Thursday, 27 February 2014

A Surprise Center

Just got back from camp recently and I'm still feeling exhausted from all the midnight talks and bonding sessions. It wasn't what I expected but in some ways experience is still experience, and nothing can replace that. So although it wasn't up to what I had in mind, but I was thankful I met so many new people, and actually got the chance to mingle around.

Most people would think mingling around is just like another ordinary day in a week. Meeting new people, bonding and learning more about them. But over the years, I felt like I've been slowly transforming into an introvert.

I used to be a complete extrovert but, well, bad experiences don't exactly have much of a good impact on people's lives. Mine to be exact. Unless you're really lucky of course. I guess once you're scarred, the scar will forever remain. No matter how much it heals up, there's always gonna be a small hint there to remind you of what happened.

From an overly enthusiastic and positive extrovert, I slowly turned into a self-despising, pessimistic introvert. I found it hard to talk to people because I was scared of not being good enough. I became really intimidated with crowds. So this camp was definitely a challenge for me. I haven't been more insecured in this entire two months of college break until the camp.

Thankfully, I got through it.
*wipes beads of sweat away from forehead*

Sometimes I really wonder whether anyone feels like this. And whether anyone has ever been through this.
I've never really shared this with anyone. Because of this reason which plays on in my mind time to time again- Why would anyone care?


A lot of birthdays are coming up and so I decided to do something for one of my closest friends this year.

 Guess what's this...
A cupcake holder!

 In the form of an oven stove of course.
I made it myself *moment of pride*
OK it wasn't that nice because I didn't really had the right materials for it.
But I think it's quite cute la.

 I made chocolate cupcakes.

 Wait for it...

 With a surprise M&M center!

It doesn't look that nice here because I used a knife to cut it :(
I thought it would look neater but apparently biting into it looked way better.
It looked better in reality haha.

Not forgetting my ootd hehe.
It's been long since I did any ootd posts.
It was a simple day and it's the dry season lately so I restrained from layering my outfits.

Casual is the way to go :D
Top from H&M
Shorts from Manila
Fringe bag from Manila 

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