Friday, 2 August 2013

Not Quite Wild In KL

I hate my broadband -.- It didn't let me post this on Thursday.
Anyhow, I would say I ended July on the best note. I spent it with my buds going downtown to KL and spent the whole day as if we had nothing better to do. But of course, there was the jam which made us reach Pavilion at only 2pm. That was the only con of going to KL by car. I was pretty satisfied though, as all I had to do was sit in the car, relax and get blown by the air-con. 

There's nothing better than to let other people drive you around like a princess.

By the time we reached, we were all starving like mad cows. We wanted to shop first since there would be more time to shop if we did that. But like any other Malaysian food-lover, our tummies got in the way.
We headed to one of my favourite food places in the world, ok maybe only in this country - SUKIYA!

My picture model for the day.

I know I know. I've been to Sukiya too many times, even blogged about it before HERE as well. But I just cant get bored of it, I don't even know why. o_o
I swear there must be something in the soup they give us! Probably they added some tobacco inside to get us addicted enough to keep us coming back for more.

 Hmm. Possible.

I didn't even bother to take any pictures of the food anymore because everything is the exactly the same as how it looked in my previous post. Except their chocolate ice cream improved a wee bit compared to the last time I tried it.

Anyways I'm not a big fan of their ice creams. Too milky and too much flavouring to my liking. 

Ok shaddup about food Ivena. 

After that we went to Forever 21, and also the infamous huge ass H&M! It had three floors to it, I couldn't even believe it.

The collection was alright I guess. Pretty similar to Paradigm's but all their cheap stuff in size 2 or XS were practically pretty much gone. So I ended up buying this basic cropped tank and a pair of exercise shorts.

So black.

And now I shall just let the pictures entertain you. 
Didn't manage to take much this time though, so pardon me for the pictures or lack thereof.

 I wonder what were we saying.

 Why do I look so chubby here -.-

Diva of the day. 
I just couldn't help but to add the sparkles around. Heheheh.

 Thunderbuddies for life :)
We got quite excited when we saw this jacket. 
Ok we actually kinda jakun-ted.
So all of us bought it. 
We stupefying like that.

Don't we just look bear-rific here :D LOL

That's all for now! :D

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