Sunday, 9 June 2013

Choose To Live As If Everything Happened Was A Miracle

I've been going out alot this weekend with my family and I am certainly not proud of it. I guess my parents really took the term 'Family Day' to an advanced level. I'm in the midst of assignments piling up into little hills, where goats and sheep can now frolick around it BAAAAAHHHH-ing gaily. LOL

Randomness strikes when I'm stressed and try to unstress. Heh. *Shows-I'm-not-even-sorry-face*

We went to Setia City Mall on Saturday. The best part about Setia City Mall is H&M. Definitely. I guess the only two places which has H&M near my place would be Paradigm and Setia City. The rest is.... Well out of my radar. I do know that there's one somewhere in KL though, which has like two stories to it.

But hearing about the existence of something and not being able to experience it, is basically like listening to an interesting myth being told. Yes I have not been to this awesome two-story H&M place in KL. Yet.... I'm planning to though when I'm done with my finals, assignments and quizzes :D So if anyone is interested in giving me a ride just let me know lol. I'll be patiently awaiting your presence in my humble cottage, on my little hill, surrounded by goats and sheep.

Besides H&M the only other reason my mum wanted to go there was because Harvey Norman was on sale apparently. And she wanted a coffee grinder.

 Sometimes, I feel my dad can be so manly.

What people do in the dressing room.

Surprisingly, I walked out of H&M empty handed. Instead my dad and my sis got something. I guess most of the cheap stuff were sold out, considering what was left was either too small or too big. It was only my third time there (if I'm not mistaken) but I felt like I could memorise the place already. Such a waste of good brain space but I cannot do a single thing about it -- I'm not bragging or anything but it felt abit boring being there, since nothing nice seemed to be at my targeted price range. Most of the nice stuff I saw two weeks ago, which I promised to come back for, were... GONE o.o 

And then there's also the fear where someone else would be wearing the same thing as what you bought there. 

For me, I just can't stand that.

The feeling is like being wounded by embarrassment and humiliation. And someone else rubbing salt on it. And then splashing alcohol on top of the salt. That's how bad the feeling is. 

Plus what made me even more paranoid was when we were walking around the mall, and I saw every lady above the age of 21 carrying a H&M plastic bag. 

I bumped into a really nice friend while walking there as well. And guess what, a H&M plastic bag was attached to her too.

My life is over.

Then we went to MAC, cuz my mum needed a new blusher. 
 I was fascinated by this.
It's so cool.
The brushes made it look as if your face was an art block lol.

Then we went to TGIF's for dinner. After much debate of course. I don't know who in their right mind would come here if not for their crazy birthday celebrations.

 Chilli Cheese and Fries.

 Kid's burger meal.

 This looked pretty cute. It's like a little steak on top of the bun.

 They said 'Some call this the sir'. 
I said 'Most call it the peasant'.

Ok I sound really mean. Because the food was friggin expensive but it was not even close to being... nice. 10 years ago their burgers would probably wow me, but now... Like seriously? There's like so many burger joints. Plus roadside burger stalls which taste definitely better than this. And the chicken was really dry and sweet. Plus the sauce they gave me which was claimed to be BBQ sauce tasted like pancake syrup and ketchup mixed together.

Even McD can do better.

 Tennessee burger.

The decos are really nice though. Maybe that's why people like to come here.

I'm still mad that my tummy had to go through what I went through yesterday. So I'm really sorry if you're a fan of TGIF's and you're reading this. But to be honest, nothing tasted nice :/

I'm making it worse, aren't I? Lol. Kk I'll stop ranting about TGIF now.

Ohh and my sis bought this pair of shades cuz she thought it looked cool haha. She bought it for RM39 though. Not exactly cheap. But she's really rich with all her savings, oh well. Our whole family would call her 'xiao fu po', which means little rich old woman directly translated in english.
No filter. I'm getting so tan *sigh*

 I agree it does look kinda cool haaha. In a retro way.

That's all.
 Will update on our early Father's day lunch soon. If I have the time :(

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