Friday, 2 May 2014

Think Green, Go Green!

Last week Eva, Venice and I attended this event at Desa Park City.

The deco they made was so pretty! 

Alright I'm sorry I had to take pictures from elsewhere because all of us were late and we didn't get to see the models walking down the runway.
We did see them halfway though but it was pretty funny looking at pretty girls trying to look cool in the absurdly hot weather that morning.
The only thing I was capable of was using my hands to wipe my sweat and push my hair away from my face at a 5 seconds interval.

And these people were jumping and frolicking around while holding these heavy bantings as if they were holding feathers.

LOL picture that.

We got goodie bags.
And they had pretty nice stuff inside. They had an umbrella, a recyclable bag and some pretty looking thongs  which I'll probably never wear, inside.

In Taylors it's flooded almost every evening because of the rain, and instead of going home, we'd get stuck in the library waiting for the rain to go away. 
So you could imagine how ecstatic we were to see those compact umbrellas inside.

Look at us all in green hehe

We got to take photos because of the many balloons they had!

After that we had refreshments.
Honey, toasts and juice.

 Basically, this event was held to promote their new range of underwear which are made from coffee fabric!
Sounds pretty interesting right?
Because the material is so light and soft, it doesn't trap odour so you'll be nice smelling for the entire day.
How cool is that!
I bet most of us have times where we wonder why does the material smells even after a short day. 
And I guess this is the solution to it :)

Yay for nice smelling undies! LOL

It's already out in stores so you can probably check them out.

Alright I've got to go now!
Attending a friend's birthday and ahhh I don't know what to get him.
I guess I'll just think about it along the way.

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