Saturday, 15 March 2014

My Fav Korean Dramas & What Not

Since I'm pretty bored and I'm stuck at home with nothing to do, I've gotten really hooked on Korean dramas. Yes. I like those cheesy, corny romantic Korean dramas and sometimes I giggle at the television screen. And due to the reason I have nothing better to do I shall share with you few of my favvv Korean dramas. Alright actually it's just Korean dramas I've seen before and it's not that many :(

Basically a good Korean drama would require:

  • A good storyline
  • Believable acting skills, esp the main leads
  • Sometimes being a good looking actor/actress also helps lol.

1. My Girl

This is by far still my favourite Korean drama of all time. This drama came out a long time ago though, around 2005. And during the recent years after that, I remembered buying the disc for it and watching it over and over again to my heart's content. It's a rom-com and the acting made me absolutely speechless (especially the female lead). The things she does on screen will leave you with your jaw dropping. She was probably the first female who erased all stereotypes of how a Korean female character has to be. If you're a huge fan of Korean dramas, you definitely won't wanna miss this series.

2. Rooftop Prince

Most people have probably watched this already and the storyline for this drama is really good. Everything was pretty unpredictable. However the humorous parts happen usually only among the side characters. The female lead is really pretty and that's about it. She cries alot. And made me really depressed. LOL. I didn't really like her character but it didn't stop me from liking the show. Even if you don't like the actors or characters at first, watch it for its amazingg storyline as it will definitely throw you offshore.

3. 49 Days

This show has a great storyline. But some in some occasions, the acting was unbelievable because of poor location choices. If you don't get what I mean, it's like a girl walks by and then a guy chases after her, only to find she was already gone, but then the camera then shows the girl was actually hiding behind the tree. A tree with such a small trunk that even someone who was colour blind could've detected she was there. But besides that, the plot is good and in some ways it keeps you guessing on what will happen.

4.My Love From The Star.

This is probably the current craze everywhere and who can blame them. This series is addictive (as almost all Korean dramas are) because of the very cute Male Lead - Do Min-Joon! It's like the more you look at him, the cuter he gets. Plus the 1st episode of the drama already had a scene of him half naked showing off his nice lean built with a hint of pectoral muscles. Maybe I was too descriptive heheh...
The female lead nailed her role and she never fails to entertain. The storyline is rather interesting with a good sub plot. But, there's alot of monologue in this drama and if you're not a patient person, you might get tired of it.


5. Queen In-Hyun's Man

Ok this show shouldn't even be on the list... That's why I made a divider :D But because I've watched it, oh well. Alot of people said it was a good drama and etc. However it was pretty disappointing to me. If they found better actresses who are less annoying, maybe this drama could've been salvaged. Unfortunately, the female lead's acting was so bad I squirmed in my seat at the first 10 episodes. If you like the way she looks, then you might survive this show. But if you're indifferent towards her (like I was) then good luck. The storyline was alright but a wee bit draggy towards the end.

6. The Master's Sun

This show had alot of interesting advertisements and trailers, it being the rare genre of a horror-romantic comedy. Sounds interesting ei? The ghosts looked pretty realistic I had to cover my eyes sometimes xD However, I watched a few episodes out of curiosity but then I gave up. The storyline is interesting but I just can't stand the acting. Of the female lead. Yes it's always the female lead who messes up *shows grumpy face*. Her acting is so unbelievable she looks more like she's flirting with the male lead 24/7, than being grateful and sweet towards him. Gah. Ok this shouldn't be here but I just wanted to share how bad this was.

College is gonna start again and by then I won't have time to watch any K dramas anymore :(

I haven't taken a selfie in a looong time.
Because it's hard to close my mouth with all that metal going on in there.
That's all for now baibai.

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  1. The master sun is a great show although the lead actress is ugly by Korean female lead stars.. and the lead actor is too mean looking for my liking.. still the storyline is very good something like Sixth Sense (Bruce willis)