Saturday, 29 June 2013

Will Be Back

I miss updating here, and alot have been happening recently. Like everything you can possibly imagine.
Everything positive & negative.

And because of all of these drama, I've learned through this experience to be better. Inside and out.  I have so many goals now which I'm targeting for.

1) To have a peace in mind & heart

2) To get that amazing strong and fit body I've been working for about 1 and half months now. (With those packs and muscles)

3) To take care of my skin, and have a brighter complexion. (I've been getting really dark due to sun scarring my skin lately)

4) To be able to let go, forgive & ignore those who irritate/ annoy/ dislike/ against/ hate me, and treat me like shit :)

5) To do well in my finals.

And that's why I've been MIA for so long :/ My finals is like in one week time and I haven't done shit to prepare for it, thanks to all my lovely lecturers who saved our assignments for the best part of our semester - one week before finals.

So all this while I've been struggling to keep up with my assignments, and then the next whole week I'm gonna have to go full-on-extreme-mode studying for my finals.

Therefore, I can only be back here after my finals.
So long my dear blog.... Will have to disappear again :(

Meanwhile, just enjoy this song while waiting for my comeback aite? :D

Just in case you'll miss my face. Or not :P Haha vain moments!

See how tan I've become ><
Alright maybe I don't look THAT dark here,due to lighting. Heh.
Gotta stop my skin from getting burned sigh.

Will be back soon! Tata

*Gone to war*

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