Sunday, 4 May 2014

Back to Square One

I don't know why, but lately I've been having very bad luck. However, some good luck seemed to always find it's way in my life to neutralise it.

Sounds confusing right?

One example would be from yesterday. I was on my way to church yesterday. I got up my car and was ready to drive out of my friend's place at Tropicana. I couldn't find the exit sign because the entire place was pretty dark and not well litted up.

I was driving slowly till I realised I came to a dead end. So I reversed. I checked my rear mirror and the back seemed to be clear. All I could see were trees and well stuff people put at the roadside lol.

Suddenly I felt an impact and heard a loud thud.
My sensor which was working fine usually, did not beep at all.

I thought I may have hit the divider, however I suddenly saw a man coming into view in my rear mirror.This didn't seem right. I panicked. I stopped my engine and got off the car to look look at what actually happened.

Turned out I crashed into the front of a BMW. 

5 Series.

Apparently the car was parked parallel to the divider on the road and since it was a pretty long car, it's head jutted out abit. And due to the fact that the front head was low my mirror did not catch sight of it.

Or rather I didn't catch sight of it because I was short -.-

I know it's probably hard to picture the whole scenario in your head but bear with me. The car had a few scratches on it's bumper and nothing else that was too severe, thank God, but I was terrified.
Because this wasn't any car. It was a BMW.

So after a few phone calls we decided that I would pay the owner when I got back by banking the money in.
The price was understandably double the times a normal scratch on a normal car would've cost. In my head I started mentally calculating all my previous years Ang Pows I had to fork out in order to get the total sum. I just could not afford it even if I didn't use my allowance for a month.

My entire journey to church I was upset and disappointed in myself for being so dumb and clumsy, and I couldn't help but to mentally calculate again and again how much of part time work I'd have to do in order to make up of it.

Just when I was trying to forget about it, the owner called me. I picked up and wondered whether the cost might have increased after he examined it more properly.

He told me that the damage was not as serious as he thought and that I needn't have to pay. I was so relieved I became speechless. I felt a muddle of emotions stirring up in me as I listened to what he had to say.

He might have mistook me as someone who was taking advantage of his kindness. But honestly, I was just overwhelmed with gratitude. I really did not expect him to do something so nice for a random stranger who just ruined his day.

Definitely, this will be the last time I'd be so clumsy with my car. I've learned my lesson that checking the rear mirror isn't enough and that it is also important to turn your head around no matter how sure you feel of the surroundings.

A turn of a head could've saved me from the trouble I caused.

So bad luck? Not-so-bad luck? You decide.

Last word of advice. Never get into trouble with an expensive car.



The guys bought some party stuff in case we wanted to 'party hard'.
HAHA the panda was my favourite.
They even bought Disney Princesses paper cups. And we could choose between that or Strawberry Shortcake.

 Terrible camera and terrible lighting.
So I didn't get to take much pictures at Leon's birthday.

Thus the blurry pictures :(
Didn't want to bring my DSLR cuz it was too heavy, and I'd look like a freak haaha.

 Didn't even get to take a picture with the birthday boy cuz he was too busy going around entertaining everyone.
But we all had a great time, and I got to know some really cool people.


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