Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Why are you sexualizing teddy bears??

Recently, there have been alot of ongoing chatter about Miley Cyrus for what she did in the VMAs. People have been talking about it non stop on everywhere. Only a matter of time till it appears on our local newspapers as well.
Or wait. It may be too explicit to be featured in the news.
The saddest part I felt about her entire performance was, people started comparing her butt to that of a chicken's.

If you're a huge fan of Miley Cyrus, then move your cursor to the top right, onto the little button indicating 'x'. Just don't read this because I don't want to be responsible for exterminating your Hannah Montana idol.

If you don't know already know what happened to the VMAs this year and what has Miley got to do with it, let me enlighten you with the GIFs below.

I'm pretty sure most have seen it by now given that it was all over social media.
But here it is, just in case :)

Anyway, I was never a big fan of Miley Cyrus. Not before, not now, not ever. But she was definitely someone I looked forward to hear on the radio once. That was when her songs like Nobody's Perfect, 7 Things and The Climb was released. Also the theme song from the movie, The Last Song, which I cannot now remember the name of it. 
Erm that's all. 

I cant think of any other nice songs from her.

Hey I remember one more now! Best of Both Worlds!

The end. That just summed up all her good songs. The rest are just... what I'd like to call meaningless, aimed-to-suck-money-out-of-people-till-they're-dry songs. Honestly, even Lady Gaga's songs have more meaning to Miley's now if you think about it.

Yea it's cool that you finally have something original of your own- Twerking. But it's not cool when you abuse it and do it EVERYWHERE. Especially not on LIVE television, where plenty of kids probably made the mistake of deciding to sit innocently in front of the telly with their family to tune in for it.

Seriously, I'm fine of what you wanna portray in your music video.
The many things I put up with from your MV: rubbing yourself on the bed like you're grinding on a ghost, getting stepped on by others like it's a fun thing to do (ouch), shaking your booty and hitting someone else's as if you've nothing else better to do and you sticking your tongue out like it's such a turn on.

Well I'm well aware of the fact that you're so confident in yourself that you even dedicated a line in your new song to your haters saying 'Remember only God can judge ya, forget the haters cause somebody loves ya'.

No shit, Sherlock.

Truly it's wonderful that you trust God so much. But you don't have to go all the way till you test God's patience with your actions. In the first place, you're using this in the wrong context. Cmon it's like telling rapists all over the world :"Heyy guys keep raping, cuz God totally digs you and your needs. And remember, screw the police cuz there's someone out there who feels your pain"

I don't know whether you get what I'm trying to say but I'm pretty sure it made more sense than Miley's lyrics. 
Sorry I couldn't help it, just had to add this in lol.
But anyone in their right mind would know this is just a joke.

To be frank, I don't like judging people. I never did, because I don't want people judging me from their first glance too.  Instead, I estimate and conclude how a person is through observation on how a person acts over time. Well I'm certainly not judging Miley, but I'm concluding that she wants attention and she wants people to know that she is now... all grown up I guess?

The thing is, till this very day I never got those people who signed up and auditioned for Disney channel shows, but end up two or three years later wanting to break free from it and show everyone they are all grown up now. Ungrateful people. If you did not want to go into this direction then don't friggin audition for kid's shows in the first place. Nobody placed a gun to your head to make you sign a contract with Disney. 

It is understandable that all girls, well most, wants to look appealing to mankind. In other words, to look sexually attractive. But it doesn't take a genius to know that less is always more, and you shakin yo ass like a skank just doesn't cut it. 

There's a fine line between hell-I'm-taking-this-babe-home-tonight, and shit-I-think-I-just-scarred-my-eyes. Guess which category you're in, Miley.

It's funny how Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian don't seem so scandalous now. In fact, they actually sound like pretty decent gals now that there's a whole new level for whore-dom: Level Miley.

I know that people will definitely be against this and say that if I knew her, I would think that she's actually really sweet and etc. 

But I don't. And the world doesn't. Not to mention the kids who used to look up to her. You only get treated the way you show people how you want to be treated. Twerking on teddies and making teddy bears part of your twerk-show just showed the world how lightly they should take you. 

After all, I'm pretty sure your whole act was done light-mindedly right?;)


To sum up everything in the VMAs from the teddy porn to the shameless chicken-look-alike-butt flash...

And pretend your childhood still exists.

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