Monday, 24 June 2013

Life Goes On

Omg I'm finally done slaving over my video assignment! AAAAAAAAARRRR JOOOY! I'm so happy I'm done with it cuz that's like one less burden on my shoulder. Plus editting the video was killing me.

My software kept crashing on me. Like every 10 minutes -.-
I was lucky to even have been able to finish the whole thing up. Phew.

Alright partially why I was slaving over it was due to last minute work. I know, I know procrastination kills.
But I just don't understand how my brain can always seem to make things in the state of emergency seem like it's no big deal.

I guess I'm just naturally a very hopeful person. Lol. I do tend to hope alot even when I was young.
Most of my hopes did come true though, which is probably why I'm in this situation now. Heh heh heh

Gahh so much happened which I wanted to blog about and now I can't remember what.

Well it was my sisters birthday on Sunday. We did not really do anything special as all of us were so tired. I stayed up till like 2am plus just to restart my com again and again so that the software I was using would hopefully start working after each time I restarted my com. And yes it workeeed. So that's how I even managed to sleep that night. But I wasn't done editting with it, so the whole cycle repeated again on Sunday night.

Took me two days to finish editting everything. I guess that this was a record breaker as I really can't edit videos fast. (I like perfection lol) But I did not really care that much cuz this was just a video presentation.

I mean who cares right, no one else watches a video presentation after the lecturer watches it.

I would post it here if it wasn't as retarded it is. Seriously I made a fool out of myself for it. I looked so hideous -.-
If there is one thing I'm good at without even trying, it'd be looking retardedly ugly.

I'm so retarded I make dancing unicorns look hipster.

Like I'm so secretly jealous at my friend who helped me out in the video. He looks okay even though I gave him most of the lame lines. Like there was nothing wrong with the way he looked.

Me on the other hand... I think I need to stop opening my mouth (let's be clear here that it's not that I think I look goddess-like when I close my mouth lol). But whenever I open my mouth, I just feel that I look.... bad.

Just bad.

I have an obnoxious laughter. Some people call it unique to make it sound better.

Whenever I try to look like this:

I end up looking like this:

Oh well thanks for the trying-so-hard-compliment whoever said I have a unique laughter. Sigh.

Mission Shaddup should begin soon.

Plus I hate close up shots because I just look so unflattering in EVERY single one of it. I tell you no matter how good the photographer is, no one I tell you, NO ONE can ever take a nice flattering picture of me closed up.

If there is a day when a photographer can take a nice pict of me without editting it, I'll let you all know. He'll probably be able to make a toilet bowl smile.

I mean why have photoshoots when you can just camwhore and make sure you look nice lol. I guess this only applies to me. I seem to look chubby everytime somebody take's my side profile -.- No matter how skinny and boobless I get, my face tends to always look chubby.

How does that even make sense dudeee. Skinny but chubby. It's like saying a person is creepy but romantic, pretty but ugly, smart but stupid, tall but short.

Where's the logic in that?!

Alright I'm probably chasing people away ranting about my ugly chubbiness.

Today I had lunch at this place called Shakespeare's in ss15, which looked super fancy pancy.

 I liked the free chocolate lol. 
Strawberry and milk chocolate from Beryl's. 
Not as nice as the Meiji one though.

 I ordered Aglio olio beef spaghetti which tasted alright.
But the portion was so small I still felt hungry even after licking the plate.
And this thing was not cheap.
Or even affordable for that matter.

My friend ordered his with cream sauce. 
Well let's just say even he said mine tasted better hehe.
The macarons were fresh, and it tasted better than many bakeries which claim they sold macarons.
It wasn't like all crunchy, making you feel like you might as well eat an Oreo.
 But it was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. 
The inside could've been better if it could have that melty sensation in your mouth though.
I liked the chocolate one best!
The macarons were quite pricey, RM 3.60 for one piece.
But if you buy like 10 pcs or something you can get it for RM3 per macaron.
Well it all goes for quality I guess :)

We actually came here to catch up with an old friend, and haha we had a great time. After all these years, I really thought we wouldn't have anything much to say to each other but apparently what happened today was quite the opposite. Yea I realised I missed her. 

Sad that some people have to leave your life at one point. And when you finally see them again, it's like 'where have you been all this while???'.  

Well not to worry now that I've found her. We'll be playing badminton soon lol. A game which, as usual, I suck in as well. I know. I'm a shame to be living in a country where badminton is like the main highlight of it. 

The beautiful weather.

 Getting my dogs ready for it.

 This was as close I can get to putting it on her face.

Trying to take it off once I put it on her mouth.
Sigh, Did not even bother to look up for a photo.
 So unphotogenic.
Must have gotten it from me lol.

Oh and here's a guide for masks, if you're planning to invest in one heh

Found this on Fb ahahaha
I think I'll invest in the defence suit.


Anyways these few days, I can't get this song out of my head. It's like the first Lana Del Rey song I've heard but I'm so addicted to it.

Listen to it & get addicted with me too ;D

Will you still love me when I've got nothing left but my aching soul?

I'll update soon on my sister's birthday :) Good night world. 
God bless the haze.

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