Monday, 27 January 2014

Thoughts On Chinese New Year

It's the period of time where things get messy again. Just took my poor Christmas tree down together with my sister after much struggling and fiddling with the ladder a few days ago. Well, I guess it's not that bad since there's another festive season around the corner to look forward to.

But thinking of the preparation just makes me tired LOL.
I wished I was licensed to laze around. Then maybe my mum would stop yelling at me to do house chores.

I was away from all that temporarily. Thank God.

Two weeks ago, I was at my grandma's taking a break on life.
I wished.
It's like a retreat being in my hometown if it isn't Chinese New Year, because there's no one and only my grandma there. Plus my grandpa at times.
Chinese New Year was always an exciting event to our family, if you ask me. But somehow, we got so caught up in that tradition which it kinda became an obligation for us to stick to every year.

Which is...
1. Having a Reunion Dinner at out place
2. Going for Chinese New Year mass
3. Watch Lion dances
4. Collect ang pows.
5. Eat Siew Yok, and cookies
6. Visit our hometown
7. Play with fireworks (illegal and only if we're lucky)
8. Collect more ang pows.

Pretty blah.
When I was in secondary school, Chinese New Year was alot more fun because I got to go to my  friends' houses, have karaoke sessions with them, and play with their PlayStation/Wii/Whatever they had. Oooooh and we gambled like high rollers TOGETHER!

Ok not really that much of a high roller unless you consider RM1 on a game of blackjack as one.

Plus we got to collect ang pows from all their parents since we used to visit like 5 houses a day. *evil chuckle*

Aaaaah. Memories, memories.
Hopefully I get to reunite with them again this year.


 What happened recently...

 It was my mum's birthday.
For the first time in a really long time, I decided to make her a card.
I admire myself for being so filial. 
It was actually cuz we sorta had a fight, and I wanted to make it up to her.

And also for the first time, my sisters and I actually spent money on her.
We bought my mum this blouse/dress because it was SOOOO her.

 I cooked my own steak again, this time topped with veggies haha.
I call this Ivena Gourmet.
And oh I cooked pasta as well the past few days!
Realised it was one of the super easy meals a person should learn to cook.
With the capability of cooking a steak and some pasta, I think I can finally be a good housewife :') HAHAHA 

Went for the Planet Shakers night concert.

 With the adorable Elizabeth Soo :)

 Bernard, Jane and Anthony.

 Rodney, Audrey, Anthony & Terrance.

 The bunch we went with, Waze-ing our way there.

It really was like a concert, but much more meaningful :)
 Just look at the crowd.

Hope everyone has done their CNY shopping and is ready for the year of the horse to come! :D

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