Saturday, 17 May 2014

French Village

Tuesday was Wesak's day and my initial plans were to catch up on assignments, study for French mid terms and basically do some work around the house.

Yes I sound like such a good appreciative student thinking about my studies constantly.

However my mission was interrupted because my friends came up with something better to do - drive up to Genting for a day trip. And so being the good friend I am, I forced my heavy eyes open in the early glimmer of daylight on this precious holiday and dragged my reluctant feet across the cold wooden floor, ready to provide them my wonderful companionship.

HAHA so drama. Just kidding.

I tagged along without a second thought.

Hurray I was so excited to get away from work and home for awhile. I usually don't do things unplanned and I haven't done anything so random  for awhile now, so this just made me even more hyped up about the entire thing.

Before we started our long journey up, we stopped by Thai Thai for lunch.

After an hour's nauseating experience in the car going up the winding road, we finally reached Bukit Tinggi's French Village. It was my first time there so everything looked really beautiful to me. The buildings and the decorations all around made me feel as though I was wandering around in a foreign town. 

Nic, who was a friend of Venice came along and snapped many pictures for us. 

I guess I shall just let the pictures do the talking for now.

Look at my big brace teeth. 
I feel like I'm staring at a monster here. *facepalms*

I just realised my shirt matched my face lol hahahaa.

Sigh if you're staring at this picture and wondering why do my lips look so fat and pouty like a duck, I'm wondering why as well.
It's ever since I put on my braces, my lips just magically grew thicker and thicker.
I hope it goes back to its original size though :/
I was pretty happy with the way it was.
Now I look like some Angelina Jolie wannabe.

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