Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Pray for MH370

I just thought by today I would've awoken to positive news regarding the missing aircraft.

I just thought by today everything would feel normal again.

I just thought by today the 239 people and the staff members would've been found on an island safe and sound.

I just thought by today family members will be seen crying happy tears reunited with their family and embracing the people who were found, unscratched and unharmed, together with the air plane.

It's scary to think this can happen to our country, to our aircraft which has been known to be one of the safest transportation via air, to our airport which seemed like it was thorough and careful, equipped with an immaculate system, to people who actually are just so close in physical distance to us.

Like any other citizen, I'm filled with mixed emotions. Emotions of sadness, fear, anger, anguish and frustration.

Saddened by the sight of family members crying, with the immense fear upon realising that it can happen to just about anyone. Angered by the carelessness of airport staffs for not going through the entire process of checking the legibility of passports properly. Frustrated that one person's negligence can affect 239 innocent people.

But above all, in times like these, hope has to come out as the strongest emotion for us. To right this wrong, to safe these people. And to also believe that they have been saved.

MH 370, I'm rooting for you.
Please appear soon.

God bless every single person on this aircraft and may they find their way home, safe and not a hair out of place.

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