Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Oh no, I'm OLD!

My birthday was last week and I really didn't expect anything. I know people would probably be like, ya right who expects nothing, and besides, everyone says that. 

Well somehow as I grew older, I started to stop thinking that my birthdays were a big deal. I guess you could say I lost interest in having lavish parties at McDonald's (McD used to be a big thing for us  when we were 9), any fancy restaurant or even at home for that matter.  I just don't fancy having to invite a whole bunch of people and then having to entertain them all, making sure everyone was having a swinging time, while I'd be worrying my head off on what was supposedly my 'special' day. No that I think it is special.

Yep. So that's why I had a pretty quiet celebration this year with my fam-bam at home. We ate steamed chicken and grilled squid, lol both were my favourite homecooked dishes.


And then two days later, Venice and Eva had this brilliant plan to meet up and have tea together. I was a little suspicious but then I thought nahh. I mean they didn't even wished me on the day of my birthday - that was how flawless their plan was, so naturally I thought they forgot. And it was a relief to me. I mean I just do not take surprises that well. 

Last year a bunch of my friends came in the middle of the night to my home, into my room and all I could summon was a freaked-out-grin the entire time they were singing happy birthday to me.

It was so bad until they even thought I was unhappy and did not like it. 

I mean I was in my ugliest house clothes and my ugliest undies with my hair half combed. How else would I be smiling.

Back to where I was, I thought we were just gonna have a catch up session since it's been so long.

Look at all the gorgeous food <3

All of a sudden out of the blue, two waiters came in with this and started singing happy birthday.

They actually managed to put on their poker face for this long. 
Someone hand them an award.


 And then we took even more pictures.
Like ALOT of selfies.

 "Kiss me guys, kiss me"

So touched haha.

Thank you babes for the lovely surprise once again!
And also for the really thoughtful gift. MUAX :*
Plus for taking the time to actually plan this though I know both of you are so busy with work and assignments.

Thank you everyone who also wished me on Fb, Instagram or Twitter.
Sorry I didn't get the chance to reply, have been rather busy but all your wishes truly meant so much to me :)

I have now hit *deep breath* the 20 mark.
So I guess my next phase in life is probably praying everyday that wrinkles won't start showing up on my face.


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