Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Been Missing

I wanted to update my Chinese New Year and all the happenings lately but bad luck chose to strike on me again. My phone gave up one me on the first day of Chinese New Year. Now it cannot be started or force restarted anymore. 

And of course, there is always the worse part in bad situations. Mine being that I have 4k plus photos and there is no memory card in that tragic device they call a smartphone. So EVERYTHING is in that God forsaken phone with no way out unless the device can be switched on.

In case you're wondering why I didn't back up everything in that phone, I DID. But I like taking photos so in a blink of an eye after that backup, 4000 plus photos appeared in my album.

And I've been meaning to back up my phone right after Chinese New Year, since at that time I din't have a hard disk or a thumbdrive plus my laptop was getting really laggy due to it's memory capacity slowly reaching its limit. 

Unfortunately, the bus waits for no one and so does anything else as well. My phone had to choose the time where I needed it the most to function, for death. 

Due to that, I've been really uninterested in anything else except getting my phone fixed. Thus, the long disappearance of me. If anyone even cares. LOL.

Urgh. I sent my phone to Sony's Service Centre today and one of the staff helped check my phone. After 15 minutes or so, he came out shaking his head. 

At that exact moment, I felt like I was in the hospital waiting anxiously for the news of my very sick beloved relative, only to find the doctor coming out of the room shaking his head telling me he didn't make it.

He said he suspects that it was my software which has been corrupted and told me to try their headquarters. Well, at least there's still hope. Though it is probably like the size of an atom, I can barely see it .


I really hate Sony for not making an external memory storage for my phone. And words can't express how idiotic I felt they've been to make a built-in battery when their battery ain't even good. Oh and if there's something I learned from this, NEVER BUY A PHONE WHICH DOES NOT HAVE A MEMORY CARD (unless it's an iPhone of course).

Sorry for the long post with no pictures. Just needed somewhere to rant :(
That's all for now. Will update soon. I think. Hehe.

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