Friday, 10 October 2014

Sunny Day Out & My Recent Backaches :(

Recently I found out that I have lower backaches :( It's pretty shocking to me because never have I experienced so much of back aches before. You know like how some girls get back aches during that time of the month? Well I was never one of them. Until quite a few weeks back when I experienced having diarrhoea and my time of the month on the very same day -.-

I was so weak the second day I had backache, and I thought it was just going to go away once I get food pumping back in my body again. But no. It lasted right up till now and I have been doing stretches daily just to ease it but it won't go. Sigh. If anyone knows a solution to this problem can you please please help me.

It's like I feel restricted with my every movement. When I stand I feel it, when I sit I feel it, when I bend down to put my shoes on I feel the pain too. I can't go to the gym at ease or practise dances properly because of the stinking pain.

I've got a feeling that the pain is caused by what Chinese people calls 'wind', in my back. Like I have plenty of wind on my back I can't get rid off.

Till then I'll just be stretching and trying to get rid off this torturing sensation.

Gorgeous Kristine & I.
 Always so fun to hang out with this girl.
We both have something in common - we love taking photos hahahah.

Outfit of that sunny day.
I just can't seem to get enough of this floral top. 
It's so versatile you can pair it with a girly look like this or even spice up an edgy look, giving a hint of funkiness to it with its bright colours.

I look like a tourist here haha.
'Harro, I'm flom Chai-nar'

Got this lovely sun hat from Cotton On as a birthday gift from Dom haha.
I was like hmm I don't have enough money for this, then he said "Nevermind la I get this for your birthday". 
How convenient of him.
I was scratching my head, looking high and low trying to crack up some idea on what to get him when it was his birthday.
Anyway, I didn't want the black ones because everyone was wearing it so instead I chose this colour.

Amboi. Look at my Kristine <3

Have a great Friday everyone!
Friday is fun day :D

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