Saturday, 16 November 2013

Counting Stars & Luck // Garage 51

I'm so happy I'm finally free enough to get back here and blog! Aaaah. What a relief. All my assignments were due this week and I was so scared I couldn't finish everything on time. But thanks to a few of my friends, I managed to get it all done.

And I even had friggin mid terms for my Performing Arts class today -.- Like the heck. And our lecturer only informed us on Thursday. Indecisive much. I wouldn't mind all this crap if I was majoring in P.A, but the fact is, I wasn't. Plus I had other more important assignments to be done, which were actually from subjects I was gonna major in. I mean nobody likes it when somebody wastes your time right?

Really thick eyeliner today.
And my friend had to smear my eye shadow so much till it looked close to invisible because my eyes were just not meant for putting on eye shadow. HAHA ASIANS. 
Why am I laughing at myself.

As you can guess, our heads were already not that into the 'game', so our performance was pretty sucky today compared to the last time we performed. I was pretty disappointed to be honest. All those hours of pracs in the past. The sacrifices we made to stay back for the sake of perfecting this. The money spent on buying our props.
But screw it.
What's done is done. I can only hope for the better on our coming act which will be graded for our Finals.

So I'm just here to talk about what I've been up to lately. Let's see...

I went out with my friends the others day for lunch at this place called Garage 51 cuz it was nearby our college.

 If you cannot already tell, parking was a bitch here.

 But their interior was really good.

 There was a free bottle of water set on each table.
Since it was free, we decided to gather all of it together on our table hahaha.

 Ajer ordered thier Aglio Olio pasta.
It was appealing to the taste buds.
RM 13 for this and a drink.
It was pretty much the cheapest thing here which is enough to fill your tummy.

 My smoked salmon bagel. RM18
It was sandwiched with smashed avocados and cream cheese.
This was really a unique eat and was rather delicious.
The bagel was good. It had a little bit of chewiness to it, not too soft or hard.
However, it was pretty sad that although it was pricey, the salmon was only stingily given.

 Wee's Cream cheese bagel with Rasberry Jam. RM12
The jam was great, and the combination of it together with the cream cheese was wickedly good.

Eva's baked eggs.
It was told that customers had to wait for a minimum of 17 minutes just for this dish to arrive.
And so we all waited together LOL.
It was decorated sliced chipolata on top for a taste to complete the creamy-textured egg.
The eggs were baked together with a mixture of cream, zucchini, parmesan and mozarella cheese!

What we do when we wait for the bill.

Overall, the food was good, but wasn't good enough to blow me or any of my friends away.

However, the price managed to do that to us lol.

Since parking was near to impossible, we carpulled there and back to campus in Eva's car.

All was good until she dropped us back in college and left. After 15 minutes since she left, I realised my lappie wasn't with me. I left it in her car.

That made me really sad, but then again I looked on the bright side to it. Being able to restrict myself from checking useless updates on FB and stalking people... for the night.

Oops. Did I say stalk?
I actually meant being concerned about the life of others :P

Then at 9pm, I was gonna leave campus with a few of my friends. We were walking to our cars in this insanely huge car park, and when I reached my car I realised I didn't have my keys.

It was in Eva's car as well.

Wee ended up having to fetch me back. And of course he did that with a price. I had to pay for his petrol and take him for dinner. Plus listen to him telling my how he could've just said no to me and leave me there all alone in the carpark in the dark but he didn't.

Yup. I definitely have a pretty kind friend.

Not that I'm complaining now.

Having dinner at 10.30pm with this loser tryna pose.

I don't know why but I've been losing so many things this month :(

 Need to be more careful from now onwards, zip all the zips on my bag and be paranoid by checking my bag twice every five minutes.

So yea. If you're having a bad day, hope this made your entire life sound better. I MEAN WHO FRIGGIN LEAVES THEIR CAR KEYS IN SOMEONE ELSE'S CAR AND GETS STRANDED IN COLLEGE.
 Except me.

Anyway, more updates tomorrow! Till then :D

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