Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Eva's Birthday

This is so long overdue because I keep forgetting! My short term memory is striking again. These days I'm basically just losing sleep over the thoughts on whether anyone would like to hire me for an internship.

It's like day and night my thoughts are constantly worrying about my internship. I wake up and my first thought is on my internship. What do I do if I got an interview. What do I do if I did NOT get an interview.

Putting that aside, here are the long awaited pictures!

The place we went was this fancy Italian restaurant called Strato located at Troika Sky Dining.

I was abit nervous because I've never been here before and everything looked so sophisticated. Everyone keeps saying that I go to fancy restaurants but truth is, I don't. And I sure as hell do not know how to act, except being extremely polite, in a restaurant as 'atas' as this.

'Atas' means high-class just in case u were wondering.

This is one of the best pizzas I've ever tasted in Malaysia! 
It's their seafood pizza. And I never thought me, of all people would like seafood on my pizza.
This platter here proved me wrong.
Everything on it was super fresh and did not have that over-fishy smell to it.
Look at all the lala and stuff on it. Absolutely tongue tied.

With Venice, the birthday girl and her lovely sister.

Buffy looks big here.

Oh and I have never seen anywhere which serves green apples on their pizzas before.
This place is so atas I have never heard of half their menu before.
Just kidding.
But there were indeed quite a number of fancy-named-dishes on the menu.
Well I guess French just makes everything sound fancy.

 This girl is so cute she even brought her balloons there haha.
It says ''EB21", if you're trying to figure the alphabets out, which are the initials of her name.

So informal.

So formal.
I was just shy hehe *covers eyes*

Happy Birthday (belated) my baby Eva <3
Hope you enjoyed yourself, though we couldn't get to throw you a grand party like how you would have loved. 
Love you to bits, what would I do if I never met someone as fancy as you.
Not to mention someone as crazy and funny as you!
Cheers to many more years of being cray cray together!

Will update more I guess?
Haven't really been going out so I've no pictures nor anything much to update about besides my thoughts.
My endless thoughts on my internship :(

Hire me la someone please, I'm very good at pouring water.

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