Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Hello November

In a blink of an eye, another month has come to pass. Everything is drawing near.. Christmas and not to mention, deadlines and Finals as well. I'm scared to the core right now and I don't even feel like caring about what my results are gonna turn out to be anymore. I'm just drained. I'm just tired.

Though a part of me still pity my parents for having a child with such weak willpower. Yea sorry bout that guys. I'd like to think I have a strong foothold on my willpower when in actual fact two days of hardwork can already feel like two years to me. Meh.

Alright. Don't worry not all hope is lost. Yet.
I'm still hanging by a thread, trying to finish up the one trillion assignments and exercises my lecturers have thrown to our class as if they were throwing confetti.

Anyway yesterday I went out shopping with my family. Like finally!!! It has been so long since we got to go somewhere together and just spend the day out. It was really hard to resist everything there because I realised when you are deprived from shopping for more than 3 months, the higher the chances you'd want to buy an entire shop. 

And as usual I seemed like the one buying the most stuff because well, I was stocking up on necessities.
I kid you not. *solemn face*

I bought this toner from Himalaya which is super great for oily and acne prone skin, because now they are having 50% off on it. The rest of their products are now on 15% off as well.
So Himalaya fans better grab em all now and stock em up till the next sale season comes!

I also got alot of socks because, as I said, it's a necessity :P I even bought this funny thing from Daiso called the 'Up Heel Cushion'.

Well it's supposed to give you a 1.5cm lift from your original height. Why am I even telling you this.
Now my secret is revealed. HAIH. But if you're fun sized like me or think that you have fat ankles, this really helps to enlongate your legs :)

We also went to Victoria's Secret today, telling ourselves that we MUST go home with something from there this time. My sister and I rushed to all their body mists and perfumes immediately, spraying everything we can get our hands on, on ourselves LOL. 

After inhaling the many fragrances they had, we finally chose 3 we liked best and paid for it. We chose Mango Temptation, Pure Seduction and Love Spell.
Spot the three!

But bad luck just had to be part of this pretty picture. Why, of course.

We left it there. The entire bag.

My baby sis was holding it and she went to the toilet. She placed it on the shelf while minding her business. And you can guess what happened next. She left the entire thing there, and nobody noticed. Not my mum, or Hilary, my other sister (Bern and I weren't following them cuz we were told to go ahead by ourselves).


Sigh. RM 130 gone just like that.

Now some happy auntie prolly jumping for joy with the whole package at home.

Bad ending to such a wonderful day.
But I'd like to think I did some charity there lol. Maybe someone needed it more than we did? Well everything happens for a reason and I believe this did too :)


I wanted this High waist shorts..
But it was RM 200.
Like da heck.
Ain't nobody gonna pay 200 bucks for a small piece of cloth.

 I felt so bad for this place because I looked as if though I wanted to buy their stuff.
But in actual fact I was just interested in snapping a picture.
It's more expensive than a meal.
But then again it's handmade so I guess it's worth it?

I got the socks from Daiso!
But it's actually made for men --"
It was just a wild decision because they didn't have thigh high socks for women.
Top from Nicole.
Shorts from Manila.
Bag from Times Square
Shoes from Agape Boutique

I thought this picture was pretty cool.
Ok or maybe not.

The stupid faces I do lol.

I really hope they will set up Unifi in my area soon. 
My connection is so bad, most of the time it's the reason why my posts are so delayed :(

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