Tuesday, 16 September 2014

New Beginnings

Happy Malaysia Day everyone! Everyone would probably think that since today was a public holiday, I would be super free and wasting my life away. But I'm glad to say that wasn't the case. Lol I didn't waste my life today yaay!!!! xD

I went to church to help out today and I'm really happy I did. Couldn't have thought of a better way to spend today besides serving others. It's been a long while and I finally decided to go back to the Youth Ministry to help out and contribute something, if not much, back to other teenagers and kids,  whom I used to be like - lost, broken, hurt, wondering about the reason of my existence and the list goes on.

Not to say all teenagers are like this, but most of them are and I know exactly where they're coming from and I have been through some rough shit myself. So yes, I really would like to help others again and inspire them to see the good in life and to show them their reason for living.

Besides that, I have also been really busy with my family. Went shopping at Times Square two days ago (MORE NEW CLOTHES, MORE NEW OOTDS! yippeeee).

On top of that, I have been having a recent addiction of making loom bands. Now I know why the guy who created this is a millionaire -.- It's unstoppable once you start! My 10 year old sister got this whole kit of loom bands to play with, and she started selling it in school for RM 0.50.

Yes I know. Super cheap!!! But that's for the basic kind and only for her school friends :P To other people she sells it for RM 1.

Still cheap wth hahaha.

So I decided to help her out and now I just can't stop looming and exploring new designs with the bands.

Hehe look at everything I made. So far.
The rainbow coloured bracelet above was so damn difficult to make I failed like 5 times before I completed it -.-"
Reason being the bands kept snapping like nobody's business the moment I try to loom it!
And then if you let go of it or do not know which band snapped, your bracelet will fall apart which leads to you having to start from scratch again.

 Doraemon is my favourite lantern of all!
Sadly it got burned :(
So now it has a huge hole at the back. Poor guy.

Every year we'd buy one or two new lanterns to add to our existing collection.
This dragon was this year's addition :D

I wanted to do some food posts but argh.. It's like time isn't on my side at all.
Right now I need to make a CV and start applying for internships *big sigh*, which I'm half way done but haven't really got that extra time to complete it.

Till my next post! :D

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