Sunday, 17 November 2013

Graffiti Madness

Last week, my friends and I went all the way down to Pasar Seni to take pictures of street art. If that phrase made us sound like we have nothing better to do with our lives, well you're wrong haha. It was an assignment given to us by our lecturer, prolly to help the street art scene in Malaysia as well as teach us to appreciate it.

Honestly I wouldn't have needed such an assignment to learn how to appreciate these stuff. Call me weird but ever since I was young, I loved street art. Especially graffiti.

Everything about it just captured me from the very beginning. It made simple words... beautiful, turning it into an art piece. I was so interested in it (but not interested in it enough to break the law and start spraying all the walls in my neighbourhood), I started scribbling my name, trying to learn the basics of the strokes and all for each alphabet. 

But I guess it turned out I wasn't cut out for it, since the only word that I've really been ever able to beautify all  those years was... my name lol.

Pathetic much haha.

Anyways we decided to give ourselves random photoshoots since we were surrounded by such art which can make almost any picture look cool.

We had to climb down this ladder first, in order to get the best view.

This is Pasar Seni.


 Hahahahah the macam-yes-tapi-bukan trio.


And then we decided to try doing jumpshots.

 After countless times of failed attempts..

 We managed to jump together on time.
But my hair decided to misbehave and cover half my face lol.
Girl problems -.-

It was quite fun hanging out with them because we were all secretly... POSERS
Haahaaha look at all our faces. Serious sial mcm nak naik depan magazine cover.


This is Bernard teaching everyone how to take a moment in life, pause whatever you're doing and take a deep breathe in...

 Right opposite this marvelous looking drain.

 All I can say about these pictures were that, the ground was dirty.
Real dirty.
But yolo ma.

 Bernard asked me to pose and look sentimental hahahha.

And of course, my OOTD :D
Credits go to Bernard.. my ever so patient friend  :') 
He was like prolly the first and only friend so willing to take pictures for me or anyone at all.

Murni Discovery

After that we went for a late lunch at Aman Suria's Murni. One of my favourite mamak places that is better than the typical mamak.

One of the many reasons I love this place is because of the variety of food they have!
From Malaysian food to even Western food as well.
But alot of their food here is fusion, eg. Roti Hawaii, which is another factor which makes this place so special.
I mean come on, almost every Malaysian would have heard of this place before.
And if you haven't, well now you have and should give it a try!

 This is their Ribena Special.
AND IT'S SUPER REFRESHING, cuz it's actually ice blended Ribena.
Just a sip of it and your worries will be washed away.
This isn't the only drink that is really good here.
They have these other drinks called 'I Love You' & 'I Miss You' which are really thirst-quenching as well.

Here's a picture for reference.
Just reading the ingredients in their mocktails are already making me really thirsty o_o

 My Roti Hawaii.

 Bernard's Roti Beckam.
It both looks similar on the outside but wait till you see the inside.

Mine was filled with sausages, minced meat, eggs, and pineapple plus cheese.

While Bernard's Roti Beckam was filled with Tuna, eggs, cheese and turkey slices.

And this is their Kung Fu Chow (If I'm not mistaken).
Actually I never really knew the difference between Kung Fu Chow and Wat Dan Hor.
Shame on me hahah.
But yes in Murni, you get to eat tasty chinese food as well!

There were only three of us and it was late so we didn't order much.
 Therefore there ain't that many pictures I got to take :(

Oh well, can't wait for the next time I go back there.
 Btw I'm feeling super hungry now.

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