still so into Korean dramas honestly, because I thought most of the actresses there only knew the art of acting cute.
But that's a story for another day.

Back to the topic, we house-hopped 5 houses that day. It's not that many because some of our houses were just far (like mine), and some just had no one home. So there was no point of going.
Cuz nobody would be there to give angpows hehe Just saying.

 Eewon's mum made us salmon salad.

 Writing our names on this Chinese lantern.

First time setting up this kind of lantern!

How I thought it would be when my friends told me we were gonna light lanterns.

 How it actually was.
Apparently it was banned or something :( 
So we didn't there set up any more at once.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Chinese New Year with lotsa lotsa prosperity to begin this new year with! :)
May the year of the Horse be ever in your favour! 

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