Monday, 5 August 2013

Goodbyes Were Never Easy

Last Friday, I was out the whole day with this friend of mine who was gonna go off to UK to further his studies. So you can say it was a farewell sorta hangout session. To be honest, I was never really closed to this friend. We don't see each other often in campus either, since he's majoring in something entirely different from me. We do talk but it's the kind of okay-clickable-conversation you have with random new people you meet.

Therefore, you can obviously imagine how surprised I was when he was so willing to hangout with me, just one last time before he leaves. We went to 1Utama cuz he suggested it. Since he was just living nearby, it was pretty convenient for him. However, it was darn troublesome for me -.- I got so frustrated because I couldn't find a single damn parking on the rooftop (which my GPS led me to), and had to go round and round the same place over and over again.

I must admit that I never had luck in looking for parking spots. I was always the bad luck charm even to my friends who never had problems in parking. That's how bad my luck is in parking till I can affect anybody who is in the car with me.

Finally my friend called, and I told him I was lost in some car park where I don't even know whether it was located in the new or old wing, without a parking. So he told me to wait for a moment and he'd be there.

Obviously any sane person wouldn't believe him because logically, how can a person's sense of direction be so good as to even know every nook and corner of a huge shopping mall's carpark. In addition to that, 1U has quite a few different parking lots.

5 minutes later I saw him appear walking towards my car and I felt a huge surge of relief!
We rounded for awhile but we still couldn't find any parking. eventually, I got so fed up I just told him to take the wheel.

Within 3 secs he was in the driver's seat, he found a parking spot. Just like that.


Anyhow,we ate at Sushi Zanmai since he said the food he was gonna miss the most when he left, would be the wide variety of Japanese food here. I've never been to this restaurant before too, although it's quite well known now and I've been hearing from  people that it's pretty good.

 Failed shot from above.
I always wondered how people took nice shots from the top.
But after taking this picture, I realised you have to be of certain height to be capable of it lol.

The bill was like 90 bucks plus and he paid for me!
I really felt like a princess that day.

 Then we came here..
Guess what it sells? :D
Nitrogen Ice Cream!

 All the flavours they had.

I really loved how all their ingredients were placed in these Conical flasks!
So Scientist-ish haha.

 Look at that! Nitrogen gas 

 Even the people working were dressed like professional Scientists.

 And finally it's done!
We ordered only one which was Chill Chocolate Mint.
This little cup cost us (okay him) RM10.
It's even more expensive than Baskin Robbins.
The only thing special was you got to see the entire process of it made I guess.

He was camera shy, so this was like the one and only best shot I had of him.

He wanted to watch Wolverine but the timing of the movie was too late and I had to go home early so we ended up walking around and talking about life like some old philosophers heh. 
It really was nice talking to him.
I hope he will settle down in UK in no time, and that he'll also be able to find a job there.
Sad to see another friend go just like that.
Sigh.. and soon it will be my turn.
But only for one year :D

My ootd.
Always wanted to get those cool looking Kimono cardigans I've been seeing alot lately on Instagram.
Finally got it!

 Bye for now :))

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