Sunday, 5 October 2014

Paul & Belize's Wedding

I finally found time to change the look of my blog hehe! All this while my blog has been super colourful thanks to it haha but I decided to go for a change this time. Hopefully this looks nicer of course LOL. Oh and it was that point of time where whenever I view my blog and see my picture on the header, I just cringe with utter disgust.

You know like how you think a picture is really nice, but then after some time, when you come across the same picture again you realize all the tiny flaws you never noticed before, like how your hair is a little messy, how yellowish your skin tone seemed to look and ultimately, how hideous you looked in it.

If you’re agreeing to the part where you cringe  like me whenever you see my header, then I’m very sad :( HAHA ok ok not like I will ever know whether you were nodding while reading this.

And that’s why the previous look had just got to go. Basically, that was what I’ve been up to the last few days. Didn’t have time to do an update on anything because I was just too engrossed with the design and stuff.

By the way, I don’t know what’s up with TM but ever since the night before yesterday, the Internet completely stopped working! Called them yesterday and they said they would send their technician to rectify the problem in 24 hours. But now it has been almost 24 hours and we have yet to hear from them.

I wanted to do so many things but it felt impossible without the Internet. I mean I needed to do some research on certain things and without any connection, I felt everything I needed to do was a total lost of hope.

Therefore, all I was able to do last few days was watch the telly and do a little reading.

Anyhow, here’s an update on Paul and Belize’s wedding which happened last week.  It was the wedding of the year in our church! They ordered 90 tables, which meant they invited close to a thousand people to share in this joyous event together with them.

It was held at the Grand Dorsett, and my, this was the first time in more than half a decade have I attended a wedding at a hotel.

Of course it was a big deal for me!

I have never worn so nicely to any wedding before, and this was a first.

Mostly its also due to the reason I had nothing else to wear -.- Till I had to resort to my prom dress lol.

Yes my prom dress was not that grand. I wasn’t willing to pay a bomb for something I would only wear once (or twice) in my lifetime.

I shall just spam the pictures now.

God bless Paul and Belize. Hope their marriage life will be equally as beautiful as the night was.

More posts coming up sooooon!

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