Friday, 12 September 2014


Lately I've been missing in action and I'm really aware of that. I was depressed, sad and a bundle of emotional wreckage. I just couldn't think straight because my best friend, my 'photographer', my punching bag, my gym partner, my everything was leaving to the UK.

And the entire 2 weeks before he left (which was last week and the week before), I decided to dedicate my every waking hour to him. I just felt like I should appreciate his presence and all the time I had left with him, by making the most out of it. Therefore I vanished from social media, including Whatsapp and most means of contacting me.

It's hard to admit this but I created a bubble around the both of us and was reluctant to step out of that bubble. It was as if I shut everyone out... and I guess that wasn't healthy. Thing is, I don't know how many people feel like this: The world is so cruel that when you find a nice person who likes you the way you are and even gives you compliments you think you don't deserve, you start to want more of that person and less of the world.

Like you want to spend your life revolving around this person instead of this messed up place they call the world.

This was exactly how I felt. I felt so unwanted in this world that I started to depend on him for my happiness.

Alot of people say I'm a very negative person. Well that's only because the world IS a negative place to be and I'm just being honest about it. However, I'm still learning to see the silver lining in living in this shitty hole.

Oops, sorry. Negative adjective on world again.

Back to my point, he left on Wednesday which gave me alot of time to reflect and think about everything that I went through. I still wonder how I'm going to cope from this day till the next one year, without the person I've become attached to the most.

Anyway before he left, we decided to have a farewell surprise for him and two other friends. I told him that I had reservations made in a restaurant and he believed me LOL. Then half way through, I told him that I needed to blindfold him because I wanted to surprise him with this unknown restaurant.

When we reached and parked, he asked me whether he could take out the blindfold. I told him no. He was like 'But everyone in the restaurant is going to think that I'm a weirdo!'. Then I replied 'No, no, don't you worry! Everyone who comes to this restaurant usually blindfolds their partner. It adds to the experience I read on a review of this restaurant.'

HAHA of course there was no such restaurant la.

We went to one of our friend's condo which had a hall available for bookings.

Didn't get to take pictures of Dom being blindfolded because they turned off all the lights and it was too dark to see anything!

We had performances dedicated to the three of them.

 In case you were wondering, I was behind the camera lol.

Goodbye for now sucker.
Thank you for everything once again.
Here's to new beginnings!

And less ootds :'((((
Yea. He was the one who had the patience to take all my ootds.
There, now the world knows.
So now without him I guess no one is going to want to do that for me anymore.

Sorry this post is abit long winded, but thank you so much if you managed to scroll down to this point  to read this haha :)

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