Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hate This Part Right Here

So much has been happening recently.. And it's almost more than I can take in. Criticism was one.

As you guys know I had a video assignment going on, and I completed it last week on Friday. It took me two whole days for editing. I didn't even get to sleep on the night before it was Friday because I was editing the video, and trying to make it as perfect as I thought it could be.

I was disappointed in many things about my video though. Alot of shots were not good, some blur, some shaky and even some which the colour was totally off compared to the other camera we used (thanks to my incompetent Nikon). And due to that, there was only so much I could do to make it look like nothing was wrong. I had to cut so many scenes that were supposed to be in my video.

However, I thought we did alright after all the editing. I thought that hey, this was definitely the best we could ever come up with. Well, apparently I was wrong.

The most disappointing part of this entire process was the moment I checked my marks. My group and I got such low marks, I couldn't even believe what I was seeing.

What the heck, we got even lower marks than groups which didn't even bother to put in as much effort as we did (eg. not using lighting equipment etc). No offence to anyone who don't use lighting equipment for their videos, but well I just felt it was abit unfair... No?

So one of my group mates decided to ask our lecturer why we got such low marks and how to improve on our video. The feedback that pissed me off the most was when he said something about our color correction not being good enough. I was like THE HECK. We did SO SO SO much colour correction and it obviously blended in too well for him to notice. OK I was just being sarcastic -.-

But how can he say that about us when he doesn't say that to other groups who didn't even bother to set up lights for a dark scene??? 

Then, there was the comment about our storyline. Sigh. What everybody didn't get was that our story was NOT a story. It was supposed to be abstract. I don't understand why people can't just sit back and enjoy the video before trying to scrutinize everything in our video.

And then they expect the entire message to be thrown at them at the end. I didn't do that because I wanted to leave space for people to think. There was a reason for every single thing in that damned video-from the title of it, to the message at the end. 

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. 

I'm just disappointed with everything. Ok it's time to move on. I'm done ranting here. Lol sorry if you're not a video person and you're reading this trying to understand what on earth I am trying to say.

Yes, I'll move on.
Next assignment will be better, next video will be better. 

And for those who watched my video, I'm sorry for confusing you guys or anything. Just a heads up, it's not supposed to be taken as if it's a story. It's just.. abstract.

I wonder whether this was how Van Gogh felt when he showed people his art pieces LOL. Kk I'm no where near Van Gogh haha. 

Ya, was actually debating with myself on whether to post it up here and further humiliate myself.
But I figured I have moved past the point of caring.

Anyways, this made my day today... A PARCEL FOR MEEEEE! :DDDDDD

Yaay thank you HuiiCloset! 
Finally arrived after the long wait.
Was too lazy to take picts of what was inside but I will soon haha.

Some picts I took lately here though.

 Went Christmas Shopping.

 I'm in love with this magical box!
Santa and his deer looks so cute here.

Ours Lol.

Our Christmas tree in progress.

 Hung out at Mid Valley yesterday. Awesome day with people who made being clueless fun!
All of them just completed their entire A levels yesterday and decided to celebrate it. 
But they didn't know what to do.
They felt there was no more reason to live because there was nothing to study for anymore --"
They referred to themselves as being chickens locked up in their coop for too long and not knowing what to do if they were released into the wild...
Except to go back in the coop.
HAHA chickeeens.

Jakuns at ToysRUs.

My fav word.

 They refused to take a group pic for us unless we liked their FB page.
On the spot.
Despite my pitiful cries saying I don't have data.
Which I really truthfully honestly don't.

 So we had to take turns holding the cotton candy just to take a picture wth.

Sohai face.
Alright that's all for now byeee :)

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