Thursday, 9 October 2014

Rant On My Lunch At Bait @ Bangsar

Few weeks back I went to Bangsar and I wanted to try something different, so I ended up at this place called Bait with Kristine. Plus we were starving.
It has been opened quite long ago but I never really paid attention to before till that day when their menu caught my eye.

 Not this menu but there was another one which featured oysters and seafood claiming as their best.

 The place was well decorated and everything had that sailor-esque feel to it.

 I ordered the fish which was covered with mango salsa.

While Kristine ordered prawn kebabs served with rice.
Their food presentation could easily get an A, however the taste of their dishes could easily make u take back that A.

First of all, everything was as dry as a dessert. Their fish, their prawns, their rice, even the salsa couldn't save my dehydrated fish.

It's so obvious that these food has probably been kept in their freezer for decades. 

Right now I'm just being melodramatic, but frozen food kept in the freezer for too long ought not to be served to customers.

That's just basic F&B knowledge and it's not like we are NOT paying for the food we eat.

We pay a price and we expect the food's worth to amount to the value we pay.

I'm just so sick of going to places where reviews say that the place is good but when you show up, your experience is completely the opposite of what the review says.

The worse part is, it's not like the food is cheap. NO. The food comes with a crazy price and you're just dumbfounded at how this can cost that much.

The worse part was, the food was almost stale. I felt sick eating their salad.

I would recommend Fish & Co over this any day. That's how bad this place is.

Sorry for being so straightforward recently but this thing about food not living up to its price is really getting to me. 

Where have common restaurant ethics gone?

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