Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Venice's Birthday Celebration At D'italiane'Kitchen

Birthday parties are really rare these days so I was pretty stoked when I heard that one of my good friend was planning to have a birthday celebration. 

Oh the joy of birthdays.

You get to go present-shopping, cake-hunting and get a little creative with some card-making! 
Ok I'm not always this enthusiastic about events like these (because it can get real depressing when you just don't know what to get for the birthday kid or perhaps you bought something and then you realise he/she doesn't like it at all.)

But this was different. Everything turned out really well- surprisingly, so it served as an encouragement for the next birthday to come my way.

Made her a simple card.
Cuz it was really last minute LOL.

 The company.

 The wonderful food!
I forgotten all their names but I loveddd their pizza the most.
Coincidentally, I ordered it.
kay not funny.

 Beautiful Eva & I.

 Venice said this was her 'stupid pose' because according to her, we always tell her that she doesn't pose stupidly. 
If you even understood that.

After the candles were blown, we continued to take even more pictures.
Outfit of the day with the birthday princess.
Plus a Wee Li.
Every photobomber shall be labelled as a Wee Li from now on.
It's like his part time job.

 Eva, Ellie and Venice.

And finally an ootd with all of them gorgeous girls.


Happy Birthday YOUUUU.
Never thought we could be such good friends, but I obviously underestimated this.

Here's to many more years of friendship to come!

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