Sunday, 2 June 2013

Today at Kumar's

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Indian food? In fact I love it even more than Chinese food? Actually to be honest I would choose any other cuisine over Chinese. Heh. I guess I just got bored of eating Chinese food every single day of my life for the past 18 and a half years. Talk about me being picky lol. Fortunately in Malaysia, there's like a wide variety of food to choose from.

Today we went to this restaurant called Kumar's which served Indian cuisine. The place was really cosy and it had a modern Indian twist to its interior. When we first went in, we were amazed at the long row of food placed at the side counter.

Apparently we could choose between their buffet or just ala carte. The buffet costs like RM 35 which was actually quite a reasonable price, considering it's an authentic Southern Indian buffet.

We chose ala carte though. And boyyy, their selection made me speechless..
Their menu did not have alot of different food to choose from but they did have quite a unique selection of dishes.

I did not even know these type of food existed in Indian cuisine. 
Lol I was mind blown. Poof.
We were not that adventurous or daring to try the goat intestine curry for instance, however we ordered the shark puttu.

Ok enough of my long granny chatter, so here's what we ordered.

 Peppermint tea. Smelled like... peppermint. Lol.
It was great but the price was abit..... pricey on this.

I loved the shape of the saucer haha.
It's like the shape of an egg.

 The appetizer consisted of dried bananas on the left and bitter gourd on the right.

 The briyani set.

 Fish curry.


 Potato cutlet.

 Forgotten what this veggie was called but it tasted really good. 
It was like a combination of beans, egg and chilli. 
Sounds really simple but the taste was definitely there.

 Guess what's this.
It's the Shark puttu!
They actually minced the shark meat and fried it with some spices.
 I know it does not look like shark here but I assure you that this is real shark's meat.
Not the big kind of shark though, but probably those small local ones.
It is definitely a must try if you ever go there.
I'm not sure whether fishermen are able to breed these small sharks, but it definitely poses less threat to the shark species.
This dish actually tastes better than shark fin soup since you can't even taste the shark in the soup.
The only thing I taste in my shark fin soup would be the amount of vinegar I dump in it and all the little little fish meat they claim to be shark.
Even if you eat the real, authentic and expensive shark fin soup, I really don't know how people can think about enjoying it other than having the thought of poor sharks having their fins cut off and thrown back in the sea, leaving them to bleed to death.
Even Gordon Ramsay said the soup was tasteless. And that those huge sharks who actually lived for years just to grow into that size, were actually sacrificed for nothing.
Nothing I say!

Ok I really am against shark fin soup but this was a nice change from it. I admit shark is delicious but not the shark fin soup, thus I render it a pointless and cruel dish.

Alright I'll stop ranting LOL. Back to the topic.

My sis ordered Cheese naan.

Lamb kebab.
Seriously, who'd ever think that a kebab would look like that.
Not me that's for sure.
But this was definitely a lovely surprise, as the way they made the lamb reminded me of those chinese sausages "lap cheong".
The lamb tasted really refreshing especially dipped in the mint sauce.

You hungry now? ;P

To sum up everything, The food was pretty good here. The curry was tasty, not watery but just nice. The papadum and naan were abit oily though. Our cheese naan could've tasted better with more cheese.
Besides these tiny issues, all was good :D

This is one of the reasons I love Sunday lunches. Cuz the food is usually amazing plus I don't have to pay a single cent for my lunch. Hehehe dad pays all. 
Kumar's was definitely an eye opener for me on authentic Indian cuisine. Oh and if you love this place called Indian Heritage (or even dislike it), I'm pretty sure you'd like this place even more.

Where to find it?

If you're interested, this place is located at Oasis Ara Damansara. Opposite Rakuzen and next to Royal Flush.
Full add: R-03 Central Piazza, 2 Jalan PJU 1A/7A, Oasis Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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