Saturday, 23 November 2013

Work Hard, No Play

It's already the end of November in just a flash of time. This means more work, more assignments to rush, more study time, and less everything else.

Argh so frustrated.

Especially since this semester I'm not doing that well in all the subjects :/ The worse thing that can happen is when lecturers set their expectations so damn high you can't even see them anymore. I mean if what they taught us in class was as good and as much as their expectations, then fine.

But if they barely taught us anything, except some of the stupid basics on softwares most of us don't even have at home to practise on, then they have no right to have such high expectations.

C'mon. It's not our fault that our work reflects your sucky teaching right.

Besides that, I feel so demotivated working on assignments especially which I feel the lecturer is biased. It just feels like no matter how good my work is and how much I try to prove myself, I won't go beyond a certain level because the lecturer just does not fancy the idea of me.

Sucks to have lecturers like that.

Anyways, I was working on this just now!
A magazine cover where I'm supposed to incorporate my face. HEH.

Would you buy this magazine? :P

I just tried my best to fill up the space with words, so pay no attention to it.
I guess this would only come true in my sleep when I'm dreaming haha.

It was really fun doing this magazine because I had my very own mini "photoshoot"! Ok I'd just like to call it a photoshoot because.. well... I've never been for a photoshoot before other than when I was 6 and I had to sit on a chair and take pictures with soft toys, so I'd like to comfort myself.

The rest of the pictures I took that day. No filter.

Credits to Leon Mok.
His camera is just too awesome.
Look at the way everything else is blurred o_o

And I can't upload any other pictures here in this post anymore because it would all look incompetent next to these high quality DSLR pictures lol.


Christmas is coming but yet, I don't even have the time to for Christmas shopping. Everyday, it's all either practising our drama and dance for Performing Arts, or doing assignments for other subs. Pretty lifeless I'd say.
So.... probably there will be no presents for anyone this year LOL. I'm sorry.

Idk why I like this picture so much after I made it look like a drawing.

Alright that's all folks.
Gotta take my lazy bum to the gym now.

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