Friday, 7 March 2014

Chinese New Year Recovered!

Alright I'm still really happy that my phone didn't had to undergo reformatting or any of those painful processes which requires it to wipe off everything in the phone's memory. So I actually got to look back at what I did for this year's CNY after all :D

So glad. 

Can't help smiling from eyebrow to eyebrow now. 

I shall shut up now and let all my pictures do the storytelling.

 This is God-sent.
You can't imagine how much I love these in my cookies.

 My favourite!

 Fried Seaweed...
I can eat this non-stop as well.
It's like a better alternative to junkfood.

 Our not so typical CNY lunch.
The modern way.

 CNY dinner.
The best fried chicken in the world, all fried by my grandma.
Last time she even bought just the chicken skin to fry it for us, so we would eat it as if it were 'crackers'.

This is the dog getting afraid of the fireworks.

Born to be wild.

The youngest of our little cousins.
And also the cutest and naughtiest of them all.

 Homemade Yee Sang.

This is Rosebud.

 Bom Bom and Baggy.


I didn't really buy any new clothes for cny.
So I borrowed my mum's dress.
It was not what I'd usually wear, but it was pretty fun swooshing around in this long dress, pretending I was from the olden days LOL.

 My other cousins.
Oh Baggy and Rosebud are actually brothers and sisters, which is why they kinda look alike.

Baggy has got to be my favourite dog.
He licks anyone and everyone!
Even my own dog doesn't lick me.
The best part is, he never gets angry at anyone according to my uncle and he's always soooo happy-go-lucky.
Rosebud loves playing with him, and by playing I mean biting him.
Sometimes he even yelps in pain but he doesn't really do anything and continues to let her bite him.
Such a nice brother right.

Catching tadpoles was one of the main attraction for all my little cousins.

And the rest of my stay there, I spent watching Rooftop Prince- a korean drama. Not really a good example for a Chinese New Year Reunion.. Heh heh heh.

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