Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Adventures @ Suki-ya

We decided to have an early Father's Day celebration because my parents would be away in Cherating on the 14th of June, which was the real date for it.

3 days 2 nights, no us, pure enjoyment at the beach, eating seafood, and getting wasted. Ok probably not the last part considering my mum. But I'm pretty sure my dad would be more than happy to oblige his nights to this wonderful drinking spree.

Alright back to the topic. So me being the ever filial daughter *cough cough*, suggested a nice place that I was sure my dad would enjoy - Sukiya at Paradigm Mall, which was an all-you-can-eat Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu restaurant. I'm sure most people would have heard of this place before already, considering the crowd which literally flocked in at 11.30am. On a Sunday.

If you have not heard of this place before, well my dear friend, all I can say is you might as well just go back into your mother's uterus. I'm kidding lol.
Ironically, this place was only introduced to me early this year when my friends came to sleepover. Well, better late than never right?

Anyways, Sukiyaki refers to a dish of sliced meat in Japanese, while Shabu Shabu is just Jap steamboat. So you can guess how awesome it is when the phrase "All- You- Can- Eat" is combined with both of these food.

Especially to a man who basically lives to eat. As much as he can.

My dad instantly fell in love with this place. The best part about eating here is that it only costs you RM30 for  a free flow of meat. And you get to stay here from 11am till 5pm to stock up all the foodyou want/need  in your tummy, just in case you wanna save money and not eat dinner. And breakfast on the next day.

Malaysian style lol. 

3 meals settled at once.

Awesome possum right. Plus it's healthy, since everything is 'steamed' by yourself. At least you know what's going inside your tummy.

Happy eaters.

 These are the stuffs which would make your soup even tastier. So choose wisely! Haha

They even have a few types of Sushis for you to indulge in, just in case you get bored of all the meat.

The best part. Chicken, beef and lamb (from left to right).

 This sheet of paper actually teaches you everything you need to know, if it's your first time.
I'm sorry I only remembered it's existence half way eating, hence all the food stains. Lol

You can even dip your meat in raw beaten egg.
Ok don't go all eww and yuck on me now. But it actually tastes ok.
It just makes your meat smoother and it tastes... egg-y?
You just gotta try it for yourself, it's hard to explain. lol

The four different kinds of soup you can choose from, which is Miso, Sukiyaki, Shabu Shabu and Kimchi. 
Shabu Shabu has a really mild taste to it, while Miso basically tastes like Miso soup, as the name suggests, which is slightly saltier than the Shabu Shabu.
Sukiyaki has a sweetened taste to it, which reminded me on how terriyaki sauce tasted like.
 Kimchi on the other hand, had a kick of spiciness with a little salty and sour taste to it.
My personal favourites were Sukiyaki and Kimchi! 

One piece of advice for those planning to try the Sukiyaki soup though. Do not boil your vegetables in the soup for too long as vegetables such as radish and mushrooms will absorb the taste of the soup, making it too salty to be eaten. 
Yea, I learned that the hard way :( Poor wasted veggies.

However you can soak your veggies as long as you want in the Miso and Shabu Shabu soup. Cuz the taste of the soup is much lighter compared to the Sukiyaki :) 

 Posers haha.

The man of my life.
So far lol.

I'm glad my dad had such a great time at this place and that we got to be there together as a family. I really pray that we will have many more years like this to come, where we would still be able to make time and just catch up on each other's lives while enjoying a meal. 

What more can I ask for, from being family :)

Suki-ya Part 2

Right after that Sunday, I went back to Suki-ya again one day later. Yes it was a Tuesday and my friends just randomly wanted to go there cuz they have not tried it before. Plus my afternoon class was cancelled cuz the lecturer reported that he felt 'sick' on our FB group page. We suspected that he was actually going through a hangover and was not really sick, since it was his birthday just the day before. 

Unless of course, you classify being sick of alcohol an unfortunate sickness as well.

Seriously, why get wasted from alcohol when you can get chocolate wasted.

Doesn't this look more fun?
People and their weird logic. Sigh.

Anyways my friends reached first so they ordered. And guess how many plates of meat they ordered
40 plates. Of chicken, beef and lamb. EACH.

At the very moment I saw the number of plates they ordered, I knew exactly what to do.

Text my mum and tell her I'm not eating dinner.

I thought I was going to go light this time, and not stuff myself too much, as I just stuffed myself like crazy one day ago. And one day is barely sufficient to be called a break. That's why even the weekend has two days. Cuz two is better than one.

Lol what am I saying.

So yes, my tummy was basically not ready for another meat tsunami coming down this way. But NOOOOOOO, I just couldn't bare to see wastage. Therefore I ate as much as I could.

Instead of putting a few slices in at every go, we just dumped plate by plate into the soup.
We went hardcore that day.

But the champion of the day was none other than Dom.
He ate like a herd of elephants dying of hunger.
All of us were like 10 plates plus maxed.
He however, ate around 30 plates -.-"
And he said he was just getting full around... the 26th plate?
I officially announce him as the King of Sukiya.
P.S. Dp update me if anyone can dethrone him lol.

And he proceeded with dessert like any other ordinary human being.

 All the pretty ladies with lucky Kenneth. 

Wen Wen and her ice cream.

 Isn't her hair sooo fluffy??

And I ate apples for breakfast the very next day.
Just apples. That's how much meat I ate. But...

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